Grey Jul 11
As chaotic as raging thunder
Her eyes glared and her heart soars
As soft as fleeting feathers
Her smile captured and her soul breathes
I have found a home in beauty
I have laid to rest the beast
Travels and adventures
Life and love
Youth is troubled
Wisdom is yearned
Together we will find the way
Grey Jul 9
A small town with a oil painted face
Boungiorno! Coffee on every other 2nd Thursday
Rare occasion for the matinee, only for imagination and relaxation
The diner with an authentic blast from the past
There waits a booth for the young souls, trading their stories and tales
Adventures to come and jobs to be done
Hours pass while I roam the local park, once chased by the fearless duck!
One dollar and twenty five a game, billiard tables have found their small town fame
Summer in full swing with memories to be made
Cigarettes and caffeine, filled with adrenaline
Road trip, Round trip
A new chapter waiting to be written
Grey Jul 2
Love is a funny story
Love is a smile from her
Love is a crazy notion that you have to protect her
She's wild and free
She's reckless and untouchable
She's also the young woman with ice blue eyes
Junior High School Math class assigned seats
Ghost adventures on a Saturday evening
She loves him and she's happy
That's all I ever want
That smile, coffee, cigarettes and a great conversation
Grey May 14
I drive too fast in that car
High speeds and reckless music
The adrenaline stops my brain from thinking of you
Passenger seat I swear you're with me
A ghost
A memory
Your hand entwined with mine we drove
Sunrises, rain and sunsets
Lakes, rivers and mountains
Our adventures are haunting me
Acceleration to blur the memories
A road to burn the hauntings
I find myself realizing you don't think of me
You don't love me
You'd forgotten me
Why are you lingering?
Why do you appear in my dreams?
Why do you haunt my mind?
Why do I love you?
You left.
You ran away with him.
You left when you promised you wouldn't.
You lied when you'd say you would love me Always and Forever.
Deal with the Devil for that soul of mine.
Grey May 12
Nights driving home I stop by our spot
A small stretch of road where cigarette paper and energy drinks find home
A blow to my heart as I remember how you use to be
Fearless and caring
Reckless and daring
Strong and free
Bold and wild
We roamed the streets of our town
We ruled the world that was ours
We fell in love now I know to be a mistake
Eagerly I jumped in and asked for you
Anxiously you jumped and asked for me
We were young and innocent
We were foolish and blind
Asking for your hand in marriage was arrogant of me
You asked for me to marry you
Too young. Too stupid. Too boastful.
My soul, I was forever wed to you
So I shall be till the end of time.
You grew up and I was too careless
You left and I was too late
Like the wolf howls at the moon
I will long for you my love
I will love you even though I cannot have you.
A girl who played with satan
Grey May 11
That parking lot is my nightmare
Agitating anticipation for her
Knowing my heart this is the last time I'll see you
Dangerous waters crippling my mind
A girl who I fell in love, wholeheartedly
A girl with a smile that can charm my wicked soul
A girl who's sanity was pushed to the limits
A girl who bravely fought a failing war
A girl with eyes that saw through my mirroring image
A girl who was broken by me and my antics
A girl I love
The girl I love is gone and replaced by a stranger
Tempting to sway the stranger
My heart yearns for a past lost in time.
I feel no more anger
No more suffering
At long last I am free
Shadows in the night are haunting me
No more.
I love you but no more pain
I love you but no more anger
I love you but no more will I be the punchline to your joke.
Leave my mind to roam
And I will love you till the ends of time.
One day I hope you'll see that in the end I loved you more.
It'll only be too late.
Grey May 10
My eyes close faintly I hear your beautiful laugh
A tear as I remember the moments of innocence
Your sarcasm and smart remarks brought a smile to my face
We watched our world burn in the sunset on our hill
We laughed
We smoked
We kissed
We cried
We screamed
There aren't enough packs of cigarettes to bear the pain
You left
You took my heart with you
You've created a monster
You've created a beast
Break me time and time again
My dear would you love me again
So I can feel once more
Beat me bloody I can take it
Love him I can take it
We do scary things for love
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