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Sindi 1d
Like a constellation of stars
The walk upon the stage
Smiling and dazzling
In their best clothing

This small event was successful
But if only there were more people
To watch this spectacular happening

The individuals who participated
Proved that they are not fish in the school
But more like a bouquet of daisies
All glittering by
Rai Espigar Aug 2020
Isn't it crazy how we are born only to die
How our journey is measured only through years
How our existence is just about taking up space

And so we wait...
We wait for something spectacular to happen
Like a chaos that could lead to peace,
Like a Big Bang or a Supernova
Something like fireworks and brights lights
Like falling stars or falling in love...

And then I met you
You are my "something spectacular"
The fireworks to my existence
A Big Bang that caught me by surprise
Your love is like a supernova in my heart
The best things in life are not only free, but comes unexpectedly. The thrill of the surprise will make you feel alive. Let it make you shine. Let the fire stay in your heart and keep it forever and use it to be better.
Allesha Eman Apr 2020
The spectacular quiet,
Is where the stars rest above the atmosphere
And where you lose the voice of reason
As you stare into the clouds
Hoping to catch a different dream
Searching for sounds you’ve never heard
Wisdom will tell you that’s life at its best
And youth will tell say you’re at your worst
Time will always live for the chase
And reminiscence will cloud your judgment
But when there is nothing but silence
And the sky is asleep,
You’ll hear the voice of your impossible dreams
Singing it’s famous lullaby
Waiting until you shut your eyes
To take your worries for a flight
And teach you how to say goodbye
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
The Bachelor Spectacular
by Michael R. Burch

One heart? Tossed aside.
The other? A bride’s.
In all his great wisdom, the bachelor decides.

Eeenie, mean-ie, mine-y, mo’, ...
one gal must stay and one must go.
If she hollers? That’s the show!

No heart can handle such despair!
But hearts get broken, hearts repair.
Next season? The treasoned will rule the air!

Tags/Keywords: Bachelor, Reality, TV, show, spectacular, spectacle, date, dating, nonsense verse, light verse, humor, satire, parody, heartbreak, tears, hearts broken, bride, groom, script, scripted, histrionics
K Balachandran Jan 2019
The master craftsman ,
Of this spectacular dusk,
Leaves no signature!
This master craftsman, you would never meet to register your thanks accumulating each consecutive day, because none of us ever meets him. So do a thing ; keep all the accumulation of your unfathomable thanks on account of this and million other things we experience free. Look for any possible opportunity to distribute that invaluable reserve among our fellow beings!
starstrike Nov 2018
The Universe
an ink drop in water
a single point all at once billowing out in magnificent swirls

Cosmically, we are nothing
Individually, we are everything
supernovae exploding
destroying all that is near
leaving black holes in our wake to devour existence
without hesitation
without discrimination

But also
galaxies whirling and spinning with ultimately undying grace
filled with billions, trillions of thoughts all coalescing
birthing and dying

Careful now, do not let beauty make you a fool
We are the cosmos
grand scheme brimming with rage
harboring cataclysmic disaster
spectacular color contraster
born of ink in water
Everything, yet nothing, beneath The Alter
Brianna Nov 2017
It took me far too long to learn
you are far more complicated and spectacular
than magic will ever be.
You are beautiful,
You are breathtaking
You are quirky,
You are funny,
You are unique,
You are awkward.
You are weird
You are loveable.
You are you,
And you is pretty
Damm spectacular.
MikeyP May 2016
How do you describe love?
Besides what the standard idea is.
With nothing more to say than "she makes my heart race".

Is that love? Or just caught in lust.
Because this feeling in my heart,
Isn't the standard three month start.

I ain't caught up in some little kid crush.
She ain't even close to what is considered lust.

When I kiss her lips, it's like kissing someone gently on the finger tips,  and more than just a heart jumping shift.
When she lays down in my arms, more than my body gets completely warm, it's my soul telling me to lower all of my alarms.

Its the comforting love in complete darkness.
Its the word forever with no need for promises.
Its walking around blind but there's no risk.
Its taking that leap of faith knowing your heart can't miss.

Its feeling like you never left home
Its being in a faceless crowd but knowing you aren't alone
Its being surrounded and embraced by love just from a voice on the phone

Its agruing with her but knowing she loves you
Its blood in your veins that won't turn icy blue
Its the 4 a.m. sleepless nights where she just takes you in like she always knew..
Knew you needed that hug before you even said ****.
Walking around lonely then she appears with a lovely kiss.
Standing in front of her eyes and knowing you've been missed
Simply knowing your anger is calmed when she touches your wrist.

What is love, man?????
Love.... You truly can't even understand.
Find someone who makes it's hard to explain or even withstand,
When you have the thought of loving someone til they turn grey and old
The feeling of knowing you will mother her children, having a family of four
How listening to her voice does more than just feed your soul.
Tell me all the things she does that make you go crazy.
How you can watch her sleep and it be simply amazing.
How seeing her smile is a sight worth gaining.
Look at my lips and watch me love her more,
Way passed a simple thought of a four letter word,
Love may only be four letters but it's never sounded better
Than when you can't clearly describe it
Just what it is that she can do
From how she makes you wake up everyday
To what you'll see when you fall for her too.
Love....go chase it
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