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Sep 2019 · 130
Stephen James Sep 2019
so intimate

the way he revealed

what lies beneath
the surface

a deeper purpose

an emergence

of self reflection
self inspection

left to himself

thoughts fading
for none

the rising sun

sleepless nights

more to come

he continues

sharing wisdom
to those who listen

where each
a resemblence
to a pilgrim's

onward journey

this passion

for learning

from a heart
thats yearning

which way
to turn


off the coast
of this mind's

this wave's crest
a poem
Sep 2019 · 92
Stephen James Sep 2019
these times
are ageless
and this glass
is stainless
where i say
these prayers
i enter a
new chamber

i remove
these blinders
for a vision
that sees higher
than the
could imagine
deep breathing

left stranded
at last
i know the feeling

outlasted those
that couldnt mask
the facade
they were keeping

this modes intensity
with a propensity
to break boundaries

finally finding
this frequency releasing

pure emotion
from my nucleus

refusing this
to break me
and keep me

i envisioned it
long before the dawn
christened it
left to bask in it
this life i mastered it
a poem
Sep 2019 · 137
Stephen James Sep 2019
I've studied
the ancient

from sacred

loved with
a heart
that's tainted

a dead

the realm
of gods

can decipher

see through
the lies
of demagogues

and write
with the hand
that appeared
in Babylon

I've traveled
Prince Siddartha


and revealed
a holy

that's spoken
by the
Dalai Lama

the world's
in her
death throes

i've witnessed
a seed

as I reform
and reshape

9,000 years
we're reborn
in space...

now let us create
a poem
Sep 2019 · 361
Stephen James Sep 2019
the light
of galaxies

I spread my wings


with angelic beings

as the gray clouds
are receding
the darkness

the blind are
now seeing
while the gods
are meeting

so too
are mortals

who choose
the path of

they declare
to those
that's lost
hidden meanings

of signs
in the depths
that were kept
from those
less meant to bless

they were
not worthy

they sold
their souls
in exchange
for mercy

yet still
they cursed me

and then fields
were burning

the god of
stretches his
hand in

in judgment
they succumbed
to mental starvation

they could not
in his presence

lest they
be struck

they removed
their shoes
in sight
of holy ground

they committed
to a pilgrimage
to replenish
what was lost

the prize
was not
what they

still could
not grasp
what they
were taught

has a high cost
yet they lost
the plot

to dwell within
of their
own design

lean not
on your

should you
be trapped
in the snare
of an ignorant mind
a poem
Sep 2019 · 305
There's a Difference
Stephen James Sep 2019
There's a difference between essays and poetry. "Prose" is a type of poetry. It is distinctly different from an essay. One who writes essays is an "essayist"...NOT a "poet". The majority of you on this site are essayists and not poets. Which is fine, but defeats the purpose of a poetry website. The problem is...most of you don't know you're not actually poets.
98% of you, on this site, need to learn this.
Sep 2019 · 220
Wales Haiku Journal
Stephen James Sep 2019
I will be featured in the Autumn issue of the Wales Haiku Journal. Be sure to go over to and check out all the great published international haiku poets!
Sep 2019 · 183
I Am
Stephen James Sep 2019
i am a featured
poet at cosmofunnel
dot com all month long
a haiku
Sep 2019 · 305
Stephen James Sep 2019
above the waters
we rose from
our souls
and the sky
they become one

cloud connected

where molecules
and vapor
bound with
the dust of
the deep

the product
that begat
arms, legs,
and feet

a singular instance
was set off
in the distance
detected through
we've learned
that this mind
is transcendent

destined to live
among ancestors
who populate
their own
star clusters

the authors
of their own
forces of nature
self-contained rapture

we stand
twelve leagues
in stature

grasp this

where digital code
has been found
what was once thought

stellar decryptions
revealed the answers

we're no longer
defined by classes

from the time
we named
the proton
and then
split the atom

we've mastered
the diagram
of strings
that keeps
all things connected
by way
of revolutions
that have proven
a poem
Aug 2019 · 113
Stephen James Aug 2019
dread assails me
i feel faint

regret prevailing
'til solid state

breath escaping
no longer takes

lest abating
will swiftly claim
a poem
Aug 2019 · 122
Stephen James Aug 2019
it's a stirring
of the spirit
that leads to
an unending truth

we ignore
our hearts
for the sake
of a mind

that would
see us succumb
to the loss
of our youth
a poem
Aug 2019 · 178
To the Power of 10
Stephen James Aug 2019
daily the number's
growing exponentially
of those i don't like
a haiku
Aug 2019 · 155
Lying Lips
Stephen James Aug 2019
hallow words coming
from lying lips only speak
to the ignorant
a haiku
Aug 2019 · 311
Another Voice
Stephen James Aug 2019
like ripples in
evening's pond
and wind
through the trees
of the forest beyond
another voice is
raised in song
uniting spirits
of nature's throng
a poem
Aug 2019 · 143
New Leaf
Stephen James Aug 2019
with leaves in the wind
from treetops that are
shadows fade at clouds
we turn a new leaf when
a poem
Aug 2019 · 104
Stephen James Aug 2019
with no direction
is like giving up
without any
Aug 2019 · 145
Stephen James Aug 2019
as i join
my life
with yours

i'm vowing
to be more
than what i've
been before

i vow that
as your husband
the one that
you put your trust in

your thoughts
and feelings
will find

in the depths
of this heart
that keeps beating
for you

i'm vowing
to be your

as daylight dies
and the night
grows cold

you will
find warmth
in these arms
meant to hold

i vow
to be
the shoulder
you need to cry

i vow
to be
the friend
you can rely

i vow
to be
the rock
you can lean

i vow
to be
the foundation
you can build

i pray
this day
we may
in honesty

in unity
a new song
in perfect

and with
a determined

i vow
to love you
a poem
Aug 2019 · 105
Stephen James Aug 2019
a man with slavery
deep in his ancestry
asked a simple question
at Beto's town hall

he wanted to know
white Beto's thoughts
regarding illegal aliens
and American jobs

in reply Beto said
without an ounce of dread
that legal Americans
refuse to work cotton gins

and to the shock and amazement
of every non-racist
the crowd then roared
with thunderous applause
a poem
Aug 2019 · 93
Elizabeth Warren
Stephen James Aug 2019
with the same integrity
she had
when filling out
her Rutgers application

your medicaid
and social security
would soon become
her next victims
a poem
Aug 2019 · 90
Bernie Sanders...
Stephen James Aug 2019
sees a mansion
and exclaims "No one should have that!"
then upon hearing this
a 10 year old girl
with dreams
and aspirations
no longer has a reason
to work hard
and use her imagination
Bernie 2020
Aug 2019 · 462
Silence, Darkness
Stephen James Aug 2019
the words of silence write themselves
the deeper into darkness
we forge
the brighter this spark is
a poem
Aug 2019 · 252
Golden Pond
Stephen James Aug 2019
she danced upon
a golden pond
capturing the grace
of summer's dawn
all while singing
a new song
as fleeting as a whisper
from love's voice gone
a poem
Aug 2019 · 122
The Pebble
Stephen James Aug 2019
the cooling water
where the pebble sits steadfast
though the currents change
regardless we will withstand
against the tide hand-in-hand
a tanka
Aug 2019 · 132
Stephen James Aug 2019
i stand in the sand of our love's shoreline
as the sun pierces through the mist of evening twilight
i recall each kiss rushed like waves of tide
as i surrendered to the depths of your lips upon mine
a poem
Aug 2019 · 314
Above Water
Stephen James Aug 2019
head above water
just barely able to breathe
lungs burn for relief
a haiku
Jul 2019 · 277
Stephen James Jul 2019
an overcrowded heart's
one true desire
a haiku
Jul 2019 · 353
Stephen James Jul 2019
she walked among the bluebonnets
whispering a sweet sonnet
about a love that was once lost
but hardly forgotten
a poem
Jul 2019 · 211
Be Still
Stephen James Jul 2019
finding the stillness
in the midst of busyness
will help sustain us
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 763
Gathering These Scraps
Stephen James Apr 2019
gathering these scraps together to build
from a world crumbling and unfulfilled
take to heart these tenets that convey ways
to adapt to that which can not be changed
deep meditation see what patience brings
strumming chords that sing the hearts melodies
freely giving in grand contribution
this breath of life and soul's restitution
take up your wings they are broken no more
you're an angel in full glory adored
born with a globe sized burden like atlas
navigate the unplanned and then map it
bring answers to the change you wish to see
soon you'll live the life you pursue and seek
a sonnet
Apr 2019 · 335
Another Love Lost
Stephen James Apr 2019
gone are the days
of another love lost
what's now in my possession
came at a sacrificial cost

I denied myself
and took you in
you gave me a fresh start
a new place to begin

salvation was found
in the warmth of your smile
where each new breath
is a sense of revival

resurrection came
and gone are the days
of self-disdain
and another love lost
a poem
Apr 2019 · 148
Stephen James Apr 2019
how long must the chains
of regret choke off the veins
where life is sustained?
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 366
Struck Twice
Stephen James Apr 2019
you were there when i
stood beneath the darkened skies
where lightning struck twice
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 243
Stephen James Apr 2019
a mother cries as
another dies; returns to
ashes—fading eyes.
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 168
Stephen James Apr 2019
i'll say something you don't like.
story of my life.
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 160
Spell Check
Stephen James Apr 2019
there is nothing more
saddening than a poet
who can't use spell check
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 148
Stephen James Apr 2019
wars; rumors of wars—
split the world like open sores.
yet we stay this course?
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 311
Stephen James Apr 2019
heart racing; my legs
they stay pacing. how close is
this dream im chasing?
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 140
Stephen James Apr 2019
crickets in the field—
only silence surrounds them;
and then came thunder.
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 850
Friends and Liars
Stephen James Apr 2019
friends and liars
two words that should be opposites
too often find themselves synonymous

friends and liars
always take note of those who surround you
they'll prove the price is steep for a grain of truth

friends and liars
two words that we think should be separated
too often find themselves integrated

friends and liars
don't allow loyalty to become a blinder
know your worth keeping your circle tighter
a poem
Apr 2019 · 132
Remember That Time?
Stephen James Apr 2019
Remember that time we watched the sunset from the old barn? Where amber waves of autumn's harvest graced the horizon. We shared a kiss in the fading light as a chill signaled the night, and your skin against mine led to new senses enlightened. We shared a laugh when a bug landed upon your back, and in my arms you no longer saw a reason to be frightened. Then we rode in your father's cart down the trail where we first met. And with a ring I dropped a knee, and before I could ask you said "yes".
a poem
Apr 2019 · 330
Cool of the Shade
Stephen James Apr 2019
Like an alabaster box left in a downtown manhole; you're a fragile beauty
yearning to break free from an imprisoned soul. And like that prisoner with not much to live for you desperately seek things that provide temporary comfort. With a parched throat begging for the sweetness of honey you're left at the mercy of days
you only wished were sunny. In the time it takes to pull yourself from this self-dug grave you'll no longer remember these days as you rest in the cool of the shade.
a poem
Apr 2019 · 234
Stephen James Apr 2019
left waiting, alone
upon this forsaken road,
for you to come home.
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 963
Most Today
Stephen James Apr 2019
It seems most today are slightly confused on what actual talent is. As if word salad hastily tossed, with no seasoning or meaning, is equaling executive chef statuses. But that's just the mainstream line of thinking when it comes to social media marketing. Try to sound the most rehearsed and well-versed with big words describing nothing, and suddenly selfies with weak captions happen to bring out followers abundantly. This is just an observation...but a "cool" background is not a substitute for true use of tools for this vocation. Objectively speaking...there's more "photoshop poets" violating the "do's and don'ts" with candid pics accompanied with words of which they don't even know the meaning. Just saying. This theme is repeating. And it's annoying. Write thoughtfully...and responsibly.
a poem
Apr 2019 · 114
Stephen James Apr 2019
somewhere between
heaven and hell
there's a new song to sing
and story to tell
a poem
Apr 2019 · 132
All My Love
Stephen James Apr 2019
i left all my love
at the door you never felt
the need to answer
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 139
Stephen James Apr 2019
most people you know
don't want to be faced with the
ever-present truth
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 160
California Coast
Stephen James Apr 2019
california coast—
like a whispered memory
waves fade on the shore
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 416
Stephen James Apr 2019
it's suffocating...
this insatiable desire
to be in your arms
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 129
Stephen James Apr 2019
as the music played
she took my heart
and walked away
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 145
Stephen James Apr 2019
deep meditation—
now i see
what patience brings
a haiku
Apr 2019 · 253
It's You
Stephen James Apr 2019
Through these writings I'm finding more than just myself on these pages. I'm drawing a new sense of balance across a pure white canvas like roses intertwined with white laces. Never mind the heart I've left within the spaces of these phrases. What's clearer is the feature that draws the eyes of each reader. It's you who I find hidden within the truth. The heart I wish to speak to and soothe. I take pride in watching your eyes dance across the thoughts that animate each line. You're the discovery that pulls this soul through to recovery. So...It's not all about me...what you see here is merely a well-woven tapestry. Your experiences linked with mine forming a long lasting legacy.
a poem
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