Craving the desire to travel alone,
Trying to reach the finish line without help.

The obstacle course presents threats,
As the journey becomes overbearing.

Thirst and starvation requires assistance,
With fatigue pleading for nourishment.

Requesting aid when weakness prevails,
Or when lost while seeking the destination.

Feelings of humiliation shouldn’t arise,
As desperation needs to cry out for support.

Mercy is allowed if too tired to jump hurdles,
And when confused about the direction.

Guidance is a necessity that’s required,
As imperfections on earth will always emerge.
Learning morals from inexperience,
As young ones discover the path through mistakes.

Understanding life lessons by trial and error,
Comprehending wisdom after repercussions.

It’s a circle that keeps spinning until maturity,
Repeating errors that are uncovered by exploration.

Youths will defy authority figures with pure passion,
Or can perceive education as completely useless.

Once maturation has reached its peak,
We can usually see the ignorance of such a mindset.

To one day try to teach the right route,
Even through our children will follow the same trail.
There is no gold for the best deeds,
Sometimes, a thank you isn’t even present.

We commit virtue because it’s right,
Not for a very special prize.

There are no points for entering heaven,
Just strive to be a good person every day.

It starts with small gratitude,
Like helping the needy across the street.

Making a difference based on selflessness,
Not for earning a seat into paradise.
Limits are not an option,
Battling to complete a mission.

Throwing away the cane,
As I sprint to the finish line.

The curse of mental illnesses won’t weaken me,
Medical impairments will not slow me down.

With too many priorities to achieve,
There is no room for any fragility.

Complexity will always surround the cause,
But reason will always prevail against defects.

No disability will ever hold me back,
As I fight a war opposing disorders.
Devised before the moment of birth,
A blueprint was created by God.

A chain of events that will take place,
Designing a predestined future that shall occur.

These trends are all part of the plan,
Setting up a test built upon virtue.

The pattern consists of many barriers,
A journey one must complete for glory.

The trail will provide two dictions,
Providing an exam based on faith.

A road which offers darkness,
And a route that provides light.

The almighty already knows your choice,
Foreseeing the quest that’s already predicted.
Blissfulness has hit a brick wall,
Colliding against the barriers of hardships.

Unable to discover the joys in life,
As despair kills all of the pleasure.

Cause is misplaced by unanswered questions,
Replacing purpose with unjustified critique.

Lying in a pool filled with misery,
With motivation at a standstill.

That rut puts us in a downward spiral,
But we can certainly stand again.

In order to conquer the slump,
We must lift ourselves up from the water.
Cash is mandatory for existence,
Using currency to survive life.

Money can’t buy me purpose,
A feeling that thrives in the soul.

Seeking out meaning that’s priceless,
Causes which gold can’t purchase.

Time is mostly spent on forming reason,
Even finding dedicated motives at work.

Wealth is secondary to devoted ambitions,
Achieving trails that secure avenues of intent.
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