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Sep 2018 · 318
Heart of Silver Sep 2018
Down by an endless ocean, sitting on jagged rocks
Creatures entice with emotion, they sing but never talk
A lamenting in devotion, while Demeter cries and mocks

I cry out, “From my arms, away from me!
“**** has stolen my Persephone!”

That’s not true, dear, I’m not yours to keep
So, please, you don’t need to weep
Some myths claim that rather than seducing sailors with their voices, the sirens sang to mourn the kidnapping of Persephone, their beloved friend, and call out for her return.
Jun 2018 · 398
Heart of Silver Jun 2018
I don't care if my hands get burned
I'll protect you
you'll eat tonight

Please don't stress about what we'll do
You'll figure it out
It'll be all right

Shut your eyes, loves, you don't have to see
Rest your heads and try to sleep
You're a bit too big to be cradled, I'll still hold you in my arms
And I'll protect you from knowledge's harm
Jun 2018 · 235
Skin like the sky
Heart of Silver Jun 2018
With your skin like the sky, and soft cloud eyes
I stare into your face and find myself mesmerized
Tilt my head back, and at the same time tug me closer
And then lay me to rest in a fluffy patch of clovers
May 2018 · 542
Fragmented Lights
Heart of Silver May 2018
"Most of my life I liked to play
with the lights that fell from the sky
though they died within a day."

Vacant eyes and a simple personality
"... I thought there was only ever me."
and she says it in a voice so flat
I pulled her body against my own
"Now you're not alone."
She asks, "what's that?"

Hey sir, you're so unusual.
Mister? I think you're beautiful!

My dear, you seem so magic
but, my love, you're just so tragic

There's so much you don't know
so much you've never been shown
..but you don't seem to care

It's something I've never seen
Now it's suddenly surrounding me
These lights are everywhere!

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Light fragments!
They're my stars (My affections!)
Gorgeous, I think they're so gorgeous!
Whatever they are
Excuse my corrections.

"Mister? I think this is kind of unusual."

"Well, yeah, but don't you think it's beautiful?"
All righty, bear with me, these might be some long notes.

First off, here ya go, Jeff. This is written specifically for you. :)

Bold = the sky-creature speaking/thinking/something
Italics = The young girl speaking/thinking/something

This is the sequel to Paper Stars! I didn't want to give them a star-crossed-lovers bit, so instead I elected to go with this type of story.

The young girl lives by herself, and therefore has no comprehension of love, relationships, or even loneliness. When the sky-creature arrives, she cannot feel love for him, or at least understand if she is. On the other side, because she is naive and childlike (not to mention a human while he is a creature of the sky) the sky-creature doesn't, I wouldn't exactly say respect, doesn't view her as his equal. He does love her, but in some ways he doesn't see her the way a lover should. He is subconsciously patronizing her.

Over the course of their time together, he falls deeper in love with her (and comes to see her as his equal, and treats her as so) while she develops affections for him (though I don't think she quite understands them yet).

They're not exactly lovers yet, though they have formed a casual relationship. :)

Ah, excuse my rambling. :P
May 2018 · 378
Heart of Silver May 2018
I watched her cry
a puddle

she rubbed the salt
paper cuts

then drowned herself in it

not every smile is meant to be kind

when you grin with your lips pressed

I can't help but think softness
in your demeanor
and of the kisses
you sometimes place
on my forehead

but if you smile
and bare your teeth, I will be scared
I'm afraid of those
lips parting
and speaking ill words
I would much rather
you tear
my skin apart with those
teeth of yours
you're showing

My dear,
I will gladly accept all of it because
at least you're smiling
May 2018 · 9.6k
Paper Stars
Heart of Silver May 2018
Close your eyes

Your world, not extending
beyond the soft quilt under
your skin, unending

Soft ripples of cloth, and picturesque seams
Nothing here but
You, me, the sky, and soft dreams

I'll reach up and take the stars from the sky
If only to lay them at your feet
to place them in your hands
to bring light into those glazed eyes
or give a glow to a world so bland

and each one would be folded
into a beautiful origami castle
I, the lord, and you, the vassal
Or perhaps me as the king
and you as a queen, whichever
My gentle playmate.. which one is better?

I'm a majestic creature of the sky
You're an empty-faced child on a quilt
Each star shall be used as a stepping stone
so I might meet you in the place I built

Let us meet, as lovers, or
at least equals
on this starry floor
And your body falls into each soft fold
It's here, right here, that I can hold
you close, keep you safe and warm
so you, from the rest of the world
I'll withhold

Consider this a "romantic poem".. but not about me! Actually, this is a story I've sort of written. :)

Hmm, let me try to describe it. A little girl living in a world all her own, a world that's nothing more than an empty quilt with an endless sky. Above her, lives a sort of "sky-creature" and he happens to be in love with her, so he builds her a castle of stars.
Apr 2018 · 430
Crayon Box
Heart of Silver Apr 2018
I've got a crayon in my hand,
a color for every lost syllable
There's a brightly scribbled drawing
to make my mouth and head reconcilable
Apr 2018 · 499
Heart of Silver Apr 2018
There's a heart inside my chest,
nestled snugly between my ribs
As you might've guessed

It's a warm, warm heart
Those hands of yours
will tear it apart

Each thump will make it ooze a little more
That rotting thing from which endless blood pours
Jagged bits of glass buried deep, so deep
and over broken edges the sticky bits of muscle seep

The ever-so-helpful-you digs your fingers straight in
to claw out the offending shards that pierce my skin
Now removed my open wounds have time to heal
And my less-damaged heart begins to kind of feel

They sew with shimmery thread
Gently stitching my wounds together
instead of leaving me for dead
The original draft of "Heart of Gold".

I haven't written in a bit, so I felt like posting this. :)
Apr 2018 · 442
Heart of Gold
Heart of Silver Apr 2018
My heart
My warm, warm heart
with every thump it bleeds a little more
This rotting chunk of flesh
covered in oozing sores

There's a couple bits of glass
buried deep into my flesh
little bits of muscle
seep over the
shards that dig into my heart
my warm, warm heart
and it's
sharp, sharp glass

A heart can't beat around glass

Take matters into your own hands
take my heart into your hands
and dig those fingers in
pull out every piece you find
each offending frgament
it hurts
hey, it hurts a lot
you remove the glass from my heart
with your blood-stained hands
my blood
each piece falls to the ground
you throw them away
and my heart begins to
beat again
I begin to
feel again

Her hands like silk
and her
gleaming sunshine smile
and her
familiarly exotic tongue
I know people who can sew with
the prettiest golden thread
and heal with
the most compassionate of eyes
while simultaneously laughing the
most vivacious laugh
and each shared laugh stitches a new
cut on my skin 
and I begin to heal again 
The scars do not stand out
and instead those shimmery strands
gleam proudly
showing off my newly constructed
golden heart

Silver, silver, silver
She offers me the most beautiful of silver
the tears of the moon
Resting in my hands
or my pocket
Golden thread is very weak
and so are humans
Temptation is a *****
Apr 2018 · 303
Where'd She Go?
Heart of Silver Apr 2018
All I have is the sound of lost waves in my head
Oh! It's such a shame!

Not a song, a memory, a glimpse into this other world
Even, to my name.
Apr 2018 · 387
The Little Mermaid
Heart of Silver Apr 2018
Down down down under the sea
There, right there, amongst the waters and the sands
A mermaid of unimaginable beauty fled her homeland

An eye for an eye, heart for heart, two lovers wouldn't be torn apart
To join a man above the waves, a precious treasure, she gave
This impossible trade the mermaid made?
She gave her tongue for legs so she might walk by his side
In a world with words she couldn't speak, lived the mute bride


She lived with bubbles beneath her tongue
and the sound of ocean in her ears
And yet, despite her rightful bloodline
A desert is where she'd spent her years

The hair of a siren, with a voice like their song
but the legs of a woman.. it was wrong, so wrong
Her exotic, other-wordly looks, a sailor boy found striking
And his familiar scent of salty breeze gave her a liking

Trailing calloused fingers through silky siren strands
The sailor murmurs to his lover, "What would you do for me?"

"I would leave my homeland"

The tang on his skin of a home she's never seen, erase her troubles
Giggling sweetly, she asks him, "And for me, my sweet, love?"

He could pop her bubbles
Apr 2018 · 339
Paper Planes
Heart of Silver Apr 2018
I can feel the bricks I laid myself
I beg you, say you put some here too
Don't let me take all the blame
It's so much easier to put some on you

Take me when I'm desperate
Take me when I'm crying
I'll write messages of desperation and then send them flying

Look at 'em go, are you happy now?
Tear-stained paper planes.. are they found found found?

Spit covered, blood smothered, letters in ****** condition
I've been trying, talking night after night, do you even listen?

Smashing little fists against bricks desperately
Aching knuckles and broken skin is all that's left of me
I've never gotten a letter back
I've never heard you respond
Sometimes I feel this is a bit of a one sided bond

How do expect me to love someone who never visits?
I've tried so hard to do so, but all I can do is believe you exist...

Take me out of this garden before I climb the wall myself
I'll fold each limb meticulously
and leap out of this barren ****
Oh god.

Okay, I feel this one is a bit more... accurate then my previous attempt?? idk
Apr 2018 · 379
Adam and Eve
Heart of Silver Apr 2018

***** from my mother's **** I came
not a sin to my name, so insignificant
***** from my father's bones I came
Little Eve was born an innocent

Adam walked around like he was the first man on Earth
He called himself the image of God, tried to diminish my worth
You tried to tempt me as a snake but now I'm on alert
No matter what you say you're still made from the dirt

Welcome to the Garden of Eden!
We tried as hard as possible
It's still filled with heathens

Adam, Lilith, Eve
Won't be long now till we leave
Geez, this was meant to be longer. Sorry! ^^''
Apr 2018 · 1.4k
Heart of Silver Apr 2018
The stars stopped in their tracks
When you came walking by
This star girl was immediately captivated
When you came, and caught my eye

Don't you know I think the world of you?
In everything you are and all that you do
Don't you know I think the world of you?
I'd give you my world if you wanted me to
Mar 2018 · 358
Sweet Love
Heart of Silver Mar 2018
I love cooking! I love making tasty treats!
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, oh-so-yummy sweets!
Experimenting with recipes, (cookies are my specialty)
My place in the kitchen keeps this silly girl upbeat
I'm probably happiest providing something to eat

New flavors.. exciting! Ooh, that cake sure looks inviting!
Mind if I pop this in the oven?
Ah, I sure hope it's tasty...
and since I did so well, don't mean to sound hasty, but
C'mere and give this little chef some lovin'!
Ha, I wish!

Narcissistic as it sounds, I sure as **** enjoy
When the people around like the cooking skills I employ
I gotta wonder, if I made something good...
would you praise me? I hope that you would

'Cause, yeah, nothing beats a good meal
but eating alone sure doesn't feel
half as good as eating with you
and reaching across the table to take your hand
then despite my poor manners, I'd like to demand
you shower your chef with sweet little kisses
for all the hard work she's done as the missus

Eh, even if that didn't happen, I'd love to
cook you up something delicious!

To show you my adoration, to show you I care
and of course a part of me would just like to prepare
tasty, tasty dishes for others to savor
But really! I hope you most of all enjoy the flavor....
I love cooking! :D
Mar 2018 · 300
(de)flower head
Heart of Silver Mar 2018
Somewhere in the distance, someone is singing

I've got the dank smell of earth plugging  my nose
It hurts so bad, so bad
and everyone swears to God you wanna know
but I'm a bit busy trying to do this on my own

In the night, filled with nothing but the reek of human sweat
I've been trying to sleep, it won't let me yet
In a garden, filled with not even flower heads
a scared little girl writes

I've been writing to you, letters in crayon
flinging them over a wall
and as I sit and rock and you don't reply, I wonder
did you even read them at all?!
loosely connected to "garden wall"
Mar 2018 · 270
To tell you the truth?
Heart of Silver Mar 2018
"She's the strongest woman I know"*
and the conviction in his eyes was haunting
the love, the respect, the certainty
and the idea of saying the same was, well

I see how hard it is for you
I can see your strength
and I love you, I love you, I really truly do
I just have trouble expressing it
so I keep you at arm's length

I cherish your good qualities, fear the bad
You're creative, oh so caring, all I had

But I can't connect that loving smile with all the
hatred in y-... those.. eyes
and so I... I'm sorry

I can't differentiate you two anymore

when you hug me, I'm scared but
I can't quite tell what for
I tried something.. new?


I had a conversation with a guy, he told me that he viewed his mother as "the strongest woman he knew" and even though my own mother and I have something complicated going on... I felt the same.

How I feel her is so conflicting, y'know? I know she's a good person, and I love so many aspects of her, but other times it's just.. I don't know. Might rename this later, something better anyways.
Mar 2018 · 224
Heart of Silver Mar 2018
He gave a gap-toothed grin
I watched it spread across a cute face, dappled
with lovely little angel kisses
and red red cheeks, my rosy apple
A sweet little boy. <3
Mar 2018 · 396
Garden Wall
Heart of Silver Mar 2018
My first thought? The grass tickles
it pokes into my dress
thousands of offending green prickles

I am planted in a garden of wilted flower stems
My eyes flicking around, the only truth-be-told gems
and even those, they stare dully around me

little girl I am, looking around like a woman of seventy

It's disgusting here I think of the place I'm seated
Will anyone come get me? No?
I huff, angrily, defeated

My hands inch towards the crayon, my eyes flick
towards the wall, built from fading red bricks
That's very high, not to mention thick
and the more I think about it, the more it makes me sick

I don't know who he is, but on the other side is a child
and in this whole **** world, so horribly defiled
he shall be the only one I can count on

too bad we've never spoken
too bad your head is horribly broken

But he shall love you, and he shall care for you
he loves you, and he'll take you far far away
and for the rest of forever, you two will play

but first, you must speak

"I love him, forever and always, I love this child"

I have never seen him, I trust he exists
But I'm annoyed. It is so boring here.
Can't he take me out of this?

First, you must talk.

All right, all right. I let out a sigh
grab the crumpled paper sheets from nearby

*Dear, Lord, how're you today?
This didn't quite capture what I wanted, think I'll have a part two eventually.
Mar 2018 · 227
Heart of Silver Mar 2018
I see now

My "love" was nothing more than a pedestal
and since I seated you so high
there was no coming down enough
to hold me close
love doesn't require worshiping at the alter, dear
Mar 2018 · 267
Working Willow
Heart of Silver Mar 2018
They say willow trees are weeping because
their branches sag towards the ground
while all the other trees
choose to reach up and up
towards a gorgeous sky

But perhaps willows just know that
you gain nothing from
grasping towards an endless horizon
and no matter what you do
you will never touch the clouds
nor will reaching them
do anything for you

and instead they let their branches bend
towards an earth
that yields boundless and glittering treasures
diamonds and gold
for those who are willing
to put in the work
and keep their feet on the ground
My work has me weeping :P.
Mar 2018 · 321
Bubble Head
Heart of Silver Mar 2018
I can be very empty-headed
Yes, I'm pretty dull
but I should like to think there's bubbles in my skull

Constantly blowing, floating
little ***** of light and color
Oh, these bubbles, I hope we're not
separated from one another

And perhaps I absentmindedly chase
silly, pointless bits of air
but wandering out my head, I'm pretty happy there

They're bouncing and bouncing
from bone wall to bone wall
Joyous bits of air- I wish to capture them all!
Feb 2018 · 308
Heart of Silver Feb 2018
Boys love their toys and girls want a thrill
with their ever-wanting hearts needing a fill

Strings tied upon my wrist, they pulled her in every direction
Didn't you know? Filial love wasn't meant for dissection!
Your expectations and love are cutting into my skin
But no, I'm a child, I don't have an objection
I should be grateful for such affection.... no matter who wins...

One side of the tongue oozes sticky love
the other devotedly applies words quite vile
Someone turned benign qualities into a way to beguile
In that way, our family was something to defile
Well, hey, this was something we've known for a while, so...

Let's just give up
Divorce is messy, y'know? As a kid, it hurts to be stuck in the middle of it.
Feb 2018 · 206
Heart of Silver Feb 2018
Everybody's hands drip with color
everybody loves to smear them on one another
We leave  ourselves as duller and duller

Your blue-black soul rubs up against mine
and my purple-y pink hue loses it's shine
as our wispy personalities begin to entwine

Those I meet, we mix ourselves with a simple "hello"
We blend into each shade. Blue! Green! Red! Yellow!
I'm so happy, so happy! Look, I've become a rainbow!

Oh... oh no

From such a buoyant high I've come down
because my vibrant pink has become a muddy brown
With such ****, drab colors.. how can we ever be happy now?
Why is it we tend to lose ourselves to one another?

When we leave our colors on other people, do we become dull and listless gray-brown or a vibrant and beautiful rainbow? I can't quite tell.
Feb 2018 · 247
Wicked Songbird
Heart of Silver Feb 2018
I had an odd thought earlier

"I can't sing a duet."

Either I allow my voice to robotically melt into their's
Stealing their melody and warping into an ****
flat version
that doesn't quite sound beautiful to the ears
(at least I match them... right?)

or I sing loudly
my own tune, my own key, my tongue it's own symphony
it's wonderfully beautiful, but I drown you out
A one woman show! Bravo! Bravo!
I become a solo act.

And then I thought

*"****, I do the same thing in relationships..."
I can't seem to sing a duet.
Feb 2018 · 217
kaleidoscope mind
Heart of Silver Feb 2018
I know you, you're a reader and writer
I swear to god, you're a kind of igniter
You burn life into us all

A writer of words and poetry
A reader of souls, so lovely
the kind who can enthrall

With your galaxy watching eyes and color reading mind
You stare into our faces and see what is behind
A nurturing type person, someone endlessly kind
And me, on the other side, I won't let you fall
Now, now. Lying is wrong.
Feb 2018 · 313
Inky Minds
Heart of Silver Feb 2018
I stand in a pool of ink, and I only see black
I'm standing alone and its up to my knees
If I collapse to them, I think I might *****

But I don't stand alone, they stand near
They hold my hand, erase my fear
Ink covered hands, self-proclaimed small hands
Honestly, I think they truly understand...
I have a special bit of fondness for my friends who write poetry as well.
Feb 2018 · 130
im falling
Heart of Silver Feb 2018
Hearts fall and rise, fingers shake sometimes
Occasionally I disrupt the flow of certain rhymes
I break words like I break my head

I've worn Silverheart for so long
But them calling me her feels so wrong
I'm not a heart of silver, a heart of gold
I'm an empty body growing cold

Today I crumbled the mask of Silver
and all of the people I love crumbled with her
I'd hoped the pounding in my head would silence
with this, but it's only served to make it louder!

Oh god oh god make it stop please
I'm not writing poetry, I'm writing pleas
I'm writing to make my head quiet but it never will
I keep writing and writing and writing to no avail

i miss you i miss you i want to desperately forget you
Feb 2018 · 216
Breaking the Code
Heart of Silver Feb 2018
It is a human capability
or perhaps an emotional fatality
our hearts so easily remove morality
and we forget a dear friend
we move on and let it end

Maybe it's some
technical fault in our DNA
a kind of glitch that wont go away

Perhaps it's a break in our genetic code
that allows the friendship kind to so easily erode
The unspoken agreement to not abandon our loved ones- I've broken the "friendship code". I wonder how humans can so easily sever precious ties.

Congratulations, me. I've finally left someone and it *****.
Jan 2018 · 1.3k
Silver Fishies
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
I sit by a silver pool

My legs dangle in, just below the knee
so that my steps can remember where I've been
but my eyes dont have to see

And below the surface swim fish, lazy
each one holds a memory
unluckily, or lucky, they get a little hazy

I grasp at them, they swim further away
scales grazing fingertips, I watch in dismay
cause the only ones I seem to catch and devour*
force my thoughts into such a disarray

I sit by a silver pool
eating painful memories
oh god, I'm such a fool
Fishes ****.
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
Your words are soothing, your voice even more
So when I become terrified I run to you and let it pour
Into that ever patient smile, those oh so gentle fingers
Tapping cryptic messages into my shaking spine
Erasing any tensions and fears that might linger

My eyes walk a line, my mind level tenuous
My speech and my smiles, to put up are quite strenuous
It seems every time that I become unhinged
I hold onto your reassurement, but my claws dig in
In efforts to not harm you, I scar my skin
And with every struggling effort, it seems I’ve infringed

The rules you laid down and the promises I spoke
But you of all people should know there’s lies in my speech
So if you don’t like when I’m hurt, cover your ears when I screech
Sorry, that was unfair and rude of me...
I always speak without thinking clearly
Or even worse, I’m inconsiderate and hurt the ones I love dearly

And you! I promise I hold you quite close!
You’re lovely in my mind, a first and foremost
And yet for all my lovely words, and unabashed claims
It seems you’re affected by my hurricane state most
As I waltz on your heart and lay it to maim

You have a precious heart of gold
And yet despite that, the one you hold
Is my quivering, worthless silver one
I don’t understand how you love someone like me
Or in my silver heart, can find beauty

I don’t know which way I love you, what to say, or what to do
But I do know with everything in me, I most definitely need you
(directed to the one I care for most, my beloved golden heart. )

And so the real question is, do I ever let you know?

on a weird side note, lines 15 and 16 should be combined, but with the hp formatting, they didn't fit sooo
Jan 2018 · 648
Carnival Head
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
You laughed and grabbed me by the hand
dragging me down endless red and white corridors

No choice but to stumble disoriented after you
My head spinning as I dizzily wonder what this is all for

I'd.. kind of like to eat some cotton candy with you, but
you'd prefer to watch others plummet down from a sugar high

and as you and your lover jump from the ferris wheel
I can do nothing but watch, frightened, and stand by
Jan 2018 · 614
Tug of War
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
You and I just endlessly play
tug of war

and I know that I'll wind up on
the floor

But my pride won't stop my hands from tugging
and when asked if I care I find myself shrugging

As we struggle and struggle
I know

How easy it'd be for you to just
let go
Even if you were the one to let go, I'd be the one to lose.
Jan 2018 · 198
The Kingdom
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
I walk around like a queen in her kingdom
bossy and insistent
I crouch in dank corners of dungeons pleading
to those who won't listen
Well, I suppose I'm nothing if not

Look at me! I've got super big dreams!
I've got... I've got... low self-esteem
Jan 2018 · 224
Bubble Wrap
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
You can, you can....
wrap me around your precious vase soul
I'm promise, love, I'll keep you whole
and I can protect you from
brats who touch things that aren't there's
and stick around through the wears and tears
I'll protect you.
Jan 2018 · 196
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
Look at us, two idiots
we've had another argument
"You hurt my feelings" is that what I should say?
If I did, would it matter for even a second?
"Talk it out."

and how do I talk it out with someone who's convinced I'm a liar even when I cry?
Jan 2018 · 168
Dear, Friend (20w)
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
To the person who must think that I'm just an intrusion:
Don't worry, I see the truth now, I've been disillusioned
****, this comes off angrier than I expected it.
Jan 2018 · 323
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
My filthy eyes, they're getting kind of dry
Your mouth is filled with lies... but I don't really know

Reason, it's fled, in wake of the pounding in my head
I need you but you're gone instead and I'm feeling quite hollow

You're the one that I never see
but I'm the one who's a ghost
It feels like you're not here for me
when I need you most

I love you, and I love you, but regardless I feel dismayed
I love you, and I can't blame you, yet I feel I've been betrayed
Where are you?
Jan 2018 · 99
Gray Gums
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
I’ve been asking you not to come
‘cause I’m so desperate  I’d say
“I love you” through rotting gums

Watching with watery eyes
Why is it everyone  who smiles seems covered by gray?
I never know what to say, I never know what to say
I don't think I actually "love" you, but rather, need someone to "love" me to make me feel less hollow.
Jan 2018 · 179
Night Lights
Heart of Silver Jan 2018
You are my nightlight

because while the stars' glow may be unreachable
you are right here
illuminating my otherwise dark closet and
showing that the monsters
can't touch me when you're around

I'm begging you
don't get unplugged
Don't leave me. Don't die. I need you, and I love you.
Dec 2017 · 318
Heart of Silver Dec 2017
You're suffering, I can see
so would you let me hold your hand?
Cause, you're right. I don't really understand

but what I do get is that while my
words can't always erase the pain in your heart
I can hold you close to me and keep you from falling apart
I'll hold you together- physically and mentally. You just have to let me. I don't always know or understand what you're going through, but I promise I'll always be there for you.
Dec 2017 · 198
Ice Cream
Heart of Silver Dec 2017
You scream, you scream
But I don’t ‘cause I don’t really care anymore

So I just sit here with my thumb in my mouth
Wondering what you make all this noise for
I've always wanted to do my own play on the "I scream you scream" thing. ^^
Dec 2017 · 200
Heart of Silver Dec 2017
The sun is crowing loudly for me to awaken
but I've spent the night jabbering to a man-made moon, oh well!
It's quite common to have sleepless nights, and if I'm not mistaken
this isn't the first, but shhh! please dont tell
Lunar. Lunacy. Moon and madness. " Night" time and "crazy" dumb choices. ..Eyyy (mm yeah i'll stop now)

I swear it's the moon's fault.
Dec 2017 · 291
Breath of Stars
Heart of Silver Dec 2017
I've got a binder 'round my lungs
I've got a lock upon my useless tongue
I've got spirit too big for my vessel and a mind cluttered up with thoughts to be wrestled

My muscles tighten up and
my head lightens up and
night lights chill my pulse
and veins feebly convulse

Oh dear

Lungs, not quite up to par
as they fill with liquid stars
Do you see? This tissue is burning to scars
destroying this lovely "ours"
I apologize for destroying your property again. I know it somehow hurts you when I'm in pain.
Dec 2017 · 206
Heart of Silver Dec 2017
Leaping from foot to foot he mockingly calls
to my blind parents "I'll catch, I'll catch your daughter"

and every night I don't sleep he laughs in glee
and announces "I got her! I got her!"
*"Do you see? Look, I've caught her"

— The End —