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Heart of Silver May 2021
And I'd fold each shining point
into an origami castle
fit for a queen, fit for you
and perhaps... me too

I, a majestic creature of the sky
You, an empty-faced child on a quilt
Look, look, at what I built

I'll use each star as a stepping stone
to meet you in this world
so you don't have to be alone
and I don't have to feel like I am

Place your hands on these walls.. can you feel my love?
Stand on your balcony, stare at the sky up above
My gentle playmate, is this better than the empty world you knew?
Look around at your origami castle, I made it for you
Written April 2018
Heart of Silver Apr 2021
Fills me to the brim with grief,
that I’d betray my Lord to lie with a thief
Heart of Silver Mar 2021
Handle me with care
Please, treat me gently
I’ll roll over like a fawning dog and show you my soft pink belly
lick the hand of you who owns me
if it means your harsh words won’t
kick into my sides
I feel like a ***** before you
Show me your sweet affection
I can’t do anything more than hang my head and
Your disapproval is too much to bear
At any moment, all your love may dry up (where will that leave me when you decide to leave me?) and I will be left behind, all ******* in the memories of your love
Even now, I tremble at your kindness
Why do you treat me so roughly?
Heart of Silver Jun 2020
There’s millions of stars in the sky
Not unique, they all leave
When the day comes by
And I’ll never call you my sun
Cause when darkness settles in
All he can do is run

But maybe you can be my sky
And hold these lights in your hand
I’d treasure all your day time
all your nights, I’d try to understand

And maybe I could be your Earth
And you could cover me like a quilt
I’d be your haven, your home
And you’d make my planet tilt
Heart of Silver Feb 2020
”It’s tragic, I take it
To be stuck on a blanket
A girl from the dirt
A child, from bones

And you, you’re so grand
since you live above land
Above love, above hurt
but completely alone”

“As high as a ceiling
Above earth, above feeling,
love, and even hurt
A human, not quite

And you, you’re mundane
Yet on your quilted plane
I sought out your comforts
I yearned for respite”

Those stars you let fall?
The sparks that you threw?
My love, they were, exactly for who?
Not me, I can promise
My love, just be honest
Those stars were scattered
Entirely for you
Wanted to write one more from the girl’s perspective :)

the reason you wanted to hold me
Is it simply cause you were lonely?
Heart of Silver Dec 2019
Never have I seen a girl with eyes so dark
Made blacker by the light of my star sparks
I have never met a child so utterly
Who stares at me blatantly with
The cold dead eyes of a fish

Who would believe? I-
Who could conceive? I-
A girl so naive, I..
how shameless of me to consider you primitive

There I go again, I
Say I love you, then I
go and mock you when I
Make your name into something so completely diminutive
There’s no way to love you if I
Stand on pedestal made from sky

It’s been a long time since I wrote about these two :) this is from the sky-creature’s perspective

“an indefinitely small quantity; a value approaching zero.”
Heart of Silver Nov 2019
I can’t help it
There’s so much hate in my heart now
Anger is flashing it’s ugly claws
And ripping all my kindness out
Cause really
I haven’t been able to take a deep
Breath in about three years
and it’ll be three years till I can breathe you out again
Till I can let you
back in again

My love
if I admit how much you
mean to me
Where will that leave me
When you decide to leave me?
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