Grey 6d
I desperately long to find this love of mine
Can I have a moment of your time, darling for you I'd walk the line.

Haunted houses Halloween
You holding onto me
If you'll be my lover, I'll be your Apollo darling
Give me one moment of your time,
And I'll show you that you could be mine

You deserve the heavens and the stars
Allow me this offer of mine heart
May I have a moment of your time,
The way you dress you look so fine

Am I a ghost?
The second choice?

Beauty has stolen my heart with one look
Those glistening windows that hold your soul
That sweet smile, one is all it took
Allow me to write the grandest love story ever told
Grey Oct 24
Spare my bitter sweet remedy
For mine heart hath been stolen away by Fair Lady
A drop of poison and a breath of smoke
Away are the thoughts this beating heart hath ever been broke

Beauty I hath found in two golden specked brown glistening pools
I succum to hope despite the voices and ghouls
My weary soul and worked hands
A rarity found only once throughout lifespans

As incredible as it sounds, torment wrought it's fury no more
To my demise, Cupid has made yet another score
Grey Oct 15
Pity my weary soul
Yearning for beautys' soft touch
Nothing short of miracle, you've warmed my heart so cold
Pray to all the gods that this won't hurt so much

A dream, dare I hope to come to life
Eternity searching for you, my darling
Reckless thoughts, will you be my wife?
Though, this would be nothing short of daring

I find myself worrying about the next outfit to impress you with
I find myself wondering if you'd be mine
I find myself waiting for the right moment
I find myself wanting to just hold your hand
I find myself willing to be whatever you need me to be

Dear sweet rose.
Silly beautiful amore.

Love be kind
Love be sincere and sweet
Love be understanding
Love be cute and caring

Pray I will, amore, that you will love me too...
I have recently been given the opportunity of meeting a wonderful woman and she is truly beauty. Yet her heart has been stolen by a man. And she has stolen my heart...
Grey Oct 8
When I look into your eyes, for a moment I'm alive
Days are bleak and dim without you
Only just met I feel like I've known you throughout time
Your smile is warm and comforting
Sometimes I wonder if this would work
Could it?
Dare I?
Holding you in my arms
You always have a way to make me smile and laugh
I've never laughed so genuinely
Never smiled true
And you,
Here you are beautiful sweet Rose
A cute rose with a silly full of life personality.
Now I'm staring out at the stars and listening to songs you've shared with me
But I am just someone who's a friend.
Its okay.
I can only dream and love with no hope...
Grey Sep 22
Would you believe me?
Can you understand what's going on?
There's a blank page on a worn notebook
I see your smile and it gives me life to write once more
A small town crush
You've traveled the world
Jumped the ocean to wander
But you search for others
I, a mere broken dreamer
Shall I let this love flourish?
Grey Sep 16
Am I your villain?
Is there emotion at the mention of my name?
Your dark secret?
Pray tell, memories of us do you regret?

***** to my past, there my ghost stay
My heart begs to stay true today.
Tomorrow beckoning by those sparkling brown eyes
Will this weary soul be granted love, reward to my cries.

Beg I will for your sweet smile
Long I will for your cute laughter, even for a short while
Pray I will for forgiveness of my past lover
Hope I will for understanding that I have found another.

I'm with you in my heart, yet we are not bound
I'm wondering if it'll work this time round
I'm willing to wait till the day you notice me
My love you are beauty

I hope you'll one day realize destiny is real
I hope you'll one day see love is right next to you...
Grey Sep 15
My heart aches for your love
That smile full of all joy in this world
Pity my mere broken soul
A longing lover with worn hands
My love, time is a villain
My mind races with dreams of us
You've taught me to smile when I am low
Ridicule me as I realize that time is not fair
I see you and you see me
Pray tell was there a future?
I beg for your sweet voice
Grant me your laughter
Beauty is you, and I wish for your love
I plead for your love
Away my eyes from that fair smile
Quivering I know it is love
I would live a thousand times to find you once
And break my own heart longing for you
Am I but invisible to you
Your eyes wander to those who do not know what love is
Come to my senses for I know in my heart
My joy it is doomed from the start.
Warn me my mind as my heart soars
Would you love me?
Would you dare?
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