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Jayesh May 8
My fingers often dance⁣
Engaged in a soft Melody⁣
Recounting nostalgic times ⁣
Likely a strange sight⁣
To those not mourning⁣

They've been through many movements⁣
Upon ivory keys⁣
And euphonic valves⁣
Better still on innocent tabletops⁣
Yet, they were never as joyful⁣
As that time ago⁣
When they were joined by another ⁣

Ah what a scene it was⁣
Interlocked digits⁣
Finding warm embraces ⁣
In the coldest of winter nights⁣
A partnered dance, perhaps ballroom⁣
The first of its kind⁣
Atleast to those digits⁣

Sometimes I catch them still⁣
Moving in those partnered rhythms ⁣
Joints extended⁣
Yet, embracing nothing ⁣

They tremble now⁣
In those silent nights ⁣
Moving in tune⁣
To a certain Melody ⁣
One that tilts my head⁣
Peering into notalgic times⁣
Jayesh Apr 24
I've heard much yearning ⁣
Raunched screams⁣
Into innocent nights ⁣
Entangling unpure hearts⁣
A sullen beating⁣
Holding it's own lonely rhythm ⁣

I tried, once ⁣
To join this ⁣
An inevitable passion⁣
Or so I thought⁣
Perhaps I sought this light⁣
Shining towards center stage⁣
Yet, I remained ⁣

I'd felt this pull⁣
A common temptation, I'm sure ⁣
Addictive, enticing ⁣
As common things tend to go⁣
Clawing their way in⁣
Until they may have felt normal⁣

I know not why I struggled ⁣
Feeble movements⁣
Against unyielding odds⁣
Ones dragging me towards that light⁣

Yet, I remained⁣
Throwing off grasping digits⁣
Towards my old background⁣
Darker than it had been⁣
Blinded by the luminescence behind⁣

I dwell here⁣
Among the foreground ⁣
A pitied existance perhaps ⁣
One I've found something greater in⁣
Walking around coveted light⁣
Hearing raunched screams⁣
Into lonesome nights
Jayesh Feb 12
Small whispers escape
Drawn from eager lips
Soothing sounds
Ones I’ve felt
Among your presence

I’ve long held private notions
Away from curious eyes
Amongst lonesome treadings
Into silent nights
Until you found me
Quite unexpected company
Yet, one which has come to mean the most

I was naïve then
Admittedly so, selfish in my own path
Clouded thoughts, ones which almost took over
And there you stood, resolute
One I assumed would be like any other
Shifting at the slightest movement
Never have I been more wrong
And never more grateful for it

I may not tell you enough
What that gaze means
Fierce at times, enveloping in others
Quite an encased amber
One I’ve found my own hearth in

These quiet infinities shall flow
Ones which began those years ago
Yet, seem to hold no end in sight
A notion I would have no other way

I’ve found myself a loose thread
Flowing through empty winds
Free, yet alone
Until you reached out
Arms linking to a lost time
Ones I can’t seem to recall now

I enjoy these nights now
Involved in similar treadings
This time joined by another
Resolute, stubborn in her presence
Encasing me in an amber hearth
A thread tied to her beckoning hands
Loose no more
Engaged in our quiet infinities
Jayesh Dec 2019
My gaze has drifted⁣
Away from lower movements ⁣
Steps left to their own paths ⁣
Akin to plumetting birdlings⁣
Flapping desperately⁣
Vulnerable as never before ⁣
Without their parents' strength⁣

Perhaps a strange sight
Towards one who seemed trapped ⁣
Eyes locked on shuffling feet⁣
Caging those same wings⁣
Flapping still ⁣
Yet, hopeless⁣

It's in these paths ⁣
Worn with my own weary steps⁣
I have begun to see past ⁣
Towards something more true⁣
It's identity uncertain ⁣
Destination a mystery ⁣

Yet, it's a confusion I revel in⁣
Quite a child⁣
Finding snow for the first time⁣
Creating my own Angels⁣
Finding them uncovered ⁣
Despite any blurried weather ⁣

Perhaps you'll meet me here⁣
Joining my gaze⁣
Finally, as I couldn't before⁣
Entranced in these same wonders⁣
Sharing in this flight of mine⁣
Imprinting your own Angels⁣

Vulnerable indeed⁣
Yet, truly there⁣
For the first time⁣
My gaze has drifted
Away from planted feet⁣
Towards greater unknowns⁣
Ones I'm plumetting into
Jayesh Dec 2019
You've caught me before ⁣
Elusive prey as I am ⁣
In the midst of certain rhythms ⁣
Movements unsure⁣
Yet somehow joyful ⁣

I know not how you do it⁣
Searching out these parts of mine ⁣
Ones I keep away⁣
Inside a stoic shell (conched perhaps)⁣
Impregnable, at least to most⁣

I've been held prideful⁣
Chasing my own pristine⁣
Pulling it on me, ⁣
Sleeve on sleeve ⁣
A familiar coat ⁣
One you've slipped off⁣

You found me shivering, once⁣
Facing my own senses⁣
Naked, truly ⁣
Like I had never been⁣
Horror evident⁣
To one who hasn't witnessed his own ⁣

You may have forgotten⁣
That small span⁣
Mundane to most⁣
Yet, I haven't.
Encased in it's tiny infinity⁣
Desperately grasping for that same coat⁣
And meeting you instead ⁣

I haven't told you as such⁣
And likely never will⁣
You will remain, nevertheless⁣
Sole witness to my hidden crimes⁣
Ones you've caught me in⁣
Elusive pray as I am⁣
Jayesh Nov 2019
A clock has ticked⁣
For longer than I've known ⁣
Small sounds,⁣
Ones I've left ignored ⁣

They've been there⁣
Through it all ⁣
Silent companions ⁣
Ticking ticking ticking ⁣

It may have been simpler⁣
If they had remained so⁣
Accompanying travelers⁣
Treading along their own pace ⁣

I know not ⁣
When they began to slow⁣
a subtle change,⁣
Yet, one I couldn't help notice ⁣
Ticking ticking⁣

I felt them⁣
Crawling up⁣
Feeling them, truly ⁣
New faces, though somehow familiar ⁣

They soon began to still⁣
Settling into me⁣
Pinpricks portruding out⁣
Drawing out their own gore⁣
Ticking ⁣

Quite it's on pacemaker⁣
Counting down ⁣
To a demise, of sorts ⁣
One I can't ignore⁣
Atleast, not anymore ⁣

A beat with its own rhythm
Under it's own rule
Jayesh Sep 2019
I've begun to hear,
As of late,
Ear planted on silent Earth
Invested in morose beatings
Ones others can't seem to hear
No matter my pleadings

They are resolute
Stead-fast in their delivery
As if leading erratic rhythms
Keeping muted rebellions
From being truly heard

Perhaps they're correct
Tilting heads upon my sight
Yet, they refuse to hear
Deaf to these rumblings
Ground shaking to unconcerned feet

I've heard crying at times
Teardrops falling to fixed impacts
Building steady streams
Ones I haven't dried
Reaching up to wipe them away
Only to give in, once again
To these morose beatings

It may be easier,
To be deaf, eternally,
Like the concerned eyes around me
Not being forced into this steady beat
Feet grooving to mixed rhythms
Isolated, despite my unheard pleadings

However, it holds comfort
An estranged embrace
Tinged with warm streams
Ones which I haven't dried
Moving to stead-fast rumblings
Sounds I've begun to hear
As of late
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