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If the gold can still shine , even after forged and burnt,
why can't I?
If the sun can still shine, even under immense pressure,
why can't I?
If the star can still shine, even after untold centuries,
why can't I?
If you can still shine , even after leaving me broken,
why can't I?
Let them hurt you little more, let them leave you broken inside, let them avoid you without even knowing the real you..
You'll still shine until and unless you gave upon you.
Believe in yourself.
I had always loved conversations with my head
But I don't know ,why it's not following the **** script!
Expect the unexpected!
Full of hatred,
This garden is bloomed
Full of dreams ,only becoming abandoned
I hung myself at the stake of poisonous expectations.
There are some, who wish to destroy us.To extinguish the fire in us , to de-motivate us!
But don't give your ears to such comments..You know what you are. And always believe in yourself.
Believe me , you are not a loser ,until u quit trying..
We all are unique magicians

From a painter to a nurse
ToΒ a poet that writes a verse
We create it in our own way
To brighten up somebody's day

We may all not have mind blowing tricks
Though our goodness still sticks
Our efforts never go unnoticed
And we don't make use of hypnosis

We all are created for a specific use
Each with our own personal muse
We all are unique magicians
And we will fulfill our missions
We all have a little magic
I trust my deep scars inside/outside me,
cause they stayed for long , even others had just left
Atleast scars that you didn't want to get tattoed , teaches great lesson..
And know that, scars on you, proves that you are stronger than yesterday..
When I took life so easier and funnier,
people said, you should be some serious about your life

But when i started to take life seriously,
they want me to take it easier..
Don't know what to do..?
Years will add up , so does your ages
smiles,sadness,laughter,all will come by
will experience everything before your eye

Neither the formula of gravity nor the derivation of elasticity
could stay in your memory or in your life's story
only times when you laughed over,
times when you joked around,
times when being loved by someone,
can only live longer,and will etch deeply in your heart..
Create some good , lasting long fun memories...
Hang up with your friends , family , among loved ones, no matter the age.
You're always young by your heart.
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