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Hannobal Aug 2020
My baked scones how they smells,
I have a solution.
Scones for afternoon tea,
serving with clotted cream and raspberries,
breezy afternoon by tasting baked scone.

Raspberry pulp,
how tasty scones are.
Dessert for an afternoon tea to look forward to.
afternoon tea or high tea
Kaitlin Jun 2020
I am reminded
by my cracked lips,
And the way my mouth
tastes like mouth,
How hot it is in here.
left to my own devices,
I might just burn myself up.

I am reminded
by dragon breaths
Blowing softly
on my forehead
How warm you are out there
left to my own devices,
I could bake myself into all that glow.

And never know
Why I'm still so cold.
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2019
tentacle moose hire
detox cook
humus soap parody
Grace Haak Dec 2019
melted in misery
battered in blue
pitted in pain
since the day i met you
folded in falsities
sifted in sad
cut in confusion
didn't know it was bad
whisked up in woe
diced in despair
garnished in grief
but it's not like i care
Grace Haak Oct 2019
cinnamon sugar
your hands mash the crumble cake
warmth fills the kitchen
Grace Haak Sep 2019
hot butter strolls down my face
and rolls down my nose
dribbles down my chin
and spatters the floor
the lustrous linoleum

i cry tears of sugar
it tastes much too sweet
as they mix with my thoughts
and pour into the cracked bowl
the jaded green memory

my hands are matted with white
and caked with delight
but it's a less-than-pleasant mess
i've used too much
it called for just a teaspoon
Don't you hate when
You google
And someone
Else comes up first
"If you are not first
You are last"
Ricky Bobby
Molasses in
cookie's tray
still made
your mouth
water like
the cat
but after
this way
you ate
with barmaid
in the
sweetest Summertime
that resort
really was
key hence
love stayed
tinsel tonight
a cat in the garcen
Nicole Bataclan Feb 2019
Do not take it too seriously,
Following a recipe to a tee

Unless you are making
No need to fake it
‘Til you make it,
It is a sweet life
You are baking.

A creature of the moment
A pinch of salt
Is the secret

Your concoction
Puffs up in the oven —

The frosting,

Make it
‘Til you become it.
Amanda Kay Burke May 2017
I take a deep breath and open my eyes,
It looks like morning has come again,
I roll over and peek at the clock,
"Perfect timing," I think, it's not quite ten.

Not too early, not too late,
I take a shower and get dressed,
Then I load a bowl and get ready,
For the part of my day that I like best.

I sit on my bed and sip my tea,
I grab my pipe and take a big hit,
It feels so good i don't even care,
That it makes me cough a little bit.

Now it's time for another ****,
I take a breath and inhale once more,
My lungs fill with smoke. ****, this one is
Even better than the one before.

The THC runs through my body,
I'm finally starting to feel high,
My **** is slowly disappearing,
I'm out of tea and my throat is dry.

The haze in the air is dank and sweet,
I can taste crystals on my lower lip,
Life feels good and wonderful today,
So I smile and take one more rip.
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