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FC Azaele May 6
I am a memory
Once lived through, but now no more.
A memory,
that is what I am.
Like fragments of another;
The dust that floats around —
Had they suppressed me?
or mold them to what they are?
Perhaps they’ll leave a sigh at my door,
finding my faded scent...

I am simply nothing but a memory
Once lived through
But now..
No more
Spriha Kant Mar 12
I wish to get out of the tutelary purlieu because I fear of turning into fragments on its spontaneous explosion by time factor.
Take an apple
In your hand
You see a part of its surface
At a glance
Now think
How you perceive the whole apple
Its solidity
Belief in different parts!
You see the world
In fragments
Construct a picture
Of the whole
It's belief after all
Kyra Embers Jan 10
Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Tell no lies of who I am.

Mirror on the wall.
Stop showing my fragmented self.
A broken me, is perhaps all there is to see.
How much pain
Can one take
Till the soul fragments
Into a million pieces
And you just
Stop existing.
Mariyam Ridha Nov 2020
The demons are after me,
Endeavouring to dwindle all my super powers
Enshrined in my soul.
But I,
I reconcile fragmented pinions
Powered with world of words, dreams,love and hope,
Now no malign souls,
Aren't after me,
As I have turned myself into a fire,
My pinions into a universe,
And my soul,
A rebel.
And I have became a girl with wings of fire
ardnaxela Oct 2020
You are never
clear with me
What it is you want.
I always have to guess.
Is this just a game to you?
Is my heart a play thing;
somewhere for you to make a mess?
maybe it's a dream
It's all made up
And I should wake up.

I want to
Give you
Of me.
But I gotta know
You want me
Gotta know you
Need me
Know that
You can complete me.

I'm ready to become
Whole again

tired of



tired of





Bits of my soul,
S h a t t e r e d by senselessness.

blacked in sin.

I need my peace back.
I don't like to ask
I hate to guess
I'm wondering -
Can you be that?
And if not, just say so.
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