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words are bullets and
i have been shot by you too
many times to count
murdered so effortlessly
the bullets slip from your tongue
A tanka poem. syllable pattern 5-7-5-7-7 though challenging to write at times. Today, I am up for it.
I think I love you
Honestly, I know I do
but I'm scared to take a chance
on you loving me too

Because no one ever stays
to help pick up the pieces
they just break my heart and run
they come right at midnight
and leave before the sun
In a room full of men
with their flashy clothes
and exotic cars
I only see you
Your soul shines brighter than the bling
your laughter penetrates me
it makes me feel free
in a room full of counterfeits
you are the real thing
The best moments in life
are the moments spent
next to someone you love
not necessarily talking
not necessarily doing anything
but sharing the same air
in my mind you are there
sitting next to me
inhaling the soft aromas
that nature provides
we, together being kissed by the sun
melting together two people in one
because you are that someone I love
the one that I long to be beside

will you come with me?
can we adventure together?
If I had to do it all over again
and it was guaranteed that I would get you
I'd do it
How many drafts do you have? Today am studying and clearing out my drafts. Yet another letter to a lover.
If in the end
you reach your hands up
to move the vail
from your lovers face
and the eyes you look into
are not mine

I hoped I loved you
in such a way
that you are free
to love her beautifully

I want to kiss your wounds
I want to set you free
with my love

I want you to look back
and remember us
knowing in your heart
that you were truly loved
It's been 3 weeks since I heard your voice
our love lost in a sea of unfinished txt conversations
21 days since I heard your face
and I am questioning everything
because how can someone who wants so much
go so long without seeing me
or hearing me
and still be okay
I am not okay
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