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  16h jerelii
Jon York
Life is about change.
Sometimes it's painful.
Sometimes it's beautiful.
But most of the time it's both.
Sometimes you keep a lot
to yourself because it's
difficult to find people who

But never regret being a good
person, to the  wrong people
because your behavior says
everything about you, and
their behavior says enough
            about them.

Love doesn't keep score.It
wipes the record clean each day.
It says good  morning to today
and goodbye  to yesterday.

Some people want material things,
me, I just want peace, happy times
            &  people to love.

The mind will not always remember
exactly what happened, but the
heart will always remember the
                                  ­                                                     Jon York   2019
I Love You All, with the Love of the Lord too.
I Love You All, with the very heart of Jesus.
I Love You All, For Everyone of You are Special.
I Love You All, for Each of You are Awesome too.
I Love You All, with a Truly unconditionally Love.
I Love You All. and know this Friend You are Amazing.
I Love You All, and I shall always keep You in Prayer.
I Love You All, For You each really are very Special.
I Love You All, and Jesus Loves You very much as well.
jerelii 2d
I found
that real connection
to communicate
with people,
through poetry.
March 22,2019
At the top
Of your lungs

Never trust
The wrath of
An angry Tongue

Your mind Racing

When your heart
is shattered

Quiet your Head
You regret
What you have said
Have you ever tried to stop yourself when you’re so angry.?you know anything that comes out of your mouth is going to be bad.
many people run  their mouth and anger while others choose their words wisely
Yet cutting deeper.
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