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s Willow May 17
I’m dancing with the devil
He helped me sew my shattered heart back in half.
Only half could be fix
because I gave the other half to you.
s Willow May 8
Decaying body
We all see her ribs.
Size small,
she reads extra large.
She wants to read small.
She refuses to eat.
s Willow May 7
Chained and shackled to the bottle
Disorderly conduct,
a DUI,
domestic violence report.
My guilt is shown in I front of the court.
Wanting to stop
Dreams are a flop.
Behind lock and key.
My new baby sister, I’m unable to see.
s Willow May 6
The ones that tells you it’s gunna be okay,
They don’t understand what you’re going through

The ones that say their okay,
They’re the ones dying the fastest.

The ones always saying they wish for death
They distract from the desperate.

The ones that stay quiet,
The ones that say nothing
The Poe’s that smile and laugh it off.
They are the ones that need the most help.
s Willow May 3
I drink ‘till I’m drunk
Trying to drown the pain.

Waking up when sober,
and after a really bad hangover.
I realize my mistakes.
So I do it all over again in order to forget.

Eventually the pain will be gone,
Eventually everything will be okay,
Eventually ill be nothing but a memory.
s Willow May 2
A teen sits alone in the empty bathroom.
She ships her face in her hands.
She doesn’t want people to see what she’s done.
Blue tears run down her freckles.
Red tears run down her wrists.
Her t-shirt says ‘smile’
But that’s the last thing on her mind.
s Willow Apr 29
Dyes and pigments
She uses these to hid her true beauty
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