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Styles Apr 12
Touch me
Like you
Can’t live
Styles Apr 11
She loves tasting herself
I love tasting her too
The only thing better than her taste
Is enjoying the view
Styles Apr 10
Touch me,
tease me,
please me.

Just please be,
someone that won't,
leave me.

Believe me,
you will need me,
more than you want me.

For all of now,
and the rest of,
Styles Apr 5
As her eyes teased me,
She pleased me,
fiending for my touch,
her skin needs me - she feeds me.
Playing with my needs, she seized my attention.
Taking over, I flipped her over,
using my T-shirt to tie her hands together
The tighter I squeeze them, the further her legs spread apart,
like a piece of art,
I flipped her unto her stomach,
face down *** up, So I could lick it up
***** poking out, so I **** it up
tongued it down
Deep moans guide my touch
lips, once pink, now blush; flush with lust
Pulled her to the edge of the bed,
then slowly filled her up
Claiming every inch of her
as mine, I can’t seem to get enough
The hunger burning in her eyes,
this is more that just a ****!
Styles Feb 12
I looked on, ******* gone,
watching her thick hips sway,
I can't look away.

Slowly she removes her clothes,
My desire grew ten folds.

The scent of her sweet *****
tickles my nose.
She is aroused,
so I arouse.
Styles Feb 12
Her kisses leave me breathless
My ***** swell in her presence
I can’t resist her essence  
I fein for her acquaintance
Styles Feb 12
Submit to me,
your weakness,
for I am the antidote,
that will cure your desire.
In ways your soul will admire.
Give me your body,
and I,
will satisfy,
your needs,
with the pleasure,
I will apply,
in ways ,
you can't deny,
the urge swelling,
between your thighs.
Styles Feb 9
As she rides me
I feel her stride
align with mine
our spines run
like parallel lines
my hands on her hips
when she dips, my hard tip shifts
and she lifts, bouncing ****
she's straddling my hips
with her thighs opened wide
I'm buried deep inside
she's moaning
I'm feeling the vibes
***** walls stroking my ****
while my tongue kisses are driving her
Styles Feb 7
We touch each other souls
With each kiss
Our bodies emit
Something so deep,
Only flesh can feel it
Locked into the moment of tension
Legs spreading wider with intention
The warmth of their closeness sets that on fire
etwined. In each others eyes, lost in desire
Styles Feb 8
Rubbing her *****,
through her tight yoga pants,
Her slit, split perfectly by the seam,
at first my glance.

Finger tips,
methodically over her ****.
I can feel the bump,
as my finger humps,
over the fabric,
her wetness,
is lavish.
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