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Styles Oct 5
Use to be my novocaine
now you are the reason for the pain
may not hurt me on purpose
but it still hurts all the same.
Styles Oct 5
Her lips
was spoken poetry,
Styles Oct 5
addicted to an addict,
is an addiction in itself.
the more I fien for her,
the more I realize I need some help.
the more I become addicted to her,
the less I think about myself.
the harder I chase her,
the faster she runs away from herself.
the one thing I need in life  
is the only thing she takes away.
Styles Sep 15
all the things I have lost
I miss you
the most.
Styles Sep 6
In the end
  our history didn't matter
  instead, anger blinded us
  ending our future
  before the present
  even existed
Styles Sep 6
Before she
she was
already naked
with me:
Butterfly Sep 1
All the words that I wanted to say,
a re gone
I need to take a deep breath and calm down.
But I can't.
The look in your eyes are drowning me.
I can only think of one thing.
And that is pressing my lips against yours.
I'm such a **** hiihi
Styles Aug 30
I want to dip
my mind
inside the depths
of your
and salvage
any love
you have buried
inside your soul
Butterfly Aug 27
Me: hahaah you should dye your eyebrows blue.[jokingly]
My gf: sure[serious]
Two days later..
gets picture of blue eyebrows
Butterfly Aug 11
Your body
Your red cheeks
Your voice
You make me drunk
The only thing is, you're actually good for my heart.
Lately I have been writing love poems and I like it much more so yeah
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