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Beckie Davies Apr 20
through the rain
through the tears
through the mistakes
still, here we are
still, we remain
after all we have been through
we remain
Traveler Apr 6
Don't hold out for recess
The daunting pressure builds
Pick up your mettlesome
Impose your loving will!

The target is your nature
Imprinted in your code
An epigenetic explanation
Is about to unfold

So get yourself together
You cyborg by default
Your appendages are contagious
Your inflammation is your fault

Still... we can do much better
Then waiting around to parish...
Traveler Tim
Ken Pepiton Feb 26
We are the result of all we can imagine came before us,
in this bubble
of being we find our selves staring back
into from
the abyss, where luck is not a factor.
{from the movie}
nay, from Nietzsche, the drinking game
- on
- each time one looks into the abyss
- the abyss looks back, so luck is not a factor

sure. that makes perfectible sense, there's a signal,
a fluctuation,
measure it, man, and tell us all you know it means.

Ferlinghetti died yesterday, I could have known him,
if I'd tried.
I did not care for his view of truth. But he was young,
last time I took him serious.
I notice,
I don't care for my view of truth at that age.
But did you see him in the Last Waltz,
he was unmused, I felt bad for him.

And now he's dead and being reread. That's pretty cool.
For Christmas in 1964, I was given "The Secret Meaning of Things." I think it scarred me. I know it scared me... is this true... no, but I had to prove it myself... imagine dying after being a famous poet in the 20th century...
preston Feb 21

Dirt poor  and
down trodden,
he didnt ask for this
this life  among the fallen--

My fuckerface,  he paid his dues
among the homes of the forgotten

Scandinavian/Cherokee was his pa
(tho not for long)
Crow Creek Sioux and German,  his ma..

and all along the Rosebud rez
his half-breed skin,  rubbed raw.

Ah,  my beautiful  sweet fuckerface--
you are  the finest  blood-brother
of them all.

Now the hardness of this world  slowly
grinds your dreams away
Making a fool's joke
out of the promises we make
And what once seemed black and white
turns to so many shades of gray
We lose ourselves in work to do,
work to do and bills to pay
And it's a ride, ride, ride,
and there ain't much cover

With no one running by your side,
my blood brother

On through the houses of the dead
past those fallen in their tracks
Always moving ahead
and never looking back
Now I don't know how I feel,
I don't know how I feel tonight
If I've fallen 'neath the wheel,
if I've lost or I gained sight
I don't even know why,
I don't know why I made this call

Or if any of this matters anymore, after all

But the stars are burning bright
like some mystery uncovered
I'll keep moving through the dark
with you--

in my heart,  my blood brother

M Vogel Jan 16

I have been writing
   about you
almost since my
very first-ever   poem

It was your spirit  I
could feel--
   even  when I was  wholly
unable  to feel

You are  a b ra isi v e
in the most  t e n d e r e s t
  of ways
    my little scrapper

And I have  pulled you
  t o w a r d s   me
a  thousand  different  days

(yet, I have never touched you)

Little scrapper,  you are
  a d m i r e d
from afar
      by me--
the one who has been
    watching you--
all these years

Look up, beautiful-one
turn your face
      to  me
          and see that I am
                                     still here--
wanting just to  touch
the side of  yours
with *******

          just a touch

silly spilly--
I am right here..
   lookin   at you-  tenderly

              even after all this time

a story..
Natalia Oct 2020
Where might confusion lie
About oneself?

The deep recesses of the mind.
Beneath masks and scars,
Is where you'll find me.
Amidst books and ink.
Within, without, all around.
Through meadows and trees,
The grass whispers and sings.
Deep secrets of the Earth.
You need to be right.
You need to be wrong.
Not rushed, nor cheated.
A steady hand. Pen to paper.
Trembling, in waves. In. Out.
Stay the course Dear one.
Seek not the out edge,
Within is where it lies.
Not among the birds.
Neither your friends nor family.
But deep in you
Is where it lies.
The only person that can give you freedom is you. I looked in other places, to other people. But I'm the ONLY one that can ever give myself the freedom I long for.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2020
I held the moon

And knew immortality

I traded all my unforsaken days

To move within the eternal orbit of her night

To eclipse death

Yet here then the gap narrowed
Orchid T Aspen Dec 2019
He ran from my demons
so I wouldn't have to.

                                      He yearned for more time
                                                     like I should have.
He lived as me.

He broke as me.
                                                          He spoke in me
                                     so I wouldn't have to.

           I didn't tell him he was human.
CIIR Dec 2019
A star flashes  - -  the void is unchanged
Poetic T Nov 2019
We live
              for a moment.

         die endlessly,
for an eternity.
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