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Nina May Feb 2021
I wanted you to be real
I wanted you to be real
Like a fire on a cold evening

Glowing, a spark
For a moment
A short second here,
Now a while gone

I feel the emptiness inside me
Like you’ve taken my fire too
Frozen in my chest
I’m not ready to let go

Little thing I love
Little heart I loved
Like a butterfly’s wings,
one day we’ll meet again
Nina May Apr 2020
When I think of everything I wish for
Everything turns to you
I look for the bluest skies
And I find them when our eyes meet
The strength to carry me across mountains
Falls exactly in your arms
Regardless of all the silk my hands may touch
My finger tips crave the coarseness of your hair and the coolness of your skin
When I think of everything I wish to be
Everything reminds me of you
The confidence to push beyond my fear
Your perseverance is my lead
My mind wanders at what our future may hold
To which my feet remind me I am grounded beside you
When I think of everything you have given me
Everything is inexplicable, unquantifiable, and I am beyond grateful
Nina May Mar 2016
I wrote about you twice,
whispers at the time,
You're someone I was supposed to meet later, but time is man made and my feelings remain the same
told you straight, I love you,
so similar to the sunrise,
you came to early it seems but I'll keep you anyway
Are you just as afraid
that I'm something worth staying for?
I know you're afraid of heights but I'll be holding you on the way, where the drop becomes a climb  
thank you for hearing me, when no one else would
I'm afraid my songs have no rhythm without your melody
Nina May Dec 2015
Have you ever stayed awake at night 
Wondering if everything you’ve done 
Is to stay alive or die

Those nights when sleep seems futile 
And dreams are nightmarish 

Bringing up fake memories and wishes
Leaving you empty and speechless

I promise not to do anything rash, 

But these feelings are lurking

And my sadness is moving 

Trying to avoid waking up 

Cause you don’t know how you’ll feel tomorrow 

I like to smile in the mirror every once in awhile to remind myself

To make sure that when I fake it, it’s not too much or too little 

To make sure when it’s real, I can feel it
Nina May Oct 2015
something slipped behind my eye
I can feel it there sometimes
It creeps up to the corners but buries itself before I can catch it
It sleeps within my pupil, so the light doesn't disturb it and if there is a day it may decide to leave, I will miss the lingering feeling of something crawling behind my lid, making its way up to my tear  ducts and back again

I thought maybe it would travel from eye to eye but it chooses to reside in only the left.  I think it may be cause its the closest to my heart.

It only emerges when someone is trying to look with in
but it knows better and hides again

Maybe one day it'll burrow its way into my body but for now it seems comfortable seeing as I.
Nina May Oct 2015
Dust on fans, cluttered rooms
you're still beside me
I know that's true
red nights, take it how you like
you're still beside me  
I have to thank you
Darker thoughts, and mistrust
you've reassured me, no matter what
I trust you, I do
Past has bruised me,
but eventually they disappear
yours have not, I see that daily
Ill tread with caution,
you seem to save me
Daisies, and messy clothes
my muddy water remains,
We share a lake, you and I
with turtles, fish, and cranes
dragonflies coasting above our rippled waters
our lake is never dry,
you seem to save me,
you and I.
Nina May Jan 2015
I'm learning to live outside of the confines of fear;
refusing to be imprisoned by my anxiety
The tingling in my chest may turn to shackles some days but my fingers are still free to search for a key
Dark thoughts may create a fortress around me but this can not stop me from building beauty with it's walls.
Tempting it may be to lay down and freeze but there are flowers which blossom even in the winter.
I'm learning to live outside of the confines of fear; refusing to be battered  by worry.
Often it may seem that aspirations are whimsical dreams, but with each moment of lucidity I will find footing.
Tomorrow I may wake up burdened by shadow, but I've learned to make sure the shadow is never my guide.
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