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Victoria Feb 13
When the moon strolls across the sky
On the nights I can’t help but feel minute
She’s always there

Shining with the light the Sun has gifted her
Or completely camouflaged into the abyss
Not to be seen but felt

For several days she does what many of us wish to do
Disappear into nothingness
Even celestial bodies feel shame

The moon brings a sense of comfort nothing else can
A sense of familiarity
The all-seeing eye of a heavenly mother

She watches, understands, and attempts to reach me
Her light struggling to illuminate the darkest corner of a room
She’s lost the ability to talk eons ago

She has seduced the greatest of writers and enamored the saddest of humans
I look at her and can’t help but think that I owe her my life but

She lacks your tranquil crooked smile
Your soft amber eyes
The words that melt off your tongue like butter

Lips that shush demons away
You’ve outshone her
You’re the eclipse I’ve been waiting for
Yordi Jan 29
You’re my distraction
When I’m sad
When I’m mad
You’re my distraction
When I want to give up
You’re my distraction
Anything you say, anything you do
Even your cute laugh too
You’re my distraction
Styles Jan 23
Days seem like hours while I am with you;
               without you hours seem like days.
                           I'd travel anywhere in time;
                                 to spend time with you.
Styles Jan 22
We made love
through poetry
our lips touched
and our bodies moved fluently
as your words poured over me;
maddy lynda Oct 2018
i wasn't sure if it was love
i was so wrong last time
i couldn't trust my heart
it wasn't until
i realised
that she's just as broken as me
and i held her shaky hand
and i kissed her shaky face
then i knew
for my beautiful girlfriend <3
ChildofGodyay Sep 2018
But i Iove you.
your heart its been shattered before,
its been rooted down to the floor.

your eyes have been through galaxies of oceans and tears.
you hate the voices and shadows, they make you fear, they want you to hear

i can tell you, my love, that i don't deserve anything, except the cursed things and objects. Don't everyone? We dance to music that sells our souls, and talk the talk that kills the heart, and widens the hole.

I love you.
And i don't care if you are "mean", or bad, or a nightmare living in your own mirror.
Because, doesn't true love see all the mess, and scars, and yet, love the same?
I don't want to drive you insane, but I love you.
love you 12258
Thank you God for her :) Annndd of course I love you too LORD!!! My first love. My King.

ahh, true love from above, that you heavenly Father...
Styles Aug 2018
Feed me your mouth,
   so I can satisfy my desires
      with the taste of our destiny.
      I long for the rush,
      from our lips, when they touch.
    symbols of each other,
signaling one another,
   our body language,
  speaking to,

Lost in forever,
the moment consumed,
by passion
Aliza Manalac Aug 2018
With these hands,
I intertwine yours with mine,
our hands fit perfectly like we're made just for each other,
my vocal chords that lets us stay in contact,
I speak nothing but the truth,
the capacity my brain can absorb,
I won't forget the little details about you,
this one beating heart,
it pumps and butterflies take over as long as we’re together.
Styles Aug 2018
Warming up; broad strokes, slow.
Weaving in; zig zags, back and fore.
Quick flicks; **** and sip. Wanting more.
Long circles; slide, gently touching below.
Come hither; and it's off you go.
Wet drawers; when it rains it pours.
Foreplaying; got us both on all fours.
Knees weak; can't take it anymore.
My lips; tugging yours.
Amazing sensation; curling your toes.
Lapping tongue; series of sips.
Guiding hand; full of tips.
Bodies part: tongue, fingers, nose, lips
Raising tides; lifting your hips.
Quality time; best spent like this.
Styles Aug 2018
We keep coming together, you killing me, it's a dead heat. *** so good, we can hardly speak. Climbing on top, she's reaching her peak. Skirt no *******, she hide, I seek. Ready or not, here she ****, and I practice what I preach. Locked myself inside her, finders keep. If the meek inherits her world, I guess that makes me weak.
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