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Because She Craved the Very Best
by Michael R. Burch

Because she craved the very best,
he took her East, he took her West;
he took her where there were no wars
and brought her bright bouquets of stars,
the blush and fragrances of roses,
the hush an evening sky imposes,
moonbeams pale and garlands rare,
and golden combs to match her hair,
a nightingale to sing all night,
white wings, to let her soul take flight ...

She stabbed him with a poisoned sting
and as he lay there dying,
she screamed, "I wanted everything!"
and started crying.

Keywords/Tags: Female, lover, crave, best, gifts, presents, offerings, unsatisfied, demanding, tears, betrayal, backstabbing
Poetic T Feb 8
The Christmas tree is vacant of what
make it jolly, bauballs  hang in remanence
                      with tarnished broken gleam.
Disused needles litter the floor,
  careful where you tread take care.  

The cat hangs loosely paper thin flesh
             gaunt from the crimson tinsel
throttled around its physique...

The Turkey on the table a corpse of
                            happier times..

Now a prison of destitute flesh
   like paper unwrote upon..
              But it says everything.

Presents litter the floor wrapped in
regrets.. all open, only the bones of
                   lost promises lay at the bottom.

Christmas time is only 364 days away,
   And this will all be here,

so will we,
                                 no one has found us yet..
Alek Mielnikow Dec 2019
She wraps the presents with cheap paper
on the desk against the wall, lit by dim
Christmas lights. All the unwrapped toys
are in the pink plastic basket at her feet,
and she stacks the finished ones at the
foot of the bed.

I’m propped up on the pillows, touching
myself and stroking my chest as I watch
her work, charmed by how her bones
and muscles move beneath her skin. She
turns around with a finished gift and
sets it down. Her eyes meet mine and she
simpers, biting  her lower lip, then turns
and picks up another toy.

I leave the bed, careful not to knock
anything off, and walk up behind her.
She keeps working on the present as I
pet her shoulders and brush my fingers
along her back. I press my body against
hers, wrapping my arms around her
waist and planting kisses on her neck.

She stops working and places her hands
on mine, tilting her head back and
letting her hair drape my shoulder. I
move my hand down her stomach and
across her hair, and I rub her. She huffs
and brings my other hand to her *******,
beckoning me to caress her. I circle
tighter, faster, harder, and she moans
and reaches her hand back to caress me.

I nibble at her ear, and she lets out a
heavy moan, and I whisper in her ear

“You are a wonderful mother.”

Her breathing slows, and she nudges
my  hand from her. “Don’t say that” she
whispers. We stand there, frozen, before
she continues working on the present.
I stay there behind her, realising my
best intentions were a mistake.

“I’ll just go then.” I put my clothes back
on and remove the trash bag from the
bin to take with me to make sure her
husband doesn’t find my condoms.
“Merry Christmas.” I close the bedroom
door and leave her home, careful not
to wake her kids.

by Aleksander Mielnikow | Alek the Poet
Merry Christmas... I think...

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Amaris Dec 2019
Christmas used to be
So much planning, for me
Piles of presents under the tree
Singing carols by the piano with glee
Excitement months too early
Now, as I come home for the day
Too tired to even consider to play
Happy just listening for the bells of the sleigh
We’ll light the fire, and beside it we’ll lay
Together tonight, despite hearts far away
“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?”
Mitch Prax Dec 2019
I went to Hell
for Christmas eve
only to return with
something nice
to gift you for
this special
Matt Bernstein May 2019
It is quiet in the halls.
All the merriment has died.
Paper lines the floors,
all the elves have gone to hide.

Tonight we will sleep in,
for there is no more surprise.
No cookies are left out,
just happy smiles on Christmas night
Poetress2 Apr 2019
Tinsel, bows, lights, and gifts,
this is a part, of what Christmas is;
Carolers, shopping, and bright Candy Canes,
T'was never the reason, our Lord Jesus came.
A tree, wrapping paper, and green Mistletoe,
Christmas cartoons, that they always show;
A feast, baking cookies, and stockings to fill,
does not acknowledge, that Jesus is real.
Santa Clause, Elves, and plenty of cheer,
counting the days, 'til Christmas draws near;
Bells ringing, mittens, and flying Reindeer,
does not signify, that Jesus was here.
What is the reason, for this Holiday,
when families gather, to all celebrate;
They'll open their presents, on this Christmas Morn,
not giving a thought, to why Jesus was born.
Yet on this glorious time of the year,
please don't forget why Jesus was here;
He came to live, and be Sacrificed,
He did this all, for all of Mankind!
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