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Feb 2020
”It’s tragic, I take it
To be stuck on a blanket
A girl from the dirt
A child, from bones

And you, you’re so grand
since you live above land
Above love, above hurt
but completely alone”

“As high as a ceiling
Above earth, above feeling,
love, and even hurt
A human, not quite

And you, you’re mundane
Yet on your quilted plane
I sought out your comforts
I yearned for respite”

Those stars you let fall?
The sparks that you threw?
My love, they were, exactly for who?
Not me, I can promise
My love, just be honest
Those stars were scattered
Entirely for you
Wanted to write one more from the girl’s perspective :)

the reason you wanted to hold me
Is it simply cause you were lonely?
Heart of Silver
Written by
Heart of Silver  F
   Gideon and ---
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