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Mar 2015
Three small chunks of my soul
Ripped right out of my chest
          Every weekend

       The same **** thing
The hugs, tears and kisses goodbye
               With them
The screaming, mistrust and hateful words
               With him

The pain seems neverending
And never getting any better
       All the bridges burned
          a single

But regret can build and build
When you realize some bridges
             Can't be rebuilt

And yet
         I can't regret him
Or the pain he dealt to me
    Cause he helped to create
Those three small pieces of my soul

          And they may be small
      But put together
   They create my life as a whole

    Every Weekend
The same **** thing
        And it hurts
   Finally having that feeling
Like you're actually whole
         Then all three pieces
       Right out of my soul

And until next weekend
**I cannot feel whole
For Krystalyn, Klairety and KJ, my three beautiful children that I love dearly and miss even more when they're away from me.
Update: I haven't seen my children on two months, please copy and paste this link  read my story and help if you can, thank you.
The Girl Who Loves You
Written by
The Girl Who Loves You  Within My Heart
(Within My Heart)   
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