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Michael LoMonaco Feb 2019
We like to put a number to levels,
Utilizing a scale for expression.

Using measurement to rate happiness,
Applying a scale to convey fear.

Some scenarios of magnitude proportions can’t be accessed,
Such as the righteousness of God’s love.

Accepting the high measurement just as intense,
Without putting a value to intensiveness.
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
When we are offended,
Revenge is not recommended,
Even through harm was intended.

It’s a complex situation,
One that causes frustration,
But it’s best to form a foundation.

Do not fight the opposition,
Lead with strong ambition,
Take a stance with definition.

There is no gain with hostility,
Only leading to irritability,
So choose the route of responsibility.
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
Survival on earth has its ups and downs,
Like a roller coaster taking you on a zigzagged ride.

Pain and pleasure will shift throughout living,
Swinging back and forth usually without any notice.

Destiny’s plan will keep swaying,
As the ride will always consist of rocking.

Even though this journey is full of twist and turns,
We can still learn how to live with fluctuations of life.
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
The favorable column should dominate,
Banishing fake avenues that transpire from negativity.

The con list will grant false promises,
Even though optimism is provided in the short run.

The dopamine effect of cigarettes delivers brief relief,
Yet generates many harmful conditions years ahead.

When kicking any bad habit with encouraging harms,
Focusing on the pros will direct you to the right path.

The route to a better you will always have barriers,
But strong determination will guide you to success.
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
When you possess the *** of gold,
We shouldn’t keep the wealth to ourselves.

The inspirational path offers fortune,
Delivering hope to the disadvantaged.

It starts by pursuing virtuous ways,
Aiding for the greater good.

Inspiring though that great action,
Providing assistance with a smile.

To spark a revolution of righteousness,
Making a difference one deed at a time.
Michael LoMonaco Jan 2019
Progress tends to hit a barrier,
As advancement to take a step backwards.

Disappointment could take us off the track,
Causing all gains to be completely lost.

Even though you take a step back,
You are still ahead by one stride.

You lose five pounds of fat by determination,
Then gain three pounds through indulging.

Succeeding doesn’t demand perfection,
But it requires you not to quit the mission.
Michael LoMonaco Dec 2018
The scenario is unhappy one,

Frustrated with the current conditions.

Chaos is dictating the conscious,

With the devastation manufacturing pain.

Alter the nightmare by shifting gears,

Rising from the misery by envisioning bliss.

The imagination is a strong tool,

Modifying horror with peace.

Enter a place where the sun shines,

By producing visions of tranquility.

Viewing the palm trees through images,

Reaching paradise without leaving home.
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