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Carson Mia Dec 2020
You were The Magician
Of course I was The Rabbit
You locked me in a cage
Said, "No one else can have it"

You love to trick the crowd
Showing off your every Illusion
But The Rabbit sees through your lies
Abracadabra: There's no confusion
Carson Mia Mar 2020
I'm hanging on by a thread
Because of words that you said

You say you didn't mean it
Don't want to see me cry
There's pain inside my voice
Whenever I ask you why

I knew that you loved me
When you saw me at first glance
So why did you do these things to me
When I gave you a second chance
Carson Mia Feb 2020
“I’m tired.”
A phrase that holds a thousand secrets
I’m tired.
Carson Mia Feb 2020
Is it just me,
or does anyone else
get constant visits
of the ghost of Christmas Past...
Carson Mia Dec 2019
Small movements of the chest
in and out
She's trying her best

Small rolling of the tear
down her face
No one wants to hear

Small shiver of the hand
up and down
So cold she can't stand

Small tap of the feet
as she cries
all 'cause of a tweet
Carson Mia Dec 2019
The sun beats down
with burning rays
atop a desert sand.
Nothing moves,
there is no sound,
among the Earth's dryland.

The hard ground cracks
a little more
as the days get hotter.
Only a snake
sits by a pool
of freshly cold spring water.

The water provides the snake with life
without it,
he would die.
But the snake
sees something else:
a pool he can't deny.

For it had trees
that shaded him,
more comfortable a space.
But this pool
was not as pure
no not as much in grace.

Either way,
the snake moved on
across that pool of shade,
giving in
to all temptations
that the water made.

He was never unhappy
and stayed
for quite a while.
For the pool
was something new
whose looks would all beguile.

Until one day,
the snake woke up
and found the water gone.
For all that was left-
a pile of dirt,
and nothing to count on.

And so he went
back to the place
for which he had vacated.
Alas he found,
it too was ground.
The pool evaporated.

The snake grew frantic.
Filled with panic,
his life had reached it's deadline.
The warmth was gone.
He'd never see dawn.
So long, the Desert Sunshine.
In case you were wondering, this story is not actually about a snake at all.
Carson Mia Dec 2019
I'm on a boat
above the ocean
The waves start crashing in

The boat is old
and filled with holes
Not like it once had been

It used to sail
both far and wide
and go on marvelous trips

But once you sail
the Sea might take you
and captains all sink with their ships
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