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K Balachandran May 2018
a pair of red gloves,
fury in brown boxer shorts;
blood splattered on floor!
ktarrpropaganda Dec 2016
Me sitting in a chair with my usual poor posture
-we'll call this rest.

Behind me, a beautiful white ****** canvas
-we'll call this potential.

A shotgun loaded with paintbrushes
-we'll call this the medium.

Barrel in my mouth, the trigger clicks, then
-we'll call this expression.

Look past my limp soulless body to the now finished canvas. What do you think?
-we'll call this interpretation.

The reds are deep and the blues are true; little chunks of grey matter
-we'll call this promise.

However, it all dries black in the end    
-we'll call this accurate.  

Me still alive in my chair staring at the wall. Pen in my mouth. Ink in my teeth
-we'll call this gnashing insignificance.
I want to die often but tend to end up living instead.
Äŧül Oct 2016
Where would you go,
Stopping I am not,
Go if you want to go,
Remembering me you are not,
As I'm not interested,
Wishing you quicker recovery,
Wherever you'll fall,
Caring I am not,
Just go if you wanna go.

Because lonelier you left me here,
You better need not to come ever,
I have earlier survived alone as well,
You weren't here near my deathlike bed,
There had been both of my parents,
Only expecting me as a robot in return,
And I found you absent when I needed,
Oh this is only the revelation of my life,
Such a fool I expected you to be my wife.

Now I can imagine what I was spared from,
I was spared from the splitter-splatter stuff,
And of course the kitchen's blitter-blatter bluff,
Because I am sure that I can prepare better food,
Much better than your fickle-minded self could,
Lovelier is my hand's company to my big head,
I imagine stuff and fantasize howsoever it feels fit,
And of course, I don't need your help for that,
I just go fap-fap, splitter-splatter & blitter-blatter.
A super-naughty poem!

HP Poem #1217
©Atul Kaushal
Esther May 2016
I think the words have left me.*
they've crawled out my ears
and pooled in my eyes only to spill
my cheeks,
and drip down my chin only to splatter
the page in black blotches
that mean nothing.
I'm suffering from writer's block.
Leal Knowone Apr 2016
Here I lay my head
once clean and white
was living now dead  
no restoring it to life

As is above... is below
Do what thou wilt
if that be your will
then make it so

Now dark was once light
once sterile and white
like the living dead
you trying to bring back life

The eagle soars over head
The prey is dripping red
The mouse in its mouth
is bleeding out!!!!!!!!
A nation that's surly dead
cant get your daily bread
wont help any how
but tear it down!!!!!

For love to grow
we must know some pain
Our destination unknown
and the pigs we've slain

Blood stains the ice
Snow that's crimson red
Its nature, its the prize
that well soon be dead

Blood splatters the ice
and the fire burns low
Hed my advice
you cant..let go
DaSH the Hopeful Apr 2016
     Comatose so close to death
   Another dose of coldness swept away all my regret
Some die by the sword of vengeance, others by respect
                I myself will die calm and ready, **steadying my breath
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I'm the one that's supposed to be holding it all togeather
Making everything better
But the ropes are slipping
And the blood will soon be dripping
It's all about to splatter on the floor
I wish I could just turn and walk out the door
There's no where to hid
To many salty tears cried
Nothing to do but watch
In the depression's belt another notch
Seen it coming for months, no one to help
Bend over let life give me another whelp
Because who is there to pick up the one that kept it all togeather
The one that the storms they where supposed to weather
Who is there to help the one everyone turned to
The one that now can't pull through
Can you riddle me this
Where is my bliss
I need to know
The ropes about to go
With enough pressure even a diamond can crack
And I'm much weaker than that
Mattrick Patrick Mar 2016
Black Lives Splatter on the heal of American Jackboot Patriotism.

When will black lives matter?
When all life ceases to be divided into races,
and we are seen as a single species,
as a spectrum rather than as separate colors.
No matter how devastating this reality may be,
it is the reality.
I love all people. I want to see the equality of all races in law and in culture, but also in every human heart on this planet and every other. Love is the answer, peace is the outcome.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Day after day everything I try is undone
Like a black cat I am shunned
They act like a backhoe, and I am just dirt
Pressure on me they like to exert
So I go along in life like the ghost that I am
They just look through me never giving a ****
This life of mine is nothing but splatter
Who cares if I leave a little brain matter
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
Walking on a sheet of glass
Each step brings spider web cracks
How much longer will it hold
Just how far will it let me go
Some days I tread lightly
Hoping it will crack just slightly
But days like today I jump
Ready to test out my luck
Really hoping it will shatter
So on the rocks below I splatter
But of course it held
So I'll just stand and yell
Till someone hears my cry
And rescues me form the sky
And my growing wish to die
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