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Philomena Jan 22
You always are there for me
You care
And you love me

But i'm always a disaster
A mess
And a monster

And I don't know if I can let myself lead you on any longer
I diffidently don't deserve to ave you in my life, and I know i'm filing so massively but sadly enough this is my best.
Carolina Jan 14
You’re there for me,
Until I actually need you.
Then I’m an inconvenience,
You get so angry,
You get so short, shove it in my face and hate everything about it.
Is this what love is?
Is this what needing you is?
If so I never want to need you again.
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
You are clear of mistakes.
You are as helpful as ever.
And that made me mad.
You were just being the best mother ever that I could ever have.
You were just being the best Father I ever would have.
Yet, I just couldn't see eye to eye with you through the virtual bridge.
You were just being the cutest grandmother ever.
Yet I shouted at you.
Glued to the screen.
My insides are screaming me to stop.
And yet I keep going.
Yet I disobeyed you.
And I didn't feel anything...
How could I?
"I've let you down..."
I said to those I have wronged, into the air of my parents colourless bedroom...
I just have to let you guys down...sorry.
Sorry my parents.
Sorry grandmother.
Sorry sister.
Sorry helper.
Sorry God.
Sorry people who I didn't and haven't been the kindest to.
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
Broken hearts.
Lost ones in the dark.
A cage for a mouth.
The voice inside refused to come out.
Locking of hands.
Tightening of chest.
Hoping to be alive.
Trying to survive.
My father.
Sorry for letting you down.
For putting the scroll down.
For missing the crown.
Forgive me.
I pray.
Your presence, I crave.
How I feel and probbaly many others too sometimes.
Sorry God
Sorry parents.
Brianna Ki May 2018
Remember staring at the same night sky?
Remember when your touch made her feel alive?

But do you remember when you hurt her heart?
Remember when you tore her apart?

Oh she loved you thoroughly
Yes, you were all she could see

Every let down wedged you both away
Every let down her heart had to pay

Now, she can't gasp out one word
No... she can't even be heard...

She knew you were it
But she can't commit

You give her every excuse in the book
Every hope she had you took

But will you ever truly understand?
The pain she endured when she took your hand...?

She's not going to come out of this the same
Her heart had the bullseye for your aim...
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