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 Apr 20 Heart of Silver
he lays
perfectly still,
with his back,
one with the ground.

his hand,
tracking the cadence
in his chest,

as he
milks poetry
out of the moon.

Admittedly, to forgive is not always easy
But it is, without a doubt, very liberating
Not forgiving only increases the pain, hurt and stress
But forgiveness begins the healing process
Forgiveness is an act of self-love,
because you do it for you and not them.
It's better to end on the last day of love,
then in the months of hate.
A wash of blue
             Cool, calm.

Brush strokes on canvas

              Subtle, sweet.

Ocean eyes

               Pure, pretty.

Unfiltered sky

                Lucid, lush.

My kind of blue.
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.

Poem based on the colour blue.
They call me 'bear' but I'm not,
I live in the sub-tropics where it's hot,
I'm ash-coloured and cute but my claws can scratch,
I feast on the leaves in my local patch,
I don't travel far and i can be quite slow,
But i attract loving stares wherever i go.
written in 2009
 Mar 23 Heart of Silver
"our story has no end"
because I knew even the dead carried scars.
I would have loved you even if the heart of the world wasn't in your bones.
I knew what it was to
deny the undeniable parts of yourself.
I don't think I could ever do that with you, even if I tried.
Even if I played pretend, I would always be reminded
when my fingers brushed my palm or
when the grass tickled my face.
I would still dream of a moonlit field
and the antlers of a stag.
Its blood splashed across the snow, a crimson stain.
inspired by the Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo :)
 Mar 23 Heart of Silver
i am
just like you
cannot tell if i'm sober or not
i'm going to fade out
i'm everything you wanted of me
bleach'y curls
and a peachy grin
mom don't you love me now
are you watching me from your spot in hell?
it's just me, you
and everyone else
it's just my borderline
and your substacne abuse
the energy drinks, caffeine
and thc
momma i found the song you used to sing to me
just like you, still
a lost momma's boy
she used to sing me strawberry wine by deana cater
 Mar 23 Heart of Silver
i am always the dead boy
in the pool
on the lawn
standing on the roof
dropped from some fatal height at dawn
i am some kind of main character
my grand stand
of all things
guess what
my magnum opus
is being dead
cant escape it, might as well enjoy it
I saw a guy go by on his motorcycle
with his ******* the back
and I thought—
no, I felt—
I felt sad
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