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hear, hear
through your skull
stuffed with thick tears
grahamcracker mud pie at pop's,
rest his soul
the rush of new friendships,
the faith in letting go

reading when you’re lonely,
chillin' while you’re old,
rivers in the blinding heat,
campfires in the cold

car rides with the windows down,
jogging with the pooch,
biking through a foreign town,
stealing a native smooch

gum drops,
lemon heads,
marshmallow peeps,
sunday dinner,
local meet-and-greets

snow days,
warm winter days,
soup to ward the flu,
big-puppy days,
and coming home to you
for you.
two times the charm
a gallon of tears
bedtime rituals
and the most out of life

the glass is half

a ring made of your mind
tickets to dreams
freedom from blame
and three handfuls of safety

it's but half
square one
the disease of despair

symptoms, not causes
of the brown blood
drained from swines'

gather up your coat
and your hat
for the primetime
in solidarity
winter's brush
could not blend
the prints left
by your face

at the first
dew of spring
you renewed
dried up roots

with the last
you were near
as the sun

as I fall
for the ruse
my heart waits
under leaves

in the dark
now I see
that you've gone
til next year
Triple-meter prose, for the elusive
I’d give you my love,
but my love just wouldn’t do, dear.
If only you could use my love.

Then I’d give you a hug
and a kiss so soft that you wouldn’t fear
what you’re dreaming of, my love.

Oh, why then, love,
why do you cry then, love?
Why don’t you try
some of what I’ve
been thinking of?

Darling, I’ve seen what’s above
and it’s you, but you can’t see the truth.
Let me lift you up, my love.
Lyrics for an AABA swing jazz song.
Piano melody singalong @

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they say there is more to learn than not.
that children are the future.
shaping young minds is
most admirable.
working through ways
for a few hours
makes up for lifetimes without.
the gift of knowledge
makes all the difference.

it is not our place to
tell them how to be.
we can only show them
for a young student who worked through his emotional attachment to a "pet bug" during recess time.
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