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Grey Oct 6
Whether it’s losing it, or breaking my reality
I just know it’s harder to stay normal, to stay sober minded in a sober head
Like an alcoholic with his liquor, it warms my soul
What pathetic soul I have left
I laugh with my coworkers and smile with my family
One second I’m 6 again, the world is still far away
The next I’m not even a person anymore..
Just another thought in my head. Another idea
I’m okay
I’m fine
Headphones in and I’m able to sort of focus
I’m nonstop dizzy and I feel like I’m in a movie constantly
Grey Oct 6
Sometimes I wonder whether or not it’s all real
I’ve grown comfortable with the dark corners of my mind
They don’t even realize that it’s bad again
Then again I’ve learned to smile and hide the truth
Death is terrifying but also a sweet thought
When I’m alone, finally alone, I think about whether it would make a difference or not
And I do want to make a difference, honestly in death rather than life
Yet I’m still here, waiting and working.
Hoping for a better reason and that’s fading
Eventually it will all make sense
The thoughts in my mind, what’s real and what’s not real
Maybe I’ll be okay.
Maybe I won’t.
Either way I’m just floating through reality believing it’s all a dream
Madness is not just what you see on tv.
It’s everyday walking down that hallway
And not even realizing you’re actually there
It’s getting darker and yet I’m comfortable with it
Grey Sep 22
I smile whenever my phone lights up and your names on there
When I’m with you, even sitting on the couch is fun
We can watch random videos and laugh or walk down the streets from your place and talk
I find myself wandering about another adventure we can go on
I often worry about if you made it home safely
Or sometimes I wonder if you’ll like that stuffed elephant or stitch
Walking through the stores I see little things that either remind of you or the trip we went on together
I’ve never felt more happy at being a part of your life
It might not be a relationship where I can tell everyone on the planet that I’m yours and you’re mine
Meeting you is the best thing that’s ever happened to me
Being your friend, or as you say one of your best friends is better than not being able to talk to you at all
Sometimes I do hope and dream though
Grey Aug 9
How do you tell someone that everything feels right when you’re with her?
Where are the words I want to say when I’m with you?
Your smile can bring life to everyone in the room
You’re headstrong and stubborn as hell
When push comes to shove you plant yourself like a tree and you also are like water and adapt
You’ve been challenged and hurt many times, yet you still manage to smile and find good in people
I always think back on the road trip we took, when we were carefree and wandering
Your adventurous soul & late night conversations that I never grow tired of
I want to share the world with you & make memories we can cherish
He hurt the one person that I truly call my world but I know you’re not broken
You’re the toughest on the block & I just want you to know you are loved
I care for you & cherish you
You don’t need saving because you’re the strongest and most beautiful woman i have ever known
I only ask that one day if we are together, that we can make memories to hold onto for the rest of our lives
I can tell you that I will always look forward to our conversations no matter how confusing they can get
I can tell you that I want to spend as many moments with you
I can tell you that I love you
Grey Aug 6
I will love you, I will cherish you
I want you to know how I feel, from the depths of my heart
I will always love and care for you
Your smile always lights up the world & there has never been a more beautiful smile
Your laugh fills my heart with joy & those around you
Your eyes always have a way of catching my attention & I see your pain behind those beautiful golden brown eyes.
He hurt you, maybe not in a drastic way but I can see it
I hear it in your voice when we drove on those roads late that night
A heart of gold & genuine kindness, you my dear deserve the world
My heart trails off to the thought of us together but my mind tells me it’s not time
Maybe it will never be our time..
Your adventurous heart & wildest dreams
You don’t know it but I’ll always remind you of how beautiful you are
I have dreams & you share yours with me
Looking out into the world and staring at the stars , truly I want to share it all with you
Never before have I felt that two souls were entwined
Now the question is & only time will tell, will two souls be joined
For the moment we share now, I’m yours & I will always love you
Grey Jul 25
She is beautiful,
She’s more than just a good person, a wonderful woman
Those words barely grasp, they barely come close to describing how amazing she is
Her old school soul and heart of gold
Her very soul is beautiful
The way her eyes glisten when she talks about her passions & dreams
The way when her smile forms small then cringes her nose
Truly there is only one person you meet, only one who when they’re around, the world is peaceful
Grey Jul 18
It’s the little moments that come to mind, late at night & busy afternoons
My mind wanders to the times I spent with you
Looking over in the passenger seat, seeing you there with the map leading home
Our adventures in the black hills, your eyes fill with wonder and excitement
The booth in the diner as we talked about sunsets and thunderstorms
Your smile before the laugh & our random conversations in different accents
Hiking up Bear Butte, teaching the top of the world with the thunderclouds brewing & lighting clashing with the sunset
Sometime I wonder, do you know just how beautiful you are?
Driving through town with your CCR cd playing, you turn up the volume & dance with a smile on your face
Daring, bold & relentless
Also caring, kind & honest
Your sense of style, going from business attire to a T-shirt & shorts
Do you know how beautiful you are?
The passion in your voice when you talk about your hopes & dreams
Beauty was defined in pages of a dictionary but here you are
Days spent at the Lake & nights at the movies
You are truly breathtaking & full of life
She’s the type of woman that you rarely find, once in a lifetime
I can only hope that one day I can call you mine
A hopeful romantic waiting for the day I can shout to world that you’re mine & I am yours
It’s the simple moments I cherish, forever guarded in my memory
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