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A piece of cloud
rains sparsely,
the forest dries
the desert is thirsty...

GulRukh Apr 2018
He is long gone
but I am here, right here where He left
at the same place where we first meet
where our love grew
where we look at each other from far corner
where He stole my number from record room
because He was too scared to talk to me
where we always walk pass each other like none of us exist
where I envy His intelligence
and He love my attitude
where He told me that He love me when the first time He lay His eyes on me
where I fight Him over little things
and He say sorry for my mistakes
where I wait for little glimpse of His presence
where He protect me from bad people
where I can rely on Him with my eyes close
where I woo perfection of His athletic body
and He make fun of my flimsy existence
where we make promises
where He leave me because people talk about us
because people will talk **** about me
because we have no future together
because we belong to different worlds
because our religions were different
but I am still standing there
waiting for Him
where we first fall for each other
Endless waiting for the Love of my life and I can wait forever
GulRukh May 31
My Lion!
You are so perfect so perfect that It scares me
I am sacred that you'll hate me when we'll meet
I am scared of rejection
I love you so much, so much
That's why I Left
I dunno what would I do if you reject me seeing my face
I am not beautiful; I am not a  perfect girl
I am just an ordinary stupid girl that loves you like carzy lil kid
I just don't fit with you, cause I am so indulge in my insecurities and my ugliness
I can cry alone forever rather feel rejected by the love of my life
I hate leaving you, it's like I stabbed myself with thousands knives straight into the heart
I sometimes can't breath
My each breath moan your name
My Lion!
I just don't wanna breath
If I can't synchronize it to your heart beat
Love! There will be no one after you I can assure you that...
Yenson Apr 20
One Republic
pick and mix, assorted all sorted
wrinkles missing, smooth as glaciers
toils reversing on harbingers like excesses does
walking the trodden alleys learning Sods mathematics
organs pains for non-organics are inherent consequences so
one Republic and the anthropologists utters a myth in passing
all bananas look like all bananas because bananas are bananas alike
sing a song of three pence and a pocket full of fear
Plato's cave a grand auditorium for lames
united disunited ages in anti-virus glares
white noise in white air and masses sigh
the emperor's coat plays invisible chess
ladies think long and hard in minds
for a dolphin swims like none-other
the glides of the sweetest depths
and in those places unseen
expanded vibes of feels
know reasons why so
it's the bigger snap
it's the difference
the forbidden
fruit lures
will not
This piece is inspired by the Brexit situation where the masses are in disarray, confused, pent-up, belligerent and feed up yet cannot stop being obsessive and charmed by it. Monsieur Barnier is determined, Angela Markel has dreams of taking it big and sea of free dolphins swimming. We all dream on and the equally obsessed Press write dirges, doom laden nonsense and masturbatory expose on distorted views and wishful thinking. Hapless Mrs May goes grey daily and watches helplessly as wrinkles arrives daily on faces that cannot let go and just doing the same thing and saying the same-thing over and over and over again  and by the way, what is the Black Rod doing about all this (for does familiar with British politics ) I definitely think  
the Black Rod will calm things down, yes, that's it !!
Jenny Gordon Apr 6
Hopefully if you're unfamiliar with that song google will comply and locate it for you.


Blue skies out West look deeper in a sense
Than Illinois e'er knows, clouds in betrayl
'Non floating laz'ly in such vast seas they'll
Assure ye rare pools know, til I from thence
Half ache to be in those dear prairies hence
As childhood fondly knew, swept to avail
Clean of these houses clustered sans aught bail,
And where the Thunderbirds roar through fr'intents.
I said I'd join the Air Force, but Dad fer
All that said: No.  And that is better too.
Yet oh! the Rocky Mountains!  O those pure,
Unfathomed bluest skies!  What is't that'd woo
Me from their depths?  I feel it 'non bestir
My soul, just watching from afar.  And you?

Or mebbe I'll record myself singing it one of these days...only the chorus, though--"Colorado, THAT's King Sooper's Way, That's King Sooper's Way...." Is it called Aldi's in the armpit?
Shaun Mar 25
Generally, whatever's said outside

some shack, some interim man's

dwelling/s- like his words

(are) just uttered in vain, not

cacophony, but smooth

round phrases, splayed with

well-rounded intentions.

Whether it's sonic reach

falls behind his sneeze

or his anger clouds the trees,

his shack- a mess of foul timber

shakes and struggles to hold

these words, an outflow of

his welled-up memories ( seared

through his longings)

haunted by willows, painful mist

and crumbling dwelling/s
Trinity Mar 10
if i could dream the endless dream
the dream of all dreams
the dream that i could feel

in this dream i would dream of sadness
in this dream i would dream of happiness

the endless dream;
i would dream about living
i would dream about pain

in the endless nightmare;
i would think of hope
i would think of dying

in the endless dream i dream
This man’s
Poetic mind, heart and soul
Drunken words of poetry you are
Imagine now, how elegant, royal, adorable
Delightful, stunning, magnificent
And   g o r g e o u s
You are

✒ ℐamil Hussain
Arihant Verma May 2017
Amazing, curve of an arm,
wave of a hand speed breaking
over the stretch marks on lower back
feeling the lines like the habit
of taking corners of clothes and sheets
pressing in between the gaps
of *******, a pleasure
no one else ever even sees.

Wrap of an arm, making the back
and front the ancient interior China,
the arm, the great wall of China,
protecting from sadness
and occasional loneliness.

Curve of the legs fitting the other
like they were two rods under thermal stress.
The vastness of the *** comforting the lack
of it on most days, when my body hair
is as natural to you as blinking,
I miss how two bodies become void
In the shape of night’s silence, the arc
Written for not being able to just lie down, wrap and sleep with people anymore
hazem al jaber Feb 2017
Fires' longings ...

beloved and sweetheart ...

tonight ...

and every night ...

day by day ...

and every day ...

i will create a unique love ...

create into your love ...

only for your love ...

and will be the unique lover ...

unique one ...

only for you ...

i will make a miracles ...

no one ever knows before ...

even no one heard about this love ...

will amaze all humans' eyes ...

will draw you into the heart of sky ...

as i did into my heart ...

will draw your picture there ...

to watch you day by night ...

will draw you ...

to enjoy watching you ...

enjoy this admirable face ...

that face which lives into my eyes ...

dear sweetheart ...

need you ...

so hug me ...

need your love ...

so love me more please ...

sweetheart ...

my heart dying for you ...

my soul lost it breathes because of distance ز..

this distance which apart between us ...

so please ...

come and give me back my breathes ...

through your soul ...

your soul which it the soul of my soul ...

sweetheart ...

here i am drawing you ...

while a fires' longings eats me ...

taking me from world to another world ...

searching about you ...

to find you and to stay forever with you ...

come and safe me ...

from those fires which eating me now ...

here i am waiting you ...

waiting you, because i love you ...

yes i do ...

by : hazem al jaber ...
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