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Faryal Oct 2018

life; it’s a precious thing that can vanish anytime
Don’t let it slip through your fingers, dream big and start the action, take control of your life, make wild choices but good ones

Live wild, laugh at the good times, cry when you go through a heartbreak, cry when you come in first in a race because last place was what you always achieved, smile when good achievements are made

Travel and adventure the world, before all of it can vanish in one second,

Don’t let the small things agitate you, be patient, make music with the sound of nature, strum to your own heart beat, because we only have a few seconds to experience the joy that life can bring us, don’t let it slip through your fingers
Martin Narrod May 2014
He weeps his heart, and hangs his head,
He doubles back, and follows her back to bed,
She says, " Some homes are towns and lives, while others wear their homes inside." And he keeps up though he's kept out, the volatile, the sudden frown.
She makes up the cupcakes but they're never vegan are they? No they're never vegan are they?

He makes a gift, and wrings his thumbs, the bubble bath, the tepid tub,
Outside where the rains have gone long, something gives him something strong,
And he picks up where he had left off, the trouble is he doesn't know when to back off, and the cupcakes aren't vegan, sweet and such spectacular, but they really aren't eaten, now that they've been made with eggs. No the cupcakes aren't vegan, though they are quite delicious. And he loves her forever, though he never eats again. No he never eats again. No he never eats again.

— The End —