Society says tears of a man shows weakness,
That the warrior can no longer fight with honor.

He lost his ability to fight with his sword,
Unable to show aggressiveness in battles.

Sorrow from lost love is a justified defense,
Agony by the torturing whip breaks the man.

Resistance from not crying drains stamina,
A war all men lose by the hardships in life.
The struggle isn’t a walk in the park,
But winning the war doesn’t require a miracle.

Saying this operation requires tough skills,
Describing talents you don’t possess.

Referring it as a suicide mission,
Stating that you will never recover.

That the quest will lead to self-grief,
Causing continuous days of misery.

You were called up for deployment,
Whether the critics like it or not.

It is a duty to take on your assignment,
Fighting for the right to success.

Because if you don’t battle in the conflict,
You will be eaten by regret your entire life.
When people insist a goal is farfetched,
Decisiveness prompts the will to excel.

Self-encouragement is on a mission,
Battling criticism by trying to succeed.

The world is in a destructive war,
Attacking on every side to beat success.

Engaging risks that can harm potential,
As threats by civilization conspires talent.

Struggling with enthusiasm to win glory,
Sparring the enemy through self-dignity.

Applying discipline to an opposed cause,
Desire for victory duels with a sharp sword.

The ambitious purpose can defeat the odds,
Not surrendering for diligence of passions.
Dread can cast a shadow over confidence,
Trapping you as a prisoner pinned by fright.

Crawling underneath the isolated ditch,
Hoping that avoidance will expunge fear.

Always hiding in that tiny corner,
As valuable time is being wasted away.

That dark cloud will haunt you if not conquered,
Always inflicting terror while controlling your life.

It’s never easy to confront apprehension in the face,
But a necessary task to break free from the darkness.
The human tendency craves a desire,
Hungry for that item we don’t possess.

Upset that we don’t own that luxurious product,
Bothered by the fact that we don’t own more.

Instead of focusing on the missing,
Cherish the valuables that currently bring joy.

We can dwell on what is absent,
But let’s be grateful for what is terrific.
When misery controls my cognitions,
The bottle calls my name from every direction.

Trying to lure me in at my weakest moment,
Alcohol attempts to draw me back to addiction.

The cravings are strong when I am vulnerable,
But I fought too hard to give up on a long war.

Surrendering sobriety if I get drunk,
Forfeiting the happiness I achieved over the years.

Continuing to deny the false promises of the drink,
So a bright present and future could evolve.
Always trying to break living down to a science,
Attempting to offer easiness to complexity.

Striving for an easier route to convenience,
So a difficult world can more practicable.

Unplanned events will block simplicity,
Causing disturbances of complications.

Life always throws an unexpected curve ball,
Different from that typical fastball.

We can plan ahead for a simplified approach,
But continually be ready for that nasty pitch.
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