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Styles Apr 16
I want to spend the rest of the night,
                                        inside of you.
Sunwriter Apr 2
Somedays I wonder to my self if things move
on some where else
People come and people go
but the true people stay through the cold hard snow
So if you got Friends I hope they can stay with you all to
the very end
Styles Apr 1
Bless these sheets
With your holy water
Stain me with our sin.
Styles Apr 1
Hand between your thighs
     I can tell by your sighs
     The hunger is not just
     In your eyes
Styles Mar 31
Styles Mar 18
I want to let the folds
of your flesh
mesh with my flesh  
as we lay abreast
making love
like we are having ***
fingernails pressed
against my chest
the slower I go
the wetter it gets
the deeper I go
the better it gets.
Ghostverses Feb 11
I see blood on the walls.
Tears falling down like rain.
Everyday I think about you even when its part of pain.
3, 2, 1..
I hate you.
I never wanna see you.
You know what, I wish I never met you!
1, 2, 3..
I love you.
I miss you.
Can't wait to see you!
3, 2, 1..
It's happening again isn't it?
I wonder if he loves me?
Will he break my heart?
1, 2, 3
Oh god, not again..
I'm not good enough
I will never love again.
I just realized how lonely i've been all my life. This **** kinda *****. Can't even get a bf irl is sad.. Ah, i hate my love life.
Kat Schaefer Jan 12
You’re a cup of black coffee
Bringer of comfort, reminder of home
But like my teeth, you have stained me
Beyond human repair
And the love that you now show
Only deepens the memory
Of who I was
Before I was yellow
cleobug Dec 2020
your skin on mine;
we lie here

with fingers interlaced
and our eyes locked
then with legs intertwined
and my head cocked
in the crook of your neck

here is where i feel safest;
my skin on yours
Styles Dec 2020
She turns me on;
       with the flick,
       of a finger,
       she owns me.
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