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Reem Luna Nov 2015
You told me I could fall asleep
Laying on your chest,
The rise
And fall
Of your breathing
Urging me to rest.

The unearthly zephyr sang stridulant verses
Transuding through the window
The hibernal ghost couldn’t touch you or I,
Underneath our lullaby.
You wrapped your fingers around my neck
The skin red and raw
You screeched to me, questioned who I was
The only word that escaped was ‘more’

The concavity of where you laid
Was warm under my heavy skull
My thoughts drifted
To the beat of your feet

The light bled through the pullulating slit
Where you disdained me a final time
You left without knowing you’d left a thing
Call it forgetting.

Where was this cryptic noise conceived?
I wondered that a while
It was your flesh
Your bones and blood
Your heart and soul
Your child.
Reem Luna Apr 2015
There was once a small, dying flower
Her beauty was dim
Thoughts trapped her from deep below
The roots that held her down made it hard to grow

She lived a life of solitude
No other flowers blossomed beside her
Her sweet aroma nobody smelt
In the lonely landscape in which she dwelt

But then there came a day when something happened
The piercing blue sky changed into oyster silver
And as the flower proceeded to slowly die in pain
The miracle came. Rain.

The rain fell from the sky like liquid jewels
Each drop nourished the flower
Although the rain didn’t realize at first
It had helped the flower overcome the worst

Through the air the rain and flower shared silent whispers
The rain understood the flower’s dying condition
The flower was relieved that someone else knew
Of the deep trauma that everyday grew

For many weeks the rain showered on
To help the flower continue to be strong
But the rain didn’t know of the flower’s underground roots
The rain wanted to know but the flower kept them as emotional loots

One day another accompanied the rain
A being called sunshine, a beaming white light
Though slight droppings of rain spluttered down from the sky
The flower was inevitably starting to die

The flower didn’t want the rain to know
How dependent she was of her nurturing
The flower stood while its immunity could run
As the rain started to fade into the sun

The flower should be glad that the rain started to calm
For the rain carried pain and distress from far above
So the flower carried the trauma and rejection
Into the roots where she was bullied by her reflection

The sun was kindhearted, pure and bright
It shone optimism and grace to all in its range
It was actually a key to the flower’s survival
But neglect and jealously made her the rival

The flower started to push the rain away
She didn’t want to hold the rain back from serenity
So the rain dripped off the darkening petals
As the flower wishes, the rain cools and settles

The rain disappeared in the light of the sun
Creating a spectrum of colours bleeding across the sky
The flower sighed in relief of the petrichor
As the flower died, and became no more.
I know the theme is cliche and kind of childish, don't judge. But I actually wrote this when I was nine and have just gone through and edited some stuff. So I hope its ok :)
Reem Luna Apr 2015
Ghosts haunted my vision
I felt like my soul was being dragged up through my throat
I lost my balance, feet failing to hold
This is the beginning of what my nightmares foretold

I lay curled at the bottom of the narrow chamber
The water pounded on my bare figure
I couldn’t move, I struggled to look up at the light
Just as well, my soul was too dim, the illumination too bright

Memories haunted the reminisce of my emotions
The people I hurt, who in the end hurt me
While my empathy was stolen a long time ago
It seemed to devour me, silent and slow

I bashed my head on the hard, tiled floor
Trying to release my head of demons
But I soon realized to get rid of them surely
I should get rid of myself, the one who treats me so poorly

I know it may seem like there was no good reason
Like my mind was out of place, I wasn’t thinking straight
But my fate was determined everyday
When my thoughts took over, my conscious too astray

I started to think what would happen after
The expressions as disappointment and relief
I knew it wouldn’t be long before people forgot
About that soul who belonged here not

So in the last minutes as flat water trickled through my lips
The high warm water sweeping around me like a liquid blanket
I thought of the people who never knew what caused the sight
Of the girl who never got the chance to say goodnight

I crawled out the narrow claustration
The water still running
My heart still beating

My nightmare was true.
Reem Luna Apr 2015
I never could quite imagine the day
When a creature quite as wry and presumptuous
Would break so serendipitously.

She lay ruptured in the desultory plantation
The Stygian colour of her fur rebelled against the sage of the contiguous earth
And her eyes mimicked nothing but the pain that consumed her current thoughts.

Her body was transfixed in an inert trance
The fur on her hunched spine quavered in a subdued zephyr
Quiet insecurities were hid well in her tranquil pained state.

The moon intently watched me
Waiting for me to alleviate the agonized entity
But solicitousness was blank in my frozen psyche.

The moonlight pierced the fox with intimacy
I grimaced in the realization I had failed the universe
With my perennial void mind broken in vain.

The fox gathered some stoicism
The blessing of the moon granted requital
As the fox proceeded to maul my perception.

I accepted my retribution with ratification
As I was the soul who violated the creature
A skirmish that clung to grandeur.
I hurt somebody today, I wish I could have shown more affection x

— The End —