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Salvador Kent Mar 29
You don't like meat nowadays
Your appetite for it's flown into space.
Understandable, considering
Your circumstance and all.

You've lost the will to touch
It if it's on the plate
Oh! Not for me. You say staring
At the dish for tonight.

You can't stand the thought
Of eating flesh. There's no excuse
Really. Unless you want to justify it
By saying it gives you pleasure.

*******. Raw.
Oh. Oh. Oh.
Tastes good.
Real good.

That's most peoples excuse
For eating it. Meat I mean.
They enjoy eating meat anywhere
Really. Bed. Floor. Table.

But your appetite for it is gone.
You've gone vegetarian if you like.
Makes life easier for you in a way,
Now you're not chasing it for hours

Hours on end. You used to shop
For meat online for hours. There's
Various apps if you know they exist
And where to find them. Play store.

You still don't understand why
You got so attached to meat.
Probably because you had some
Good meat once.

You wanted to recreate that experience
Of eating good meat. So you chased
Cheap meat for days and days.
Varying levels of success. Not the same.

It was only decent one summer.
One winter night.
Apart from that it never wetted
Your appetite.

You still chased it regardless.
Funny really.
Maybe it was a coping mechanism
To get over Frenchie.

She loved meat.
In both ways.
Oh. She loved meat.

I don't care really.

You never care about me.

I know... oh... tastes good if you
Do it right... not the last time I'm
Going to hear that tonight...
Oh... oh... oh...
Hehe this ones got a double meaning.
IDS Mar 23
I do not feel superior because I'm vegan. The truth is I am vegan because I do not feel superior to others.
—Michele McCowan.

It’s more accurately a principle that we shouldn’t subject anyone to our wants and/or needs.

The bottom line isn’t whether we believe ourselves to be better people. The question is not what we are, but what we think, and what we do as a result of what we think. The issue is about ideas and behaviors, not people.

Those of us who reject cannibalism do not think we are "better" than cannibals, do we? We only believe that there are ways of acting that are better than others according to ethics.
If I pause for too long,
surveying this plot
the perfection is overwhelming
one could become lost
in this sea, of who I always longed to be.

The beauty of this realm is exquisite,
and steals my breath.
There is no one beneath my feet,
for they do not belong.

To no longer feel the need
to feed
on hearts that don't belong to me..
this is true peace.
A parasitic life
of craving, and of strife
is not becoming of a queen.

The epitome of irony
lies in the way
conscious beings always ask
what does it mean to live?

Perhaps if you spared more souls
and did not consume the flesh
you could remember what it's like..
and even recover your own power
to directly compose pure energy.
We were all born as beacons; this is not limited to human existence.
The resources it takes to process dead flesh, which we know to be riddled with disease, is devastating to the environment because of the waste that is produced. Chemicals that are used such as ammonia and dyes to make the meat look appealing are harmful to the body, and billions of people partake of consuming it every day - a massive scale.

Aside from this, there are plenty of personal reasons to partake in a vegetarian lifestyle. Although we are physically capable of dominating other species it is not our right to hunt and herd to depletion, which is where we are going with the planet at this rate. We were blessed with an intelligent consciousness by our creator, therefore we are responsible for using it and taking care of what we were given here. I no longer feel entitlement to another living creature's life.

Lastly, since I cut the meat out my energy has become more calm and subtle. My physical senses have heightened, yet I never feel extreme sensations of dread or panic as I used to with severe anxiety. I believe this is due to the fact that none of the energy I consume comes from the direct vessel of another living being experiencing consciousness, therefore their energy does not process through my own and express itself in an unbalanced way. If you may find yourself struggling emotionally, this is a natural method I recommend trying.

Not everyone understands free energy exchange, but it is very real. I prefer things that come from the earth, naturally given; green vegetables, fruits, nuts, wheat, and legumes. Dairy is also acceptable because it is a secretion designed for the direct purpose of sustaining life, and does not take away.

Simply eat to live.. do not live to eat.
My experience so far. Emotional disorders have practically disappeared after doing this for a year and a half. This is more balancing for the body than regular meditation. Feel free to share your thoughts if you give it a read.
kodi Jan 18
my heart belongs to tofu
soy milk runs through my veins
silken or firm; dressed up or naked
straight from the fridge and straight to my heart
dine with a passion, this curd is an art

juicy and delicious, chewy gooey soft
bless me with your bean, bless me with your froth
on the top of my latte, you glisten in the sun
oh soy, my boy, my joy; you are my life blood
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
I asked a vegetarian
“why are you a vegetarian?”
and he said:
In an ideal
joy-and-happiness society
would we foster
empathy, caring and compassion
between all people?
If people are unempathetic, uncaring and uncompassionate
to animals
would people also be
unempathetic, uncaring and uncompassionate
to the human-animal?
Thereby destroying
joy-and-happiness society?
And if so,
should we be
empathetic, caring and compassionate
to all animals?

If farm animals
feel pain and suffering,
should we be empathetic, caring and compassionate
to them too?
And stop slaughtering them!
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
I just watched a mini-documentary
on pig factory farming using
extreme confinement of individual pigs
in ‘gestation crates’:
I saw each poor pig
trapped within metal box-grates
which pressed against their flesh
stopping the pig from turning around
stopping the pig from walking around,
each pig suffers their whole life
standing in one direction
or slumped down on the ***** floor.
I saw pigs with open wounds, pressure sores, infections,
bleeding gums from biting the metal bars.
I saw pigs screaming in distress
Or suffering slumped down depressed.
I saw trapped pigs going mad
banging on the metal grates
distressedly trying to break free
and failing and slumping down depressed.

I ask myself
is there a humane way
to farm animals?
Such as free-range farming?
Jules DelPercio Feb 2019
when somebody is screaming
you can usually hear them
but when they're lying on your plate
It becomes nothing more than silence.
Yaya Dec 2018
I never ate meat—
But children should.
So contemptuously
You served it up.
And I sat at the table
cold and shivering—
from a lack of warmth—
Staring at its cooked flesh
Wondering how to get out of this mess.

Until, salvation brushed my legs
With his happy, hungry tail...
childhood memories of step-grandparents
Possum living Oct 2018
I am sorry for what we have done to you
I mourn the loss of your short lives, nullified for our barbaric arrogance and gluttony
Your children taken to meet the same fate as you
Your bodies eviscerated, never knowing the hand of compassion or a ray of sunshine

There are no merciful abattoirs

No red barn with it's open doors, and no motherly blue sky

There is only brutal indifference

Mechanized slaughter

The lies we tell our children and ourselves will breed this hell on earth into our legacy
And we who see ourselves distinct from beasts prove with our actions otherwise

This is not food

This is war on the sanctity of being
This is not a fanatical demand for universal vegetarianism. It is just a poem decrying the modern industrial practices of factory farming and the way the animals suffer in this system.
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