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A morning trip on the 86 off to town to do some work.
The peace all shattered from the third row back and red faces all around.
On her phone for all to hear of another journey had recently.
 The pageantry of his going down, broadcast to all going to town.
I don't know where she got on but we all know now how she got off.
I wonder if she really knows that no one wanted to know.
His skills may have been a thing of awe but on the bus love you're just a ***** !
Can you overdose on happiness and it make you feel insecure?
Can you love so much it hurst you when you think of it?
Can the touch of another make your soul tremble within?
Can the sight of them leaving **** something inside?
Are there more emotions than those we were tought.
Love joy and happiness, fear hate and remorse.
Is the pain of not knowing such  a burden as is loss?
Is there a magic formula to work it all out?
If you could edit past mistakes would it be a total rewrite?
Would you change the characters names or remove them instead?
Or would you leave things the same and learn from your mistakes?
Ask me tomorrow when the game starts again.
Micheal Wolf Jul 9
Some dads hide and are never there.
Others try to make it work.
Some are blocked and lied about.
Others never gave a ****.
Some are just an ATM to pay without a thankful word.
For some that all becomes to much and then they shed this mortal coil.
Micheal Wolf Jun 20
I seldom comment when asked of love and what it means to one or another and how perceptions change. Yet, I find myself after the events of the day, and the savage treatment of another to put my thoughts forward.
  Do people change and we or they don't exist or do we discover things that change us. We have an amazing image in our heads of what we want in a partner. Now that may sound shallow but we do. The older we get the more the image changes. Red flags cause that to change on certain behaviours, lies, traits. It is our self defence mechanisms. So inevitably the less we will compromise. Why? Because we changed too. How we were treated changes what we will no longer accept. Our core image of that ideal person changes too. So when you do meet someone it's initally based upon looks then personality, then interactions. If you get one red flag you may compromise. But more and you look for the exit. When young love is blind. It's also deaf dumb and stupid. With age we get wisdom. Out there, there are millions of us. All trying to find something. Some a start. Some an upgrade. Some an end. But in all of that you can only be yourself or it will **** you inside.  Never live a lie to keep someone elses dream alive.
Maybe I should shut up now. Good luck x
Micheal Wolf Jun 19
We meet people with our emotions locked away.
Over time letting them out one by one as we let people closer. Then eventually if we feel it's right we give people the keys to our hearts.
We expect them to hold that key like a precious jewel.
Some however just add it to a key ring loaded with other keys to other things.
Forgetting until it's too late what that key was for.
The day they remember, often the lock has been changed.
Micheal Wolf Jun 16
A Happy fathers day to all the dads who gave their all and didn't even get a call.
To the ones that worked and paid for them even if they were never seen.
To the ones that simply faded away because of the caustic games their exes played.
Micheal Wolf Jun 16
It dawned on me today how half of my life had slipped away, on auto fill as the web shapes and takes, as we lose more of our self to an ever growing internet.
To the who's who of no one true, that you will never meet or kiss their cheek, or share a drink at a late night bar, but share an argument from afar...
Keyboard flares sent across the net to someone you have never met, who's hiding behind a Qwerty shield and to them that screen is very real!
Or the stars that shine so bright on the browser that's just full of *****.
When shites tupence an ounce and they're worth sweet FA..
But you had to know what they ate today.
Not worth ***** and it's valued more yet they seem like royalty to the poor
So when it dawned on me earlier today that half my life had passed away..
I held a moments silence then, for the passing off the world that's real and those around us in the flesh..
Because it isn't real it's all a place made of one's and zeros to Infinity that will outlive you and me..
So before the rest of life flies by, unplug your mind from the digital hub.
Put the tablet in the drawer and leave the phone till you make a call.
Then call someone that you miss, and tell them that you love them still.
Tell them of your thoughts today and not what you were fed by the internet...
It dawned on me today, tomorrow will soon be yesterday so make the most of the here and now, when it's gone it's not backed up on a card or drive to bring back up when you desire.
Just in memories, that's all, that's it.
Not this internet of ****.
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