If I could lock this all up in a bottle
Fill it with stones, I'd throw it into the water
And watch it as it drowns
All my sorrows, all the pain
Along with the disasters and too many betrayals;
From those that I loved most,
Or so I thought,
But it turned out they weren't themselves at all.
It doesn't sting it just tears
Everything completely apart.
As for the last, I had already learned why not to trust
But still you have to trust someone even though you know not,
Because that's just the way that the world has to turn.
You still believe a few,
However you believed them all when they were false.
But you have to put faith somewhere so you do,
Yet you're still terrified these as well aren't true.
If only it were a foolish boy
Then life would live on and it wouldn't matter,
Because anyway it's to be expected:
That guys will break girls hearts.
No, if only, but no
Instead they're your best friends.
Except they're not,
Everyone's just fake now.
There's no realists anymore.
If I could wash away the deceitfulness they gave,
Maybe someway a wound could heal.
But it can't 'cause it's too deep
And infected with grief of those you thought existed;
Instead everyone is just misleading and manipulative.
The worst thing because you could never see it coming,
Until it crushes you to near death.
Betrayal at its best.
Fakers at their worse depth to the innocent.  
There is never an end
Just torture.

Holly Swift Mar 2015

As humans
during our
first year of life
we are supposed
to learn
how to trust
other people
for the

but what are
we supposed to do
as we get older
and the hurt
and the pain
won't subside

what about
our learned
of trust
goes away

what about
when we
lose ourselves
and we are not

Erik Erickson's Stage Theory: Stage One of Eight
Gavin Barnard Oct 2014

I broke my heart today.
Left it in the dirt, shattered.
Who needs one anyways?
Love always leaves you scattered.

My light has left me once again.
The darkness is my only friend.
I don't need light's deductibles,
Without friends, I'm indestructible.

My river is flowing away
With my blood and dreams.
Nothing is ever here to stay.
Not even my many queens.

All I want in life is to be alone.
Gone without the temptation.
They've turned me into a stone
Worthy of fragmentation.

Everybody wants only lust,
And never ever true love.
I've built in deep mistrust
To leave behind just dust.

"But you changed this all for me"
Clindballe Jun 2014

Our eyes meet unexpected. In confusion and mistrust you look away. As your eyes turn back down you hit your hand in your papers. A sigh of irritation finds it way out of your mouth. I've got nothing left to say, so I turn around and leave. That moment is where I realize that everything is said and done.

Written: June 19. - 2014
A Thomas Hawkins Jul 2010

No arguments were made
or evidence exposed
convincing bad assumptions
turned the open sign to closed

If that is all it takes
baseless suspicion, fear and doubt
perhaps thats the sign you're looking for
the one that lets you out

There's been no misinformation
no vagueness and no lies
but every now and then
I see doubt creep in your eyes

I can't help you solve this issue
only you choose who to trust
but there's no relationship without it
you can't get by on lust.

As for me well I trust everyone
until they show me I should not
better that than throw it all away
over something soon forgot

Crystal Erickson Dec 2014

Allow me some time to play with your mind.
For your feeble thoughts have kept you blind.
Look into my thoughts of morbid mental vane.
I am entering your soul now, you feeling empty pain.
The deepest crypts within your dreams
swallow up your wretched heart,
and drown its pulsing gleam.
Then, when your twisted heart
so venomously does subside...
the poisoned blood runs cold,
as evil takes over pride.
I leave your tortured mind with great disgust.
For evil has consumed you.
Your fate I mustn't lust.

© Crystal Eriskson

This poem was written from the point of view of a Vampire looking at a mortal.  Seeing their evil as their unwillingness to accept vampires as just another species of predator.  Seeing mortals society and way of life and how they treat each other as evil and not lusting after the fate of death as vampires can not die.

When a kid
I used to put
My boot
On the wrong foot!

A grown up
I put trust
On the wrong heart!

Now I make a mistake of a different nature
schadenfreude Aug 2014

but you were not there
when everything was falling down

so dont tell me
that you wont ever leave

because i once believed in your words
but it led me to something treacherous

Amy H Sep 2015

How can I believe
by light of stars,
the things you speak?
I can see it in your eyes
the wine
makes inhibitions weak.

In this light
I'm special.
But this eve I know
that tomorrow
I'll be hidden;
nothing will show.

The faith you see,
the trust you feel
won't hang upon the wall.
By sobriety of sunlight
you'll have
no need to call.

Intoxicate my brain.
But fire in my soul,
is not as high.
When no one
tends the glow
the embers die.

You, master
teach me
what forgetting is.
My back is turned.
I have no need
and nothing to give.

Taken for granted.  Nothing gained, nothing ventured.  Even in zoology and anthropology, the dove will leave when nothing can be won from a hawk.
Jeffrey Pua Jan 2015

She cannot piece back
The dismembered parts
Of her Butterflies.

© 2015 J.S.P.

Ottar Jun 2014

The muck I made
        stuck to me boots
water and soil, I grow roots,
enough to stay put in one place,
look me in the eye, and stare me in the face,
dare to go where your dare takes you, a disgrace,
the lies,
the gossip,
takes hyssop,
                          to cleanse this vessel soiled,
                                          by those who toil,
with evil in their hearts,
sparks that start,
let them believe they are actually alive,
it is sad,
it is me that has to break it to them,
it is they who have died to the truth,
it is the circle they surround themselves
that has drowned them
it is the honest life that has left them behind;
                                            bereft without hope...
they will fall away,
they have gone astray,
from what it is to be human.
Drama drama everywhere, only salty tears to drink.
Don't treat me like the animal, you have become.
It is a misadventure.

Don't ask, don't...for J
Adi Nov 2015

It takes a lot for me to trust a person.
But not a lot for me to be loyal.
I'm always willing to hold a person's life in my hands,
But seldom will I let someone hold mine.
I'm always willing to listen to someone,
But seldom willing to talk.
I don't trust people often
And it's because I don't trust
My opinions,
My decisions,
My emotions,

"Know yourself,
Know your worth" - Drake
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