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Judgements cast upon my soul
By others who do not comprehend
What they can not fathom
Bless their hearts they justify
knowing best for matters of
What they cannot control
Never understanding
I have given my faith to God
He has complete control
They do not see my decisions
As tangible worthy goals
Definition of faith
shapes into reality, as it should
God uses my life to guide others along
When I am weak He carries me
Till I become strong
God is my guide in life
Praying and following His plan
For me can do no wrong
I will sing like a songbird on a warm breezy day,
And remember the songs
When the warm breezes stray,
As our God of mercy
When souls darken and hide,
Sun, songbirds and breezes
He will always provide.
What age would you pick if you could be young again
Would it it be the age that you met your very best friend
Or maybe the age of the first love of your life
What about the age when you learned how to swim 🏊‍♂️
Elementary school age opened the mind, spelling test on Friday
When responsibility was seen as just a vocabulary word on our weekly list of words was sublime
Days before monthly bills exisisted, long before electronic technology and strife
If you could be young again
What age would you choose if you could pick one for your life?
Pain conquering
I have found truth in the Holy Spirit's presence within me
God's way of saying I am just another step along a journey He has set fourth in me
A lesson of Faith I am forever being tested to create
His strength, to endure a never-ending journey
A realization I now can see
His route to use me to guide others down His path of glory
Faith building as I travel along
Pain set as a reminder that I am strong
As long as I trust in my Father above
Sharing knowledge of the glory
Of His everlasting love
Spring,  it's breaking free
Blooming with
Pleasure ahead
If we spread the seed
Natures purposeful
A Neverending need
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