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Why did you have to go?
I know it wasn’t your fault.
You saw know at her way around it.
I wish we could have gotten you help.

Why did God take you from this world
and into the next?
I love you and he took you away.
This is where we part ways.
You above
I’ll be below.
We’ll watch over the ones we love.
Goodbye and have fun.
Without a sound
the day dies
and I’m left with
a loveless night,
and a saddening morning
The understandment we had

Devoured by madness
My heartbeats for
another day to die.

Living causes hate.
Lost souls evaporate
and dissipate.
Worlds obliterated
by time.
I’ve seen the destruction.
Life lost
Love lands.
Open doors close
God walked away from it all.
When butterflies fly
Dreams die.

They’ll fly south
Child better shut your mouth.

Avoid the freeze
Someone help us please.
Black haired
Woman walks down
to the docks.
Her ravens land in their cage.
A ghostly ship
With a skeleton crew
Takes her aboard.
They wash away
to the forgotten land.
When the next day comes
The day starts will the songs of doves.
If your hear stuck with an arrow
Rip it out and enjoy,
Enjoy the outcomes
Alone in a fallen kingdom.
The broken hearts never tapping.
Word for the fearsome,
our heart is cracking,

All my soul within me snapping.
The past love
she brought joy
but left sorrow.
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