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  Jul 2016 Fallen Angel
Leia R
today is the day that i lost all respect for you;
the day i realized that i couldn't trust you and that the "you" i knew was never coming back
a letter to an old friend
  Jul 2016 Fallen Angel
I'm giving up on myself today
I'm jaded and sleepless and need a break
I'm giving up on my goals today
I'm sorry and hope you can forgive me
I'm giving up on myself today
I'm sick of this fog surrounding me
I'm giving up on everything today
I'm empty and can't fill up again
I'm giving up today,
and will try again tomorrow.
  Apr 2016 Fallen Angel
i shouldn't write about you
i shouldn't miss you
i shouldn't love you
i shouldn't need you

but...a part of me always will
only time will tell
if i let go
if i can give up
on what meant the most
we'll see tomorrow

as much as i say
that i hate you
a part of me
******* loves you
it suffocates me
knowing that
you're happy
because of someone else
that person gets you
and i don't
that person gets to hold you
and i can't
that person sees you
and i cannot
distance kinda broke us
and our connection apart

you'll never see this
or know of it's existence
but just know
that my heart
is yours
even though
it truly hurts
to see you loving
someone else

you have pictures of me
saved on your phone
i wonder why though
because you don't love me
although i was stupid to believe
that someone so gorgeous
would ever take a chance
with an ugly disgrace
like me, myself and i
i was so blind
by your light
that now i cry
because you broke me
and i
have only myself to blame
i let my guard down
and now i am
drowning in pain
not sure if this rhymes well or if it's good but whatever...poetry is poetry
  Apr 2016 Fallen Angel
Diana C
Sweetheart, calm down.
You're not in love
nor do you love me.
you don't want to,
I won't let you.

I'm complicated.
I'm a mess.
After being too in love
with someone else.
I fell in love with my own company.
a little too much,
you could say.

So even your sweet talk
and candy.
Your long walks
and perfect goodbyes
aren't enough for me to
leave the comfort of knowing
that if i don't try
my heart won't break.

If a rose doesn't bloom
then the petals can't be
ripped off. The rose will
just be protected
by thorns and dirt.

Calm down, sweetheart
Please, calm down.
I don't love you.
  Apr 2016 Fallen Angel
Dear Lover,
our love used to be a half full kind of love.
a love that always saw the light at the end of the tunnel
butterflies would take flight in my stomach at the sound of you voice.
your arms were my home, my sanctuary.
you were the light in my life, the sugar in my coffee.
you turned my blood red.
your fingerprints touched my heart and made me stronger.
I can never thank you enough for that.

if I could erase all the words I'm about to tell you from my heart,
and erase all my actions from my mind
it still wouldn't be able to stop my body from aching in my own guilt.
I met someone. His name is John.
he reminds me of watching Saturday morning cartoons in my favorite PJ's
his voice a song only an angel can copy

our love was once half full and now its half empty.
the butterflies sleep when I'm with you.
our love has died. our love is empty. I feel dead with you

The truth is John brings those butterflies back to life in the same way you once did.

I'm sorry....I'm so sorry

I'm in love with someone else

-Your lover
I know you will never forgive me. And if you're reading this, I hope you find happiness in a life separate from me. I hope your eyes will still light up when your favorite song is on. I hope you move on.
  Apr 2016 Fallen Angel
Eunice Moral
"I've missed your voice."
I've missed singing you a song
even if I am off-key
You indulge in my whims
and caprices
and loved me anyway
You kissed me under that stairwell
when I said something weird.
I loved how your palms
cupped my cheek
that nanosecond between
our first kiss
how your eyes danced
with bliss
reflecting mine

Now I watch you fall in love
with someone else
How could a heart like
mine ever be okay with that?
I watch you watch her
I watch you smile at her
I watch you adore her
I watch you as your
eyes danced
at the sight of her.
Has it been like that with me?
I hope someday you'll
watch me fall in love too.
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