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jerelii Apr 9
I confess to the moon
The object that got me fly
On repeat to the sky
I called out my name
If she's still excite,
Of the things she embrace the most
I confess to the moon
Where the stars locate
My heart that beats
The beads to my soul
I confess to the moon
If ever your far away from me
Let me hold your hands
When it's cold
Because of winter and spring
  Apr 9 jerelii
Bijan Rabiee
Colored clouds furnished the sky
Pink, yellow, orange and white
Imparting mystic images
Stimulating the view
The messages my heart decoded
To be from fire eroded
The gods and goddesses of yore
Rejuvenating my calor
The caress of passing breeze
Seemed no longer mundane
Flock of birds wafting above
Deity formation in disguise
The rays of Sun a rapid river
Flowing into ocean of air
In high plains i heard a song
Soothing my wounded crown,
Inebriating my spirit
Such calmness i had never felt
Such state far beyond pain
As the moments began to last
Intensifying my soul's goal
Time admonished the Earth to roll
And diminish the light fast
Where day endured becoming past.
jerelii Apr 8
Another day to make my dreams come true
Sending all the love that may nurture me
And the people I loved
I'm thankful for all the experiences
that I've been through
The lessons in life that taught me
to voice out and to stand up.
With courage in my heart
With practice of moving forward
With attentive eyes
I found my way
To understand each of them.
the natural resources
of mother earth's biggest
influences to me
That is what, it keeps me grounded.
April 8,2021
jerelii Mar 16
Innovative and directed line
Surmount the hidden image
Of humanity
Mark in the center of society
Carve in a decent manner of time
To which it tose for graded memories
To the moment of being alive
Retrace the forgivable soul
Immense in flesh of the roots
To mind that causes stressful thoughts,
That linger in vain
Life that hold on to life
Surpasses the idea of faith
Desired the true meaning
Of immeasurable words.
Enlightened and highlighted
The healing process
That you need to recover
and divert with water
To touch the sense of the nature.
March 16,2021
A flight of freedom
Wings spread wide
The eagle soars
Its shadow on the promenade
Clear and bright
In the offing
The skyline soars
  Mar 10 jerelii
“Falling in love” is a contradiction in itself, because in love there is only the rising, the ascending, not the falling.
You can not fall in love, but rather, rise.
jerelii Mar 10
Staying alive
By bringing goodness
In each other.
Breathe and take
Breathe and live
Breathe and feel
March 10,2021
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