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”It’s tragic, I take it
To be stuck on a blanket
A girl from the dirt
A child, from bones

And you, you’re so grand
since you live above land
Above love, above hurt
but completely alone”

“As high as a ceiling
Above earth, above feeling,
love, and even hurt
A human, not quite

And you, you’re mundane
Yet on your quilted plane
I sought out your comforts
I yearned for respite”

Those stars you let fall?
The sparks that you threw?
My love, they were, exactly for who?
Not me, I can promise
My love, just be honest
Those stars were scattered
Entirely for you
Wanted to write one more from the girl’s perspective :)

the reason you wanted to hold me
Is it simply cause you were lonely?
Heart of Silver Dec 2019
Never have I seen a girl with eyes so dark
Made blacker by the light of my star sparks
I have never met a child so utterly
Who stares at me blatantly with
The cold dead eyes of a fish

Who would believe? I-
Who could conceive? I-
A girl so naive, I..
how shameless of me to consider you primitive

There I go again, I
Say I love you, then I
go and mock you when I
Make your name into something so completely diminutive
There’s no way to love you if I
Stand on pedestal made from sky

It’s been a long time since I wrote about these two :) this is from the sky-creature’s perspective

“an indefinitely small quantity; a value approaching zero.”
Heart of Silver Nov 2019
I can’t help it
There’s so much hate in my heart now
Anger is flashing it’s ugly claws
And ripping all my kindness out
Cause really
I haven’t been able to take a deep
Breath in about three years
and it’ll be three years till I can breathe you out again
Till I can let you
back in again

My love
if I admit how much you
mean to me
Where will that leave me
When you decide to leave me?
Heart of Silver Aug 2019
Upon those jewel-encrusted toe-tips
she docilely placed her royal-red lips

A boy not a king and yet she bowed down
to the ******* who tried to soil her crown
Heart of Silver May 2019
He called me an angel, and yet

failed to mention he wanted to be
My god
Angels are seen as divine to humans... but they're still the servants of God.
Heart of Silver Sep 2018
Down by an endless ocean, sitting on jagged rocks
Creatures entice with emotion, they sing but never talk
A lamenting in devotion, while Demeter cries and mocks

I cry out, “From my arms, away from me!
“Hell has stolen my Persephone!”

That’s not true, dear, I’m not yours to keep
So, please, you don’t need to weep
Some myths claim that rather than seducing sailors with their voices, the sirens sang to mourn the kidnapping of Persephone, their beloved friend, and call out for her return.
Heart of Silver Jun 2018
With your skin like the sky, and soft cloud eyes
I stare into your face and find myself mesmerized
Tilt my head back, and at the same time tug me closer
And then lay me to rest in a fluffy patch of clovers
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