That feeling doesn’t come from an evil pill,
Nor from a bottle of whisky.

This high is supplied by determination,
Winning the battle through end results.

Fighting for my right to happiness,
Climbing all the hills to reach my destination.

Combating every obstacle to advance,
Finally approaching the top of the mountain.

The war wasn’t won easily,
But willingness eventually prevailed.
Anticipating the absolute worst.
Needing to escape the situation.
Xanax isn’t a pure solution.
Isolation becomes worse with time.
Everything seems out of control.
Taming abnormal fear by recognition.
Yoga is very a therapeutic approach.
An acrostic poem.
Depression doesn’t pick its victims through color,
Anxiety won’t select its casualties by ***.

The rich and poor can be picked,
As mental illness doesn’t care about money.

No matter how much strength a person possesses,
Mental illness can still prey on people.

This disease doesn’t discriminate,
Affecting anyone all across the board.
Positive emotions are consumed by negativity,
As pessimism is running the entire show.

Staying loyal to the journey of peace is hard,
As despair can formulate immoral views.

When misery dominates the soul,
The righteous cause must live within.

Pleading an allegiance to your principles,
Faithful to virtue as you refuse to surrender to sin.
Pain is part of the plan today,
As misery claims today’s tournament,
But agony didn’t win the championship.

Tomorrow is meant to be played,
One which improvement can strive,
To start another day on a happy note.

Battling the remaining hours left,
Attempting to survive torment,
Using current time to heal wounds.

Even if the sun isn’t shining,
The next day begins a fresh test,
With a chance to excel in a new exam.
Disappointment stings through shame,
As remorse by immorality burns the conscience.

Remembering errors tears the soul,
Punishing yourself by visions of past sins.

Dismay from history doesn’t have to scar,
Even if previous wrongdoing can’t be repaired.

Being remorseful not for erasing guilt,
But for the sole purpose of selfless virtue.

Learning from historic moments,
Preventing mistakes from repeating.

Once wickedness is replaced by righteous ways,
Fulfillment will be built on virtuousness.
The tradition of bad repetition is a cycle,
As harmful actions repeat the same plot.

Morals by history are not mastered,
When the tale is reliving like a rerun.

With the recognition of past mistakes,
Freewill can change the course.

Once the power to choose is recognized,
Determination will build a positive pattern.
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