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Butterfly Jul 26
You blush without the red face.
Cleaning out my drafts
Styles Jul 21
She’ll make you use the good Lords name in vain.
One looking in her; no star gaze is ever the same.
Body turning, legs spin and frail,
Socks red as a fox stripped, swirling like a candy cane.
Exotic stares, confident; she can’t be tamed.
She so fine, Whine, might be your name.
With her smoking body; rough on the edges
Burning with passion, pushing me over the ledges.
Let’s call her Mary Jane, like the tattoo says.
Her lyrics stuck in my head, the way she turns and bends.
Leaves much to be said.
She whispered in my ear;

When on stage, close her eyes; so she can disappear.
Her stile there; so it appears.
In her own mind; the picture is clear.
Dancing in bedroom mirror; no one else there.
The gin and tonic, make it clear.
The chasers, chase her fears.
The different pills, keep her sane.
It’s the need for money, keeps her here.
But the fast money, is quick to disappear.
Along with looks; it is part of this atmosphere.

While tattoos fade and wear;
Yet, dark enough to hide her fears.
The Exotic dancers; that nobody hears.
Some will listens, many pretend, nobody cares.
The music playing; more than music to her ears,
The lyrics screaming, making her point clear.
The dark nails, scratching the surface,
She crawl’s near. Matter of fact,
Between me, her, and the beat
There is no one else here.
All eyes on her; squawk and stare.
Longing for attention,
didn’t want it all there.
But talk is cheap; the truth, dare.
Searching for hope, won’t find it here.
All this attention, lacking care.
Butterfly Jul 14
Curtains closed, old cups on my desk
Brightness fills my room
"Goodmorning baby"
A smile on my face, and motivation for the day comes my way
What the **** is this
Well what do you expect when you don't write for 3 months.
Styles Jun 19
Dear Love,
I keep thinking
you have taught me
everything thing there is
to know about the word pain,
then I make the mistake of loving again.
Styles Jun 17
I would outrun the wind
to catch a glimpse of you;
                                      my Love.
Styles Jun 5
The next time
She lies

Is the lie
It tell
Jazzy-Goats May 20
I wanted her
I needed her
And now I have her
This is a continuation of the original poem titled her. I'm debating on possibly making a series about "Her". And no I am not planning on saying the word "her" all the time.
side bed
side by side
i like you beside me
you like me on you
isn't it
we play
we stay
we laugh
we stare
we kiss
we hug
i open my eyes
i close my eyes
i see your face
i feel your neck
so warm
so cool
i know you feel my heart
i know you feel how cold i am
you offer to warmth me
you hug me
you clingy to me
you and me
on loop

just let things flow
just let things grow
just let feelings show
don't mind if it's slow
it will surely glow
it will
it will
be big and small
it is never our call
just let it fall
you'll be
we'll be

who are ready
are we
are you
do i
do you
i can't even think of any
i just think
i just blink
and there you go
and there you throw
something good
something in my mood
brace ourselves
embrace our hearts
just savor it
just put it all in
timeless present

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