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jerely Sep 11
From thy heart that speak
Untangled strings of thoughts may
Dreams and hope be free
jerely Sep 11
Go hide
Never tried
Resist me
To find
It fade
To time.
The endless
Especially you,
Dont make me
A tiny little whin.
  Aug 10 jerely
Limem Ali
During the heat
Can't feel my feet
Or even across the street
So hot to go out
My skin is melting and i'm hiding out
Luckily can't catch the sun
This is not fun
This is summer
This is no time to make a snowman or wearing an umbrella
This time is meant for the beach
Please someone take me to the beach
Someone with a truck or car
I'm too far, please someone come
so i can reach.. the beach
Cause now fresh cold water is all i need and is all i think of.
jerely Aug 10
Like a shadow that follows
The light that flows
In a sea of beauty and despair
To hold
In a city of cherry blossoms,
as sweet as serendipity blues
I found in you.
Aug 10,2022
  Aug 10 jerely
once upon a time
the universe ached for you
it longed for your soul to be formed
so in response
the oceans and stars collided

and when the waves settled
and the stars aligned
you were created
molded from the salt of the seas
and the stardust from the sky
~remember, you have the strength of the ocean
and the power of the stars within you.
  Aug 10 jerely
my mind is a maze
and i no longer
wish to find the
  Jul 28 jerely
          These thoughts
are a haphazard
of moments,
           and scents -

  caught in a
      persistent loop…

         Such it is,
   that they herald
       no known beginning,
and yield
     no foreseeable end.

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