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My whole life I have been
Blessed overwhelmingly strong
How dare I not bear
To strive forward and carry on
He never promised there
Would be no pain
Never underestimate the power
Of it's gain
Today may not be your best
Trust in Him
He will carry you through
He is with you each step
To conquer
Give Him your faith and you can rest
Till comes the day
Peace comes true!
Blue Jay
°•~'Blue Jay
Squawk my way'
Tell me all that ails
Your mind today°•
Are you set upon
°○•~A quest
To find human
°•waste that's best
To make a stable nest
Yes!°•Is, alive!!
God is guiding
Together, we all thrive!
Sometimes things
Do not make sense
Yet they do
I feel God guiding
Things aligning His way
I always get through
Not what I planned
Rationally understand
Still peace resides
Live or die
With God
All is well
On either side
  Aug 30 WendyStarry Eyes
Star BG
Sun swims inside blue sky
Birds mimic sweet air
Day unfolds to celebrate.
Celebrate the phylogeny of a new day.

Summer air percolates in lungs.
Ears drums attune to moment
Time to whisper prayer
Prayer of thanks for gift of day.

Heartbeat pushes cells to dance
Eyes open window of light
Smile mounts upon face
Footsteps cavort upon Mother Earth.
with graceful tango  
And graceful Soul expansion meets sacred day.
Dreams in life
Our deep desires
Times to us they
Feel to be our true delights
Then God takes us down
His chosen trail to build upon The true empire
Turning our dreams upon a route we did not plan
Best route is to pray He will guide us to understand
Of yesterday's nights
Floating through
Her heart ❤
Spewing through
Eyes in tears
Brightening her path
She now feels to be darkness
Stars rebirth light
Into a future filled
Unending delight
Flows from the heart
It spreads throughout
Our world we give
It all we have, it does
Not take much to start
Just a smile can provoke
Kindness to break free
If we all try today
We may find
It is the key
That sets our souls free
On your mark, get set go!
Let kindness flow°•~°•¤
₩€ND¥ KA¥€°•☆
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