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Heart is the door
which opens wide,
Anger is the lock
who trying to lock,
                      to.  Y
   ­           S.               E
         U.                       K
      C.                              e
   C.             L                    h
    E          s      O              t
   ­   E      a.         V.        s
           D,               E   i
Don't allow your heart to lock with anger.
Teach them to love... As love is the un-lockable key....
      through   the
      keyhole of a door,
     we'll get a rough
       idea of what's
        So do
          ­ a key
Tough to know,of what's inside the mind...
Running with the scars, never got so tired,
fighting for the truth,never got so fired,
swimming with pain , never got me dried,
i  built rampart for my dark ,but not for my dreams

cause, limiting yourself would be the poison you eat,
dodging your risks, would be the path you wait,
holding back n not trying, would be your allowance to be a bait,
challenge yourself n trying so hard, and mind it's not too late..
Don't hold back, dream big, work hard..
Don't let others to weaken your mind,
Let you to strengthen your heart....
When I looked at the amazing night sky,
I promised myself to not to cry
I slipped back to my stories,
where once my childhood stays
memories once locked, unlocked cause of the sight
sitting at doorstep on my mother's lap,
never runned out of stories even if water doesn't from the tap
Immersed in her stories,never knowed the food which had
too much salt
now I'm craving for her stories which was once came into halt
reminiscing those old good stories of her,
I wish,I could become a child again...
The grey skies spread above me,
has something to tell
cool breeze that soothed behind me,
has something to follow
funny smell flies through my nose,
has something to invite
noise of frog wandering through my ears,
has something to warn
the single droplet falls from high,
had rolled down through my cheek...
Everyday when I look at the mirror,
I hope for a new reflection
Everyday when I twinkle my eyes,
I hope for a better vision
Everytimes when I sleep at night,
I hope for the next brand new mornin'
But everytimes when I wake up,
I hope for a new change.
A change from out daily routine, really helps...
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