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He is so grand
Times I do not realize
Are times He desires
I make His stand
Father God You have
Blessed me
With The presence of
The Holy Spirit
In my soul
I understand
At last to You
I relinquish
All control!
Open your eyes
To The wisdom
~~Of light~~
Our Father
Of life
His will
Not always
Always right
To His will
He loves you
Beyond all
Earthly delights
You can tread through
All your storms
In life
As if they are filled
Full of strife
Or you can
Swim through
knowing that you
Are truly blessed
Put your faith
In the Lord
Spiritually your
Mind can rest
Not saying the tides
Will always rise
With ease
Praising The Lord
Will settle  the waves
To calm, guiding them
With cool breeze
Yesterday's tomorrow
Exist everyday
May not adore it
Yet reject the alternative
Time slips away
Rejoice in the heart♡
Of every second
Blessed here to
She slipped further
Then further down
Lost feelings embedded
Presence of never
Again being found
Light flickered softly
As if it may not last
Hope for tomorrow fallen
Like the leaves
From fire scared trees
Scattered to the ground
In the past
Her mind starts to race
Into lost yesterday's
Wandering on paths of
Flesh giving ways
****** pain strikes
Her feelings alive
A message from The
Spirit sent from within
Reminding her that in
The past she had asked
The Savior for forgiveness
Of her sins~ Praise for
The Light Rise on
The horizon
Once again
JOHN 3:6-8
ROMANS 8:2-6
Now that my cognitive memory
Is slipping away
So is my ability
To write poetry
It is a challenge
I so desire it to permantely stay

I trust The Holy Spirit
As my route to go
This morning I have read
Poems I have composed
In the past
I have come to a realization
Even though I do not remember
Them, the ones with great meaning
Have embedded in my heart
They will forever last

A gift
Our Father
Has given me
A tool
To remember my past
To carry on
His legacy
To show others
No matter what troubles
Approach in life
His peace will
Always be the strength
That last
Is but
A memory
Of what it was
Mixed with what
I speculated
It was
Supposed to be
Swirling with
What is to come
My mind is layered
So many levels
I may never
Know the sum
I ask you
Does this prove
Life has only
Just begun?
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