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19/F    "I like good strong words that mean something"
seeking dream donations
Bo Burnham
Elizabeth Squires
All poems original Copyright of Elizabeth Squires.
21/F/Shadows of the Opera    Love me - that's all I ask of you.
Jeff Gaines
55/M/L.A.    Old Road Dog, now chained in the backyard, wishin' he could bite someone. I have recently become a published author! My books are here: ...
sans screens
opinionated | feminist | dreamer | realist | daughter | sister | friend | woman | human.
Melodie Fowles
F/New Zealand    I write emotional and dark helps keep the demons at bay
a smol bean
15/F/pluto    my box of random feelings. thanks for the support :)
Dawn Treader
Unicorn Lane    I'm not good with words but I'll give it a try. The linguistic acrobatics some of you employ blows my mind.
Matthew Vargas
16/Trans Male    Just a dude trying to get by. Depressing theme sorry for the sad vibes
Jey Blu
16/F/My Own Hell    My opinion our culture can treat a loss like it's a win and right before we turn on them we give them the highest of ...
19/M/Somewhere    poetica; vol. I coming soon
Gender Fluid    Artist and lover of poetry I listen to music basically all day every day, whether I walk around, work or write, it's with me everywhere. ...
Marshall Lee Johnson
Wonderland    no.

— The End —