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Jun 21 · 540
cyrene Jun 21
diamonds were what I could never be.
but as night fell; I outshined the moonlight.
now, diamonds dream of being me
Jun 12 · 153
far away
cyrene Jun 12
seasons and time flash before me as your ground shifts away.
i am no snow to your winter; nor am i your cherry blossom during spring.

i can be that missing piece that completes your empty puzzle.
Jun 12 · 196
you and i
cyrene Jun 12
seasons and time flashes before me as your ground shifts further away.
i am no snow to your winter; nor am i your cherry blossom during spring.

i can be that missing piece that completes your empty puzzle.
missing someone that you want to hold so badly yet distance makes it tougher.
May 26 · 100
white swan
cyrene May 26
hands pure as snow picking me up from thorns piercing through.
chills overcome as it levitates me above into the air of peace where no home of pain resides.

up, up and away i go leaving rough tracks and stone pathways.

no more pain, no more weight.
May 25 · 257
is this love?
cyrene May 25
Dancing to the tunes of electric
grooving hand in hand
plastering skin to skin
one in touch,
one in soul.

Feelings tangle
with heart beating
like two bodies as one.
Apr 23 · 61
cyrene Apr 23
these whispers linger around me
like empty promises in thin air
i start to drown deep into sea
where the voices bury me with no care
Jan 3 · 458
cyrene Jan 3
They say the eyes are the doors to one's soul.
What if the soul is never present?

Is the door shut?
Can it be opened?

Or will it be undiscovered forever?

We will ever know.
Dec 2019 · 205
0 minutes
cyrene Dec 2019
0:56 seconds of affection, care and love.

It's not enough.
I need more, i need more, i need more.

I lost 10 years of happiness. I lost that girl at 11.
I need her back.

I waited 6 years, she's gone.
I need it all back.

Can i get her back?
separated from the comfort of home is hard. really hard
Aug 2019 · 143
the girl
cyrene Aug 2019
Breaking news:  girl thinks she has cotard delusion

Journalist:  A walking corpse was spotted at Avenue 12

the girl:  help me feel. teach me how to feel. i want to feel.
Jun 2019 · 200
don't you see?
cyrene Jun 2019
i speak of those who were made silent.

so much words yet so little consideration. you crushed a very living foundation of innocent families. all those concrete wall cracks are evident that you single handedly ruined lives. how more cruel art thou, ye men of cruelty ?

i speak of those who cry blood, yet are let to suffer silently because of you men that shut the truth, which one day i will unfold.
i wrote this o behalf of all those people who are living through war. this is also for those cruel people to stop ruining lives, let's all spread love & peace.
Mar 2019 · 176
The People.
cyrene Mar 2019
Oh sweet pea,
you were unaware
of the cruel world.

Your pure light radiates
through the hearts of the devil.

Those sparkling ocean eyes
begging for love
so tender.

Truly a heart of gold, I can say
but I am no worthy as I am just as
a withered flower like everyone else
Are we different?
Nov 2018 · 232
cyrene Nov 2018
I lost half of me,
I thought I would lose myself subconsciously.

I survived,
yet not complete.

Am I here for anything?
Am I here for nothing?
Constantly doubting my existence.
Nov 2018 · 165
cyrene Nov 2018
You say she needs help
but can't you see that i need to be saved too?
People don't realize whats in front of them.
Jul 2018 · 285
cyrene Jul 2018
touched her,
her dignity
laying lifeless on the ground
at a monster
even the animals
wouldn't look at
My heart goes all out for the ones who've been treated with no humanity. You all deserve so much love life has to offer. Don't ever think your world is crushing, instead build your confidence up to face the day again! ;)
Jun 2018 · 417
cyrene Jun 2018
never knew you could affect me the most
never knew you could be the music to my ears

you don't know these things don't you?

It happens everyday
until one day
it'll ******* away
far away
Apr 2018 · 277
cyrene Apr 2018
A dying flower
in a garden
with roses,
the sun
or water
to bother.

the petals
to the
will be
We may be well-known throughout the world and have many followers, but one day when we fall apart, we will be in the past of the present. Hopefully, just hopefully not forgotten.
Apr 2018 · 851
cyrene Apr 2018
Strangers with differences
brought us together ,
that could last

Your eyes
captured me
like gold
your smile
softened me
and made me feel
make me feel

Till this second,
sleep soundly
the oceans
of feelings
you're making
me feel every
of my
Everyone goes through emotions you don't understand, they are like the ocean. Sometimes calm, sometimes not.
Apr 2018 · 159
cyrene Apr 2018
are one
living and
breathing ,
down ,
snatching lives
pausing the
beats of
hearts ,  
when one day
the earth
gives up ,
all go
as one.
The world needs to know that we are indeed the same within our souls. We are just different by physical appearance.

— The End —