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Life that we know, is not, as we think it is  

In the present we miss at times, both
what could have been and what will be

as from the drawers of our lives we
pull out and savour memories while
riding the illusion of replacing time

but sometimes forgetting  that the past
drawn to the present will not sustain
and eventually recede to allow for the
flow of time future to find it’s age, and

life will remain a short tenancy with
a changing lease that time witnesses
without interference at every birth
and in the process we learn a few true
things as time tells your mind’s despair ----  

why lament,  life’s canvas was empty
at birth and will return to it’s state
when you leave, as you brought nothing
and will take nothing, but will leave
behind your life’s colours on my being
to hold  for posterity, as divined in time.

when I wrote my first book
and had it published

my family didn’t even know
I was a writer

hell, I didn’t even know I was a writer
until 9 months prior to my
first publishing

but they were quick to assume
that I was now wealthy in riches

asking if I had quit my job yet
or my dad asking if I was a
millionaire now

and I told him, that
everything was the same
only that I had just done
something else that doesn’t
involve the same routine
of work and life.

but in his brash tone,
he immediately had to
one up me by telling me
that he just got done building
6 Panera Bread restaurants
within a one year timespan
in the Minneapolis metropolitan area.

“we all got our small victories.” I told him

mine just happens to be
words on blank pages
between covers

his just happens to be
$17 ham and cheese

you’re best
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
I speak for those with prose
Not for the entertainment
of published trolls

We bare our thoughts
Our opinions
Our feelings
Our truths
Our ideas
Our souls

Because we choose to
Because we need to
Because we have to
Because we want to

We don't want to be famous
We don't want to be judged
We don't want to compete
We don't want to speel check

Our grammar is correct
Our diction is correct
Our styling are correct
Our poems are perfect!

Because that is how
we intended them
to be
We love them

Feel free to judge us
It is your god given right
But, keep your criticisms to yourself
Unless we ask for it

As you read these written words
You hear every single syllable
Echo in your head
You are now telling this to yourself

Thank you for listening
Kita kita bilang isang kaibigan
Bilang isang kakwentuhan
Laging kasama sa lahat ng mga kalokohan
Kita kita, kaibigan.

Sana kaibigan ay kita mo rin ako,
Kita mo rin ako bukod sa pagiging kakwentuhan mo
Bukod sa laging kasama sa lahat ng kalokohan mo
Sana kita mo rin ako.

Di ko alam kung ano ang dapat maramdaman
Kapag tinatawag mo ako bilang kaibigan
Kahit minsan kitang kayakapan
Tuwing namomoblema sa mga problemang dapat lampasan.

Ngunit alam kong hindi ako
Hindi ako ang gusto mo
Mahal mo, hindi ako. Oo.
Matagal ko ng alam ito ngunit pinili kong magpakagago
At bulagin ang sarili sa sa'yo.
Bakit? Kasi ikaw ang gusto ko!
Kasi ikaw ang mahal ko! Pero, hindi mo kita ang isang tulad ko.

Minsan, ayaw ko ng isipin ang mga problema ko
Lahat ng problemang bumabalot at sumisira sa mundo ko
Wala! Wala ng luhang lalabas sa mga mata ko
Wala ng tubig ang aagos sa mukha ko.

Kung kaya't hinihiling ko na sana
Takpan na lang ang aking mga mata
At tsaka ako bulungan sa tenga,
"Magiging maayos rin ang lahat kaya magpahinga ka muna.
Tumigil ka muna sa pagpapakatanga sa taong nakatingin naman sa iba.
Huwag kang mag-alala, ilalayo kita sayong mga problema.
Pipigilan ko ang luha mula sa'yong mga mata.
Hindi ko hahayaan na may tubig na muling umagos sa iyong mukha.
Dahil gusto kita.
Mahal kita.

Kita na kita."
az Dec 2017
Thoughts of you
I cannot consign to words
The day we met,
The nights I want to forget
You were the fire that
Turned me into ash
I was a dream
That never came true
And as I watched you slip away
Before my eyes
Far, far away from my reach
That I realized,
I couldn’t keep something that
Wasn’t meant for me
But in my heart
I prayed for you to stay
And on a rainy day,
We did finally fade away

One of my first poems that was also published in Us Magazine, The News International:
The sooner we have a published SPT poetry collection
Is the sooner I have more faith in this world
It's getting darker and darker
But I will not resort to being reticent
The best people don't hold back
SPT is one of the hardest working poets on this site and I think her work needs more attention. There's never a stale poem written by her. Never.
Dream Fisher Jun 2017
I carry a house on my shoulders,
Some bills have been bogging my mind,
I've had a tub overflowing for some time
With a smile and bags full of boulders under my eyes
I can't complain, sir, I'm doing fine.
Not fine in the sense, that I'm doing bad
Yet, don't want the atmosphere to be tense
But fine like life is a struggle, no clouds are in my sky
Unless it's raining, in which case we dance.

See, people don't realize you only get one shot
To ***** up your life with every atom you've got
And listen to many past generations
Then continue to make the mistakes you've been making,
I'm not being sarcastic, it's wonderful.
Seriously, I can't think of a better time to live
Sadly, people give all they can give
To a digital internet, no disrespect.
But stop posting and really live, disconnect.
Stop taking pictures and videos to show others
Who cares if acquaintances  like or love it?
It's your life, do you love it?

I've heard from strangers for years say, go get published,
So I ask if they'd buy a copy, they say no
It's not their thing and they feel out of place
Then tell me why your advice was to put my money to waste?
Even fans wouldn't offer me a spot
On their shelf or their wall, so just leave me here
You don't need to encourage me at all.
I'll write until my fingers turn to nubs
I've been ***** all my life, no matter how hard I scrub.
donia kashkooli May 2017
as you can tell, i write under my real name now. my pseudonym, z. vega will always be a part of me, but i'm at the point in my life where i am so emotionally vulnerable that hiding behind kind of a secret identity isn't something my heart's telling me to do.
2. i wrote a third book. it's called "swingers" (spelled "swngrs) and it would mean the world if y'all would check it out!
3. i realized that all i want to do for the rest of my life is write.
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