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Burdens are blessings
Given by God
Secrets to teaching
His lessons teaching of
His true love
Opening our eyes
To His light
In the past
We could not see
Broadening our horizons
To the future
Of His truth
Our eyes open wide
To the fact we are now set free
Burdens are blessings
Given by God
To all who need
An Eye opening experience
To make them see
Stickie vision
I cannot see
Recalled eye drops
Sold to me
Or is this just
The winter eye blues
Maybe I should
Not watch the news
Perhaps it is just a stage
Waking up with puffy eyes
Each morning is part of old age, yea!!
Haha 🤣
Miracles appeared
When I died
I let the
Blood of Jesus
Run through my veins
Now I do more
In my life than just maintain
I live in the blood of Jesus
Revelation 19:13
He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and in His name is the Word of God.
Things are not the way
They used to be
Every new day a test
Leading up to what
Is next to see
So I pledge to press on
My daily quest
To do my best
Regardless of
What other's expect
From me
I know my Father
Has the plan
That has always
Been meant to be
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