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vea vents Oct 2016
Let it caress your bracing self,

Shrinking stones, held in recoil.

Let it travel up your slouching spine,

Tell all resistance it’s safe from harm.

Let it mend your perpetually clenched heart,

Open and expand, finally united with warmth.

Let it fill you with sight,

Sense the stirring of sadness and fright.

Let it all, let it go,

Feel in all entirety, safe from harm.

Let it go, let it all,

Unwept tears, contracted cries.

Let them in, let them all,

Your past and present,

Ups and declines.

Let it all, let it in,

Pleasure of life, the sense of the sane.

Inhale, exhale...

Self-uncontracted, existence begins.
If you are not breathing fully, you cannot live fully.
- Osho
vea vents May 2016
If you’re sad; let it tell you what you lack, what you yearn for but are disconnected from.

If you’re afraid; let it tell you what you evade, what you need to confront and forgive yourself for.

If you’re mad; let it tell you what boundaries in you have been crossed, what aspects of you have been left invalidated.

If you’re happy; let it tell you who you are — outside the blockages of time and space.

And if you feel a burst of sensitivity; express it in art.

*Express it in art.
Robert Napper Jan 2015
Letting go can be tough
Perhaps the harshest measure
Many times we will face
Changes that last forever

"What if I'd done this?"
"What if I'd done that?"
Questions to go unanswered
And irrelevant to the fact

The adoption of acceptance
Is your only quest
The only option to be alloted
Now swallow to digest

Observe the tremble in your hands
Your eyes begin glistening
Your heart is in your ears
But who's the one listening?

As it courses through your veins
Something celebrates in your heart
Every storm runs out of rain

The Truth in you prevails
As you begin to emerge
Once again to raise the sails

You've let it run it's course
You've stopped the irradic spinning
Focusing on the Now
Every breath a new begining

The only stake it has claimed
Is to your education
Simply a reminder
Of life's continuing alteration

To err is only human
And Forgiveness is Divine
You, they, deserving or not
Just turn the coin to see the shine

Yes, we have a choice
To see the brighter side
We don't have to dwell
In the illusion of The Lie

Just as it came
Let it go with an ease
Accepting what it WAS
Join your Self and thaw the freeze

It will come again
Your Knowing, now a weapon
It has lost the ferocity
Sanity no longer threatened

You can call it thick skinned
Or unwavering balance
You can call it indifferent
I will call it an Allowance.
Martin Narrod May 2014
He weeps his heart, and hangs his head,
He doubles back, and follows her back to bed,
She says, " Some homes are towns and lives, while others wear their homes inside." And he keeps up though he's kept out, the volatile, the sudden frown.
She makes up the cupcakes but they're never vegan are they? No they're never vegan are they?

He makes a gift, and wrings his thumbs, the bubble bath, the tepid tub,
Outside where the rains have gone long, something gives him something strong,
And he picks up where he had left off, the trouble is he doesn't know when to back off, and the cupcakes aren't vegan, sweet and such spectacular, but they really aren't eaten, now that they've been made with eggs. No the cupcakes aren't vegan, though they are quite delicious. And he loves her forever, though he never eats again. No he never eats again. No he never eats again.

— The End —