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cyrene Nov 2020
let me show you what a shadow feels like.

blank, dark, unnoticed.

i am my own shadow, in the light.
This is very random.
cyrene Nov 2020
this house was a heart beating on its own.

once you left, i couldn't hear the beats.

then i realized,

you were the heart.
The loss leaves bruises and lessons and undiscovered wounds.
cyrene Nov 2020
what if i was a petal?

swirling to the tunes of the air, graciously falling among spring leaves

weightless, mindless like a feather.

how peaceful life would be, if i was one.

just one petal.
This was inspired by the story and the meaning of young forever by BTS. This song has helped me when I needed it the most. Just light to my darkest days.
cyrene Aug 2020
half a moon, half a heart.

something so ordinary missing a piece, gradually losing itself.
a lifeline that connects a heart to stone - pointless, lifeless.

once broken, considered sold,
once gone, considered forgotten.
losing someone is the hardest thing to endure. It's like losing half of a string that is supposed to hold together life.
cyrene Aug 2020
it's when you decide
to continue living,

you realise that
you haven't been living at all
Inspired by Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley.
You will never know life until you start figuring out life itself.
cyrene Jun 2020
diamonds were what I could never be.
but as night fell; I outshined the moonlight.
now, diamonds dream of being me
cyrene Jun 2020
seasons and time flash before me as your ground shifts away.
i am no snow to your winter; nor am i your cherry blossom during spring.

i can be that missing piece that completes your empty puzzle.
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