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Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
I found myself today
I found my strength, imagine that
on the breath of a shy whiskered cat
imagine how great to drift out of yourself
Float off through the night to see your desires
The beautiful feeling of being unrestrained by your skin
To look upon the face you can not replace
and see them smiling and happy
I love to dissolve in the street lights hue
and dance on the rain spinning around you
You know I'm there but you can't find me
No matter how hard you stare, but you can feel me
If we could meet on an astral plane,
we could fly together and make love in the rain

© Crystal Erickson 9/21/08
Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
Allow me some time to play with your mind.
For your feeble thoughts have kept you blind.
Look into my thoughts of morbid mental vane.
I am entering your soul now, you feeling empty pain.
The deepest crypts within your dreams
swallow up your wretched heart,
and drown its pulsing gleam.
Then, when your twisted heart
so venomously does subside...
the poisoned blood runs cold,
as evil takes over pride.
I leave your tortured mind with great disgust.
For evil has consumed you.
Your fate I mustn't lust.

© Crystal Eriskson
This poem was written from the point of view of a Vampire looking at a mortal.  Seeing their evil as their unwillingness to accept vampires as just another species of predator.  Seeing mortals society and way of life and how they treat each other as evil and not lusting after the fate of death as vampires can not die.
Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
Sailing across a field on a machine of pure iron
He carries your weight as though,
you were merely a fly on his shoulder.
Pulsing in your veins echos the thunder, of each
consecutive hoof as it strikes the Earth in turn.
The wind taring at your skin.
Your eyes water painfully with its vengeance.
The land fly's by in fades of greens and blues
Time stands still and the world tips on end.

©  Crystal Erickson
This is the only way I can describe what I feel like when I am running my horses.
Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
A desolate town
Broken windows
Dusty roads
Rusted gates
Dead front lawns
Under a porch half rotted away
You'll find...
A cat nursing her kittens
New life, new beginnings
A star shines bright
In the dark night sky

© Crystal Erickson
written when I was in high school years ago.
Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
Fun is fun when it runs along in its merry way
but when the sky turns liquid gray
all the fun goes away
cause through my eyes
my dull gray eyes
I see right through your foolish lies
I know that you do not know
and I do not let it show
be that as it may
with my eyes of gray
powers of plenty
I look within my realms
of mind and heart
you can't look into them
you can't look away
from my enchanting eyes of gray
driving driving driven on
to other lands and a further dawn
the deserts sandy storm has blown
and all the dust be dusted clean
and filtered through the cracks unseen

© Crystal Erickson 2007
Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
Sizzle, sizzle, frazzle, froom
I sweep you away with my broom
Out of this house you no longer welcome
Shed not a tear, you don't deserve to
You torturer,
you leave me emotionally maimed
and bleeding on the floor.
I close my eyes, I close my door.
To look upon you never more.
Rash decisions of the past poison you now.
I am merely a temporary escape,
Or the freedom you seek perhaps?
Now look on me no more
For I havent the strength to help you soar.
I'm left bleeding on the floor
Are you sorry?  Want me to stay?
I can not, for I've found my way.
Finally I am free to be me
Whatever that is
Will part of me remain, bleeding on the floor?
Time will tell,
I leave you with your thoughts to dwell.

©  Crystal Erickson 12/03/07
Crystal Erickson Dec 2014
Sailing through sheer jagged thoughts
and cool running dreams
The merciless curse of emotion
overflowing the exhilarating streams

Witnessing the chaotic times
of the dark and ancient old
when the mystifying warriors heart
was branded honorable and bold

ever drifting ever more
in this sea without a shore
through this land of legends and lore
ever drifting evermore

Floating ever aimlessly
through translucent waters
seeing the weak of mind from this plane
exiling their sons and daughters

While beasts of burden trudge from within
the midsts of juxtaposing viking ships
ships of war and plague and death
that obliviously vanish within a breath

ever drifting evermore
in this sea without a shore
through this land of legends and lore
ever drifting evermore

Sailing after those laden beasts
that which so arrogantly stray
you see those morbid souls of life
so ominisqueskly carried away

To the ***** delight and warmth
of the strong and merciful earth
Away from this unknown land
Of legends miraculous birth

ever drifting evermore
in this sea without a shore
Through this land of legends and lore
ever drifting evermore

© Crystal Erickson 1999
I have been told this should be a song, however it was written as a poem!
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