Eros walked into the chamber, garnering all eyes
Lust and Limerence walked by her side
They stopped before a panel where Venus did preside
And Cupid next to Venus, gripped his arrows like a prize
And the Muses made up the rest
And all muscles in the chamber braced for unrest
Glances and gazes did continuously dart
As all sported lockets of fire by their hearts
Venus declared mankind must suffer in pain
For all efforts to show the world love have been in vain
And to continue gifting love would be insanity, a chore
Cause they’d take their piece of it and still declare war,
On themselves and on one another
Slaughtering their self-esteems, siblings, fathers, mothers
Yet Eros objected, keeping her eyes peeled
Declaring love has always been a battlefield
And Cupid fired an arrow at Ero’s way
And Lust led the limp arrow astray
Then those enlightened ones lit fuses that day
And the shrapnel from that fight still makes it way
Through hearts of men and women with feelings at play
When feelings fight nothing makes sense...and collateral damage collects like cents
And she left again, another muse
She’s amused to pick up her things and cruise
Like she’s on the sea, and tasting salt, I grab booze
And drink, noting I have nothing to lose
Recounting all of her old moods
Exclaiming to hell with her, I had hell with her
But then again I had heaven too
And remembering that, I pick up her call around two
Drunk and disorderly and probably rude
But she’s right there with me basking in blues
If only we were instruments, that’d be a tune
We’d be married in music a bride and a groom
Playing our vows all over the room
Listening to Thelonious Monk with whisky in mind..
I’ve met desire again and turned her away.
Told her thanks but come back another day
Or another year cause it will be a while
I’m working on my structure, story, style
I’ve trying to create grandeur that’ll shine for a mile
I don’t have time for my heart to be on the prowl
I've got work, and dreams that have grown to a pile
But then you smile
And I put down my reason and then my pen
And let you in
When they extend their hands for another dance...and you sigh.
Her Royal Highness Passion, swirling and sipping molten fire
Then spills its drink into the chests of mankind to make a pyre
The burning of diverse ribs can be seen in streaks
In national and foreign streets
Resonating throughout the strong and meek
Yet all eventually meet
To bend the knee before Passion’s Royal seat
Unable to stand the staggering celestial heat
I always pictured
angels as a sort
of apperceptive helicopter,
Kryptonian psychiatrist
or interdimensional fallguy.
But mute angel of mercy
suppressing suspiration,
who withheld their number
& was on the line for
seconds at 7
a.m. this morning was you,
I knew
it, checking I was alive
after my BPD jive.

Like a thumbsup from
Lottohanded giddy aunt God, profound
as Enceladean heavenplumes
organic compounds
bead. But I'd rather
discover there was still life in our
remaining *-X'd
petnamers & injokers,
exchanging angel orca,
our kremlinology of ultrasound Eros.
Awaking next to you
- phew!
After a febrile siesta,
like a jammy sailor

shipwrecked upon the shore
of home of all places.
Snug as alien orcas under
Europa's ocherous linea, chaos
terrain, in Jovian lunar caverns
measureless to mantas down
to a sunless sea, our
mooner's pod duets
in cryptolect,
tho' my mooner's
wellhung as Orko
at proto-razbliuto,

fond-to-neutral farewell in your
plaint. You have no
right to resist my other
worlds, clam up on our orca argot.
I am your Stalker God,
you my orca pod
who checked I was alive
after my BPD jive.
I love you so much I'll leave you on hold.
how can you resist
an interpersonal terrorist?
With eyes of restless mental fraught, with dancing dreamy thoughts,
and hope in lovelorn passion’s play,
prismatically amorous frenetic fray;
...yet your heart at apogee to mine today?

And if I say solemnity?
As you presage a beauty…

And if I say solace?
While you oh petulant beauty…

And when I premune peace?
You stir it with such beauty…

And as I yearn with much desire?
Commanded by your beauty!

Burning in my chest a fire,
An Eros to your beauty.

With eyes of restless mental fraught,
in-kind with dancing dreamy thoughts,
and hope in lovelorn passion’s play,
prismatically amorous frenetic fray;
yet your heart at apogee to mine today?

And you the beauty of my dismay.
Eros' arrows must be broken,
Love's hands tied,
For else... otherwise... surely,
By him would she be loved
I've written this one a few weeks ago and decided to share it in the spirit of valentines day, I hope you like it
LNI Feb 9
There's no love.
But there's Eros.
There's no romantic love.
But there's passion.
Don't seek Love.
Be love.

The inner beast should first be tamed.
love, eros,
Ken Rafiñan Jan 21
All the songs that could be,
have been written—
for you:
choruses of love and death are sung
about you.

My time starts and stops
with you.

Cupid's arrows cast long shadows
over deserts of solitude.

Sand-smoothed dunes of memory
carved then curved by rhyme,
concavely and convexly.

Her Eros complexity:
nightly name games,
the daily delightful.

Polaroid celluloid:
colourful kindling,
fancy fuel for neurotic fire.

Those synapses tripping wire after  wire after wire.

Spitting lover's stutter.

The perfection of your existence
whirls in
then whorls out of my existence.

A tornado of torrid desire
then crashing into essence:
the ebbing tides of our emotional  insides.

Tears of joy
or frustration:
wet and warm.

Caring for each other,
erring on the side of desperation.

Passion for one and the other
orbiting on the edge of obsession.

A willing wallow in the depths of addiction.
Ako Jan 21
We are a mere mortal
Two fates in a maze

Our love was hallowed by Eros
The blind, yet aimed his bow
Right through my essence
Right through your essence

Our passion was bound by Aphrodites
Two doves nesting
Two swans in Narcissus pond
Channeling the energy in our rite

Mortal forbade the sacrament
We seek to endure the fall
Becoming stars,
As we cross one another
In an boundless interrior
Of our abode.
An undying love.
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