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James Rives Oct 2023
writing a poem is hard when your soul contradicts the rest of you.
i say i love this woman and mean it,
and fear grips me, puts its finger on my lips,
and shushes me. tells me that neither of us
is ready, that i don’t know my own thoughts,
hopes, dreams, wants, needs, and their reflection
in the mirror of her stark blue eyes and soul.
that it’s all an imagining beyond my own soul
and comprehension, that i’m projecting
a long lost sense of helplessness and courage
onto her without consent because i seek
acceptances and intimacies beyond my worth.
and still, knuckle-deep in this hard, scathing noise is a truth i refuse to ignore.
i am hers in my entirety and only want to know
that she is mine— my soul contradicts
the rest of me but i faithfully **** it
and aim for the future i’ve hoped lives
in both of us.
Styles Jun 2023
She and I
       had the same vibrations
Stuck in our souls
       it only took one look
Deep into her eyes
      For me to feel it
Styles Jun 2023
She reclines, nestled amongst her stacked pillows,
                       legs spread wide,
                       hands cradle her delicate flower.
                       Fingers wander,
                       igniting sensations;
                       closed eyes,
                       biting lip in anticipation.
                      Her final release
                      standing ovation
Styles Jun 2023
my fears turn to tears;
      running down my face,
      like stairs,
      so many ups and downs,
      ego in my ears,
      nobody cares.
Styles Jun 2023
Every crevice your lips,
             Tells a story unfolding,
              woven into your tenderness,
              Of warmth that keeps me swollen.
Styles Nov 2022
Your ******* aching
    your ***** leaking
       lips throbbing

You need a rod
       to fill you
leave you
  with pleasure
as juices
Styles Nov 2022
Cuddle me in your arms,
Keep me warm
Cuddle me with your legs
Keep me hard
Cuddle me with your ***
Keep me going
Styles Nov 2022
I love the way your lips devour me, and your tongue explores me.
Styles Oct 2022
***** Fingers;
     On sticky lips,
      a creamy delight
      to be licked
      and enjoyed
Styles Apr 2022
Touch me
Like you
Can’t live
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