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Black Swan Oct 2010
Here God,
Everything is for you:

Here are my
Testicles, looking like smashed purple grapes,
Bruised, mashed, and crushed along with what
Is left of my once proud, now exploded, tattered *****;
I have laid before you my
Disemboweled, bloodied and tangled intestines;
Blown into bits and pieces, here lays my torso along with
Shattered ribs, ruptured lungs, exposed internal organs:
Erupted heart; battered, split, spleen; torn, mangled liver;
Next to them, my legs, minus a few toes;
Arms with hands missing thumbs, fingers;
My head,
Less pieces of skull, cheek bones, nose, tongue, and teeth,
Is nearby;
Those puffy messes of glutinous, jellied, deflated ****** orbs are my eyes;
Over here, piles of chunks of obliterated pieces of flesh floating
On a thick soup of congealed blood, mixed and meshed with
Splintered, fractured, cracked bones; everything
Convoluted, disfigured, impossible to identify.

All of this is for you,
I am your martyr,
Your soldier,
Your obedient servant;
I blew myself up,
Along with many infidels including
Men and women,
Unborn babies and children,
Young boys and girls,
I tore their bodies to shreds,
Mangled and mutilated, they
Suffered deaths no nightmare could imagine.

I sacrificed myself for you,
Exemplifying piety and righteousness,
I await my reward,
Wait for you to put my pieces together again;
Been here for what seems an eternity and
You have not come near;
Not made me whole.
Where are you?
Are you not great?
Where are the young, innocent, ****** girls or
The boys with silky, pearl smooth skins;
Will I ever have an ******* again?
Uncomfortable, anxious, concerned I
Lay here on this sacred, hallowed ground,
Like a fleshy puzzle, scattered in jagged pieces,
Waiting to be solved;
Praying to be completed and recomposed.

Where are you God?
A virtuous, faithful, prostrated one waits;
I have much to show you.
Black Swan © 2010
Black Swan Oct 2010
No *** for awhile.
Not really looking right now,
Give me your number.

Waterfall Rainbow:
We embraced on an outcrop,
Under a fine mist.

Her head on my chest;
She smiled, then falls fast asleep,
I fall asleep, too.

“What” I asked, “again?”
*** three times in one hot night—
I wanted to sleep.

Do not get too close—
I have had my fill of love,
Now you have been warned.

Nothing left to say,
This will be my last Haiku,
Still thinking of you.

Black Widow in bed
Waiting for the right lover
To ****** and eat.

I fell in love once,
The sweet taste lingered for awhile
Then turned quite bitter.

Love is a question;
No one has all the answers
We can only guess.

The first time we met—
My body overheated,
It hasn’t cooled yet.

My Chevy’s backseat:
Many memories linger
All of them are good.

Tina Turner said:
“What’s love got to do with it?”
I say, “Everything!”

My fidelity,
Along with my love, is all
I have to offer.
Black Swan © 2010
Black Swan Oct 2010
Is it our nature
To cause intentional harm,
To make things suffer?

Do we find pleasure
When we terrify others,
Is this really us?

History has shown
A fierce beast resides within,
There’s a tame one, too.

All humans struggle
With Yin-Yang disharmony,
With the good and bad.

Some rationalize
There is a duality,
We’re devils and saints.

Humans **** humans,
Insatiable blood lust,
**** and **** again.

Humans help humans
There is charity and love,
How long will it last?

Is it our nature
To cause pain and to do harm;
Or, to pursue good?
Black Swan © 2009
Black Swan Oct 2010
She's blond, sleek, and hot--
Complaining about failing
A tough college course.

Busy barristers,
Make lattes, teas, and smoothies
On Valentine's Day.

She's quiet and shy;
Holds head down, sips a mocha,
Reads romance novel.

Nice, pretty women
Without candies or flowers,
Not looking for love.

Old, balding, obese--
He does not look too happy,
Wonder if he smiles.

Nice Asian features,
With a body to die for...
Still, she's not my type.
Black Swan © 2010
Black Swan Oct 2010
Graceful swan,
On skates,
You stately glide;
Etching your past
For the world to see.
You exhilarate
In your moment;
Refusing to yield
To the bond of earth.
Twirling, swirling,
Poetry is manifest
Into exquisite motion.
Your rhythm and beat
Cut through the ice;
Body and spirit become
One with the element.

(Dedicated to Michelle Kwan)
Black Swan © 2010
Black Swan Oct 2010
Do not bother me with your absurd theories;
Reason, logic, and evidence have no place
In the heart of the true and righteous believer.
Faith in holy texts should be your guide,
Your faith should be blind, unadulterated, and quintessential, or
Risk a dreadful and eternal damnation.

If Einstein knew so much
Why do they call his premise the “Theory of Relativity”?
If Darwin was so sharp, why is it the most
He could up with was the “Theory of Evolution”?
The answer is simple, they really had no clue,
They simply did some scientific research and, in the end,
They came up with nothing more than theories.
And, what about all those archeologists
Claiming the earth is billions of years old, or
Cosmologists with their “Big Bang Theory.”
Everything is nothing more than
Theories, theories, theories.

Turn your back on these absurdities;
Trust, instead, the ancient, sacred texts
That offer immutable, unquestionable truths.
How ludicrous the idea that
The world is more than 10,000 years old,
(Carbon dating of fossil rocks is just mambo-jumbo)
The universe and all creation
Were made in six days,
God, tiring after all that work,
(Wouldn't you after working 24/6?)
Rested on the seventh day.
It's there in black and white,
For everyone to see.
(Assuming you've read the right version)
Men were created from a clod of clay,
(Or mud, but you get the point)
Women from the rib of man
(Which is why they should be subservient to men).

What nonsense from biologist and paleontologist
That claim we evolved from micro-organisms and apes,
This notion is total sacrilege, a blasphemy.
Life is too complicated, too complex to just evolve,
Intelligent Design is the only answer,
All the talk to the contrary is nonsensical hyperbole.  
God made everything happen.
Read the holy texts, the truth is as obvious,
As plain as the tip of your nose.
Everyone knows that all the anthropological data,
All the purported archeological digs,
With reports of dinosaurs and missing links,  
Are fabricated to fit nerd scientists' preconceived notions of
What they would like everyone to believe.

When in doubt, refer to the holy texts,
You will see all the unsubstantiated, ludicrous claims
For what they really are:
Trash, trash, and more trash.
Do not bother me with your facts, or
Your scientific data or findings;
In the end, everything boils down to more idiotic theories.
Have unquestioning, blinding, and total faith,
Read the holy texts and they will set you free.
So, the next time someone questions your beliefs,
Claiming there is no merit or facts to support them,
Remind them that to question the word of God
Will send them, along with their theories,
Straight to hell.

Black Swan © 2010
Black Swan Mar 2010
Deep, dark, lonely blue eyes,
Casting her vision
Into the distance—beyond
The sight and senses.  
What are you thinking of?  
Who could make you so sad?  
Sitting there, alone,
On a small round table
With one empty chair.
What’s that you’re sipping,
Is it meant to heal the hurt?
Your beauty intimidates,
Would take courage to approach.
There’s so much love
I could give you, but,
I sit at my own round table
With its own empty chair.  
And, I do drink to forget and
Ease the pain.
I am trying to heal myself.
Wish I didn’t have
My own troubles, then,
I could go and take care
Of yours.
Black Swan © 2004
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