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s Willow May 2020
My pale skin queen.
She sits next to me on my thrown.
I cherish everything about her.
Her eye’s on another.
s Willow May 2020
The hand of death grazed my back.
His cold hand numbed the pain.
His black cloak swept me in,
I was captivated.
I was hooked on his corrupting stare.
His blood read eyes,
peering straight passed my body and into my soul.
His masked face,
hid his crooked smile.
His kiss,
Withheld me from his true intentions.
s Willow May 2020
His candle of time is burning out.
His moon is setting for the last time.
He will not see the next day.
He doesn’t want to continue.
He wishes for release.
He’s begging and praying,
it will be over fast.
Just a quick pinch,
a loud bang,
he’s finally awake from his nightmare.
s Willow May 2020
I tamed my beast.
I fought threw his reign.
Over came his strength.
Finally at last I was free.
But at last his thrown was filled again.
Four simple words, “what’s one last time?”
These still haunt me to this day
s Willow Apr 2020
His world is spinning
His wrists cry from the slitting.
He screams for attention
thinking he has a plan.
He didn’t meet the expectation
Society told him, “be a man”
s Willow Apr 2020
I am depression.
I hide in the darkness
Waiting to strike.
You hide me from your friends.
Long sleeves,
Convoluted lies,
Hiding behind a smile.
I am depression.
I infect your brain with my thoughts.
I won’t let you think for yourself.
I tell you, “you're not good enough”.
You can not stop me.
I always get my way.
I am depression
I take everything.
You lose it all.
I take your family,
Your friends,
Your childhood,
You've lost all hope.
I am depression.
s Willow Nov 2019
I feel numb
as the ripe chocked me out.
Drains me of my life,
Everything get darker,
and darker,
and darker.
Everything is black.
The ones that ‘cared’
they’re late
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