With eyes of restless mental fraught,
...in-kind with dancing dreamy thoughts,
and hope in lovelorn passion’s play,
prismatically amorous frenetic fray;
...yet your heart at apogee to mine today?

And if I say solemnity?
As you presage a beauty…

And if I say solace?
While you oh petulant beauty…

And when I premune peace?
You stir it with such beauty…

And as I yearn with much desire?
Commanded by your beauty!

Burning in my chest a fire,
An Eros to your beauty.

With eyes of restless mental fraught,
in-kind with dancing dreamy thoughts,
and hope in lovelorn passion’s play,
prismatically amorous frenetic fray;
yet your heart at apogee to mine today?

And you the beauty of my dismay.
Eros' arrows must be broken,
Love's hands tied,
For else... otherwise... surely,
By him would she be loved
I've written this one a few weeks ago and decided to share it in the spirit of valentines day, I hope you like it
LNI Feb 9
There's no love.
But there's Eros.
There's no romantic love.
But there's passion.
Don't seek Love.
Be love.

The inner beast should first be tamed.
love, eros,
Ken Rafiñan Jan 21
All the songs that could be,
have been written—
for you:
choruses of love and death are sung
about you.

My time starts and stops
with you.

Cupid's arrows cast long shadows
over deserts of solitude.

Sand-smoothed dunes of memory
carved then curved by rhyme,
concavely and convexly.

Her Eros complexity:
nightly name games,
the daily delightful.

Polaroid celluloid:
colourful kindling,
fancy fuel for neurotic fire.

Those synapses tripping wire after  wire after wire.

Spitting lover's stutter.

The perfection of your existence
whirls in
then whorls out of my existence.

A tornado of torrid desire
then crashing into essence:
the ebbing tides of our emotional  insides.

Tears of joy
or frustration:
wet and warm.

Caring for each other,
erring on the side of desperation.

Passion for one and the other
orbiting on the edge of obsession.

A willing wallow in the depths of addiction.
Ako Jan 21
We are a mere mortal
Two fates in a maze

Our love was hallowed by Eros
The blind, yet aimed his bow
Right through my essence
Right through your essence

Our passion was bound by Aphrodites
Two doves nesting
Two swans in Narcissus pond
Channeling the energy in our rite

Mortal forbade the sacrament
We seek to endure the fall
Becoming stars,
As we cross one another
In an boundless interrior
Of our abode.
An undying love.
Elysia Veildorn Oct 2017
There’s a wildness within his eyes that sparks a fire inside my soul.
Passion, desire and the bitter taste of lust float through the air as pheromones,
Creating a bridge between us and linking us together.
This visceral feeling acts almost like a drug, pulling me under and clouding my senses.
It’s a primal game we play. We test ATTRACTion by creating FRICTion with our bodies.
And are frightened by the REACTion we feel, finding out that love, as a catalyst, knows no bounds of race, gender, religion, philosophy or age.
That, in the end, we’re all just human and to love is what makes us so.
And there’s no error in that.
This was my submission piece to HePo. Hope you like it. Feedback is warmly welcomed.
Maria Etre Oct 2017
There are
7 different types
of love
elaborated by
the heart's
7 different
beats, decoding
7 different languages
that the mind
meddles with
Eleni Aug 2017
Pulses and waves
Have their joys across my body.

Son of Aphrodite, he that smites breasts with an unknown Promethean heat.

The delectable wound on my chest marked from his piercing arrow.

Animating force, who's origin is only mumbled in gentle whispers
across my neck.

Shall we build our haven upon him,
Before the Father of The Sea washes us away?

Eros will save our love from the gallows
And forever gleam those beacons in his eyes: The idol of arrows.
This poem is revolved around the Greek mythological god, Eros. The Roman equivalent is Cupid. In this short and lustful monologue the speaker recognises that their relationship is purely built on lust. Yet the speaker holds hope that the affair will last before the Promethean Heat vanishes. Do they need another word for "love"?
Katy Miles Mar 2017
zeus and eros conspire
but they cannot light love's fire
in the hollows of her heart
enclosed by a work of art
a carefully crafted shroud
that wards off every cloud

noah's eyes glimmer green
at the sight of her machine
rain shies from withering skin
that her sorry soul is hiding in
she watches it relay to the floor
"will i feel if it falls more?"

she's only left alone in thought
as it grants life to all she's not
all the world will change and grow
and unless earth forbids it so
she'll spend eternity in her cover
just watching - no one to love her
Thank you for Matching
the Tinder Call Center.
My name is Nick and I will be helping you with your order today.
And your name is?

Hello, Port Veritas

I'm so glad you called
because you do qualify
as one of the first 100 people
I find attractive!

So Where are you from?
Oh Wow, I've never been there,
you ever Been here to Bull Feeney's?

No? Well look at that,
I guess we've never been
too each others places before.

Looks like we have something
in common.

What was it on my profile that got you interested in swiping right?
Oh I see, you like love poems,
you like new shit,
you just wanna make everyone cry.

How long have you been interested in that?
Wow that's a long time.

What else have you tried
to hear love poems,
see new shit
and make people cry?

Wow that's...

that's kinda fucked up Port Veritas.

That's really fucked up.

What's the worst part about dealing with that?
I see, well I'm glad you called.

Tell me a bit
why it's important
to do something about this now;
it's a little different for everyone.

I see, it's Valentine's day. There's a valentines open mic and LOVE SLAM Tonight!

I'm just gonna ask a couple quick questions to see if you qualify,

Will you all answer them for me?

Do You want sexy poetry?

Sexy poetry IS the best sticky note to receive in your eighth grade lunch box

Do you want Radical Self Love?

me too, let's keep looking

Do you want love Poetry?

You just want so many things from me that i can give you.

Do You want people to need a towel by the time you leave the stage!?

You're right, they shouldn't call it dry humping

You know, Port Veritas. I can't wait for you to watch this amazing show we have for you tonight.

As my profile states,
we're gonna give strangers this microphone for four minutes.
Where they are gonna say whatever the hell they want about terrible dates, passionate love, terribly passionate sex.
And that sounds great doesn't it?

Just imagine how wonderful it will feel when
you get up here
picture all these lovlies in their underwear
feel cold and alone
with nothing but your words
and a microphone
Then drop the god damned heat on us.

Imagine a chorus of FUCK
and Mmmm and snaps

THAT'S really why you swiped right today, isn't it Port Veritas?

Excellent! Let's get you started!

As you heard, we've put together a Special Package, with this Valentines open mic. A LOVE SLAM.
And an extra free second date when you try this First One for just your body.
Plus, since you're one of the first 100 people I find attractive,
I'm gonna throw in a Third date. so you get three, for the price of one!
And remember that swiping right on a Poetry slam is risk-free because it's backed by our 30-day Text you back guarentee.
So put your name on the sign up sheet.
next to your $3- $5 dollar suggested donation
bus your tables at the end of the night,
Tip your bartender Leah well for putting up with us every week.
use whatever bathroom you fucking want

and one last order of business
to wrap things up
like a good boy practicing
safe sex, who is totally not trying
To get you all pregnant.
when he asks how you like
Your eggs in the morning.


If someone gets up here and says
something during their four minutes
That makes you feel unsafe
you can do one of three things
1. Silently get up, leave the room and come back when you're comfortable
2. Get Nate or myself and tell us to provide floor for a calm discussion.
3. Go home write a fucking poem about it. and bring it back here next week!


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