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Blake Mar 2
Not  as powerful as the gods
       As we made them to be
So forget the laws
       And lay by me
Forget the days and lonely bliss
      There are many ways
            To lay a kiss
More ways to love
        Then one alone
No crime above  
For what’s bred in bone
Blake Mar 2
Lea of spring
     Of autumns air
     Maiden of wealth
Of raven hair

Bathe my hands beneath your breast
    Arch your side by mine to rest

Kiss your hand upon my back
    Knead your love in what I lack

Love of mine of
    Of mine to hold
     Forget your knave
     Become my gold
Paul Feb 26
When I arose and saw the dawn,
I sighed for thee;
When light rode high, and the dew was gone,
And noon lay heavy on flower and tree,
And the weary Day turned to his rest,
Lingering like an unloved guest.
I sighed for thee.
Isn't that delicious? (written 1825 approx.)
Rose Feb 19
I stand to see what sleeps beside me.
My husband, I still have yet to see.
Is he the one whispering sweet nothings in my ear?
Or the monster all but I seem to fear?
I reach for the light to find his identity,
I hesitate questioning my own destiny,
Am I destined to **** my loyal spouse?
He shares not his face, yet shares his house.
Shaking the hypothetical thoughts away,
Again my determination ends its sway.
Turning I look upon his divine face
Falling to my knees, I forget my grace.
My husband is no serpent, no monster,
Some divinity who deserves true honor.
My trembling hands drop the sinful dagger,
But my hands soon cause my world to shatter.
My lighted lamp’s scorching oil
Gives my sweet husband great toil.
The liquid flows and burns his skin,
And so it seems our trials begin.
He wakes and flees my wretched state,
As I seal our love into its dreadful fate.
You warned me
I did not listen
Nor did I want to

Stranger from the past
Be gone without my heart

You told me exactly what you wanted
Build my truth
'Till it be a skyscraper
Only to shake the earth
Only to see it all fall around you

Built my appreciation for the sky
Climbed to the top of the highest land
Assured me that I could fly
"Till you chose to chop off my hand

The sky ain't so celestial
Not so angelical
You lied about the sky

You made it seem so light
But everyone knows
the skin of the earth
it weights more enough

Built my admiration
made me believe I could hug the sky
Then you let gravity take care of it all

From the tip of your tongue
From Eros' edge of his bow
*From Ancient Greek poetry. He carries a bow and an arrow and intrudes in loving affairs (Yes, same thing as cupid)
Daniel H Shulman Dec 2018
Let not this love fall into discontent,
Nor my eyes accustom to her allure.
Let not the sight of her cease wonderment,
Nor my passion bore with beauty demure.

Let not my lips stop quiv’ring for her kiss,
Nor my fingers ache for her velvet hair.
Let not my arms embrace with avarice,
Nor my desire leave anything to spare.

Let not her beauty ever be passé,
Nor my heart not yearn for her ***** breast.
Let not making love miss a single day,
Nor lying beside her allow us rest.

Let not me take for granted her boudoir,
Nor my love for her wane even a bit.
Let not my lustful eyes ever look far,
Nor my body ablaze become unlit.
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Issachar Bacang Nov 2018
mind you,
the concept
looks great on paper

but when you persist
to insist
that eternity

let go
and accept,
you'll thank me later
Let go of the fantasy
And see the danger

That Eros is just
A childish wager
Blake Oct 2018
Eros had said
That him, I would dread
So I replied, ‘okay’
Then went my own way
Thank you, Cupid
It was a bit ******
Though every day older
I look over my shoulder
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
My love,my heart,
I will love you till the day the Sun and the moon hug,
And the stars frown with jealousy.
We will be married by Eros the God of Love,
In my dream Castle at the edge of a small cliff.
I will be blindfolded like Eros to show my love for you is blind.
The bridesmaids will be Angels on wings carrying bows and arrows and blowing kisses,
The birds will sing"Here  Comes The Bride",
Ares the father of Eros will give you away,
Aphrodite will bless us so we have a sensual love life and many children.
On our wedding day the rivers will climb the mountains,
The fishes will fly in the sky,
The flowers will bloom in the ocean,
The trees will glitter with gold,
The leaves will be studded with emeralds,
The fruits will have diamond seeds.
People will turn into animals and animals will turn to handsome and pretty people.
Love,we will have the wedding of the century.
Hyperbole:Exaggerated  statements not to be taken literally.
Pauper of Prose Aug 2018
Like Cortes or Columbus
Combining like clouds
To storm upon thy heart
Conquering every crevice
Chaining your cheerfulness
So that you wither in wants
Watching with a weathered sigh
As it tirelessly loads treasures
That were known and unknown to you
Upon silent ships that set sail
Destined to return to dazzling far off places
And oh the tales it’ll tell
As you woefully wail
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