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Eli 1d
Cooking is
The mastery of intuition
It is knowing, smelling, tasting perfection
Before the simmering soup completes its wearisome journey
It’s love
Happy Mabon
He received a candy cloud that contains ‘L. O .V. E ‘
shaped smile.

She then turned on an electric
sky oven.  Autumn baking mode: +/- 272x

Havent you agreed with “(M&M)Theorem states?

The cream + the skim milk would bring the same price as the whole milk

Only if there were no costs of our separation …
How to celebrate Chinese Valentine Day
Jess Carroll Mar 27
Strawberry jam; it's so sweet and crisp
Pour it in the batter; give it a whisk
Now take the pan and pour it in
And let the baking begin!

You wait a while; 15 minutes or so
And take it out; remember how it was batter 15 minutes ago?
Well now it's sweet and hot in the pan,
Thanks to the addition of some strawberry jam!
Jay M Jan 8
Wound with joy and cheer
Unaware of the danger near
Moments away
Racing mind, rather absent
Hurry, hurry, hurry-!
Outcry echoes throughout the space
What searing pain
Heat from surface to flesh
Red as ripest tomato
Forming spots of pale white
Oh dear, what plight

- Jay M
January 8th, 2021
Burned my fingertips when baking this morning. My pinkies didn't get burned though, so I can still sorta type. It's gonna be a long day, haha..
clmathew Jan 5
I stand in the kitchen
not really present
talking about baking potatoes
with my husband.

For a second
the girl who baked potatoes
in so many other people's kitchens
looks out of these woman's eyes
awed at the fact
that she can bake potatoes
in her own kitchen.

In that instant the woman
receives as a gift
the incredible pleasure
of baking potatoes
in her own kitchen,
and is grateful.
What pleasure am I missing this very second, by being distracted and lost in the past or the future? What pleasure is around you this very moment?

Thank you for reading me!
S Dec 2020
I burned my hand making Christmas cookies
for my small chosen family-
hoping that it is enough to thank them
for keeping me from falling headfirst
and loosing myself to my own mind.
Isaac Spencer Aug 2020
Chilly autumn mornings-
Kitchen tiles cold on my feet,
Baking bread and butter fill the air with laughs,

A recipe my grandma knew by heart,
Measured in pinches and handfuls,
Started before the sun had it's first cup of Joe,

I would sit by the heat vent,
With a blanket she knitted,
And try to warm up,

Gnawing on cinnamon rolls made from extra dough,
Chewy, unglazed, rich and tasty,
She taught me to love the art.
I miss her. She taught me to bake, to enjoy it. Those were the good ol' days. Carefree, fun.
Faith Apr 2020
It’s funny
When bread I must bake
All I can think of
Is the delightful taste
Of cookies
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