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1d · 149
pt. 3
Brumous 1d
He wasn't sure,
and this is what irritated him.
This sense of helplessness is what he despised.

"You're not fond of this, but all you talk about is yourself, right?"


How egotistical.
2d · 69
Brumous 2d
A little child was selling
burnt matchsticks in winter

They came across a man
as the child ventured the street

"Mister, mister,
please buy my matches,
I'm hungry, and I require
blankets to warm me."

The man gave
no regard of the child,
he walked away.

The wind blew harder,
and it was colder
than before

The child came across
a farmer carrying a bag of hay,
and they tugged the farmer's shirt

"Mister, mister,
please buy my matches,"

He simply looked
at the child, then left.
After a few attempts, the child lost hope.
It was cold after all, so the child thought of lighting
the last matchstick that was not burnt like the others.

And, it lit but barely warmed the child
After a while, the flame dimmed.
Yet, the child can only observe
whilst longing for warmth

The petite child snickers,
as a wintercearig feeling settled within
"A matchstick can't burn that long, silly me."
u h, I was bored.
But, I was inspired by Little match girl.
There was no winter in my country.
2d · 79
pt. 2
Brumous 2d
I'm not selfish!
You haven't experienced the weight and woe
that accompany me with each tick of the clock;

I was--no;
I always disapproved of the things I've done,
I've regretted trusting with such nativity,
I always offered too much

I wanted to be accepted,
so I did what I thought I should do.
I tried changing myself,
I attempted to be like them, and
to somehow be similar.

It was of pure envy,
I wanted to be like them
Attractive, and having
countless friends

I wanted and needed;
And, instead of being envious,
I was greedy or maybe both;

I kept on suppressing my own emotions,
I push back the tears before they even form.
I would look unpleasant if I allow them to fall.

With an effort to perfect myself,
I desperately tried to improve with
the talent that I possess.
I was frustrated
each time it looked--so horrible.

Yet, blinded by my own perfectionism,
I overlooked the progress made.

"What a fool,"
"I can't seem to cry even if I want to,"
-pt. 1
3d · 80
Brumous 3d
I don't write poems of love,
Why should I?
I like to make poems that are a little negative.
Yes, let's put it that way.
4d · 67
Brumous 4d
I want to let go of something I hold endeared,
it pains me so,
but it'll hurt me more
if I don't...
let go
I want to stop drawing for a long while...
5d · 53
Brumous 5d
Write it down;
in my dictionary

maybe I'll magically do it
Brumous 5d
the scent of strawberry lingers,
but I didn't like how smoke
crowds your room
6d · 65
Brumous 6d
one drop of fruitless satisfaction
two spoonfuls of unease
three teaspoons of emptiness
four quarts of loose tears

a handful of frustration
pints of jealousy
gallons of heaviness
dozens of loud music,
and a sea of thoughts

but a drop is enough for me to drown
My teeth hurt...
It's painfully sweet.
6d · 146
Brumous 6d
they say that simple is best,
that's why its not a surprise
that I feel so complicated...
7d · 75
A spirit's roar
Brumous 7d
What's to shout when you're all filled up and sad?
You weep like a newborn child,
Don't sit there like an idiot gone bad

No, no.
Sing it out, be mad!
Say it in a melody, make a beat
as if it's your only remedy

Express the sorrow and frustration
pretend it's your identity

Say, "Whatever, whatever"
Like everything will be in jeopardy
Such melancholy can never dance with me

If I stay forever as a child
living carefree and blind from reality...

If I become an adult with restraints
as I reach for a goal continuously...

I'll just be this sick ol' me
Giddy, confusing, with a thirst for epinephrine,
naive but still learning
I was inspired while listening to neru's songs and tried to make a poem with the beat of those songs and made a reference. So, I'll put the title of the songs below. (I can't put the link since it keeps getting an error)

Life Prolonging Treatment
Whatever whatever whatever
How To World *******
Jun 2 · 51
Brumous Jun 2
I stand on top of their bodies
which started from their hands
that remained fruitless
in giving...
Jun 1 · 153
Brumous Jun 1
A tear slipped
down your cheeks
so, I asked ​if you were okay

but you brushed it off
and didn't answer
May 23 · 197
Brumous May 23
Reaching out,
what was out of reach
the mountain of air
built by the ignorant, I

                            a waterfall
forms an empty sea

shouts of anguish
                         , whispers


               m e

a faucet
with nothing to;

n(a)ive girl
weeping from the sounds
of mockery
I feel so angry, sad and I hate myself.

As irritating as it is, I can't seem to cry even if I want to.
May 14 · 863
Brumous May 14
Everyone is walking,
and I'm here
standing alone

Time crashed
like waves--in the ocean
whilst it halted as
the shouts of silence began

I stood there til' the sun came to withdraw
from the moon's night sky;
All there is was the cold night breeze,
while the moon and stars accompany me

May 14 · 164
Brumous May 14
Rich, powerful,
with stunning beauty of a goddess,
That's you.

Yet, I do not hold any permanent loyalty.
I give them to anyone I see fit,
and you---are not worthy of that luxury;

"Not anymore."
Sometimes loyalty isn't my cup of tea, they are wasted too many times for me to count.
May 7 · 139
Your name
Brumous May 7
I tell the made-up stories of raconteurs
pouring their hearts out on empty paper

I help people learn, love, and laugh;
They dream with others as a source of
happiness, hope n' stuff

'your name' appears in books
that makes people cry

I am somehow a sanctuary of
people with dreams that remain fruitless
They use my name to fantasize about the times
they can never fully feel;

I, y/n.
Y/n is used in books called 'x readers,' y/n is an abbreviation of 'your name';
I wrote this from the perspective of y/n but, it isn't in the pov of the reader.

Y/n can be anyone, honestly.
May 6 · 152
A Gullible Fool
Brumous May 6
I once had a crush,
but I was not in love with them
maybe I liked them a tad;

But, I don't want to have one anymore;
It somehow frustrates me that I gave too much,
adoration, things, and such

Who knows if there are more people out there that never
realizes the value of one's trust;
May 5 · 25
Honeyed cigarettes'
Brumous May 5
Stop talking,
your words are caressing me;

Don't be such a candy,
you're too sweet and tempting;
along with that smoke
that never reaches
the amused
blood moon.
I do not smoke- I just wrote from someone's perspective. Though, this makes no sense
May 4 · 62
Brumous May 4
I gave you trust,
you gave me made-up flowers

We're both idiots,
aren't we?
This was supposed to be a haiku--never mind.
I never wanted it to be one
Brumous May 1
man, woman
I don't want to be that
I want to be me

instead of
keeping up with these
modern-day standards

oui, oui
I got nothing to do
just don't mind the title
May 1 · 345
Brumous May 1
"je t'aime à la folie,"

that's what you told me;
and honestly

it's stuck with me,
tell me it is just platonic
or else
I might develop

that shouldn't be
for you
Apr 29 · 279
Brumous Apr 29
I float without meaning,
just my head in the clouds
I'm stressing myself out,
just; to have recognition
that I can do something meaningful
and to distract me from the eyes of envy
that kills me slowly, oh so slowly
Even though I am far younger
then most people here
I long for the talents they have
because I am surrounded
by people
whose talents greater than I have
I take a scroll every day;
and see them
I don't like it;
it's okay
"It's alright,"
Since that's what
I always say
I feel like a fragment;
either reused as
something greater
want to
disappear without
trace; and memories of
the sea along with the sky;
that lacks
its own sense
a weird

I tried writing a poem using one word in mind.
I also tried making it look like a transverse wave.
Apr 28 · 186
Walking Marathon
Brumous Apr 28
The thing about time is that it seems so long,
yet it can easily slip out of our hands

It seems so hazy,
one goes fast
one is slow
and there is this one
that feels like a dream

I don't want to let go of it;
don't run
don't walk

don't stop
don't go.
I need more time
but you're going too fast
Apr 25 · 728
Winter; haiku
Brumous Apr 25
Your emerald eyes
pierced through the lavender moon
sheltered by blue
Second try on doing this :DD
Apr 24 · 111
Brumous Apr 24
talents are like seeds;
they grow
with proper love
and care

it takes a while to find one
but nurturing them seems

seeing others having them is amazing
"it looks beautiful,"

actually, I have one;
right here laying on
my small, soft hands

as years went by,
it flourished; showing a
delicate flower

I am simply overjoyed
maybe I got happy too much

since that naïve I
went to them
and showed them mine

without knowing
that perfection
was the base judgment;
and I was never passing that line

"what's the point of giving all MY time?"
'So, I sat by this plant;   watered it with envy;
as it bloomed dissatisfaction
built I with standards
as a meaningless façade,'
Apr 23 · 109
Brumous Apr 23
Summer in the equator,
this fire burning inside me;
wounds me

I hate it
cool it down;
Apr 23 · 513
Brumous Apr 23
I'll let go of this pencil
that continues to draw this
head filled with imagination

"behead me,"
and bring the endless ache of being
an insufficient being;
in this ideal world

'filled with feelings, pens & paint,'
it irks me that I make no sense

I hate that I'm not perfect like her.
Apr 22 · 117
Brumous Apr 22
Never to speak
in front
of an audience;
fearing to breathe
with the
curtains falling
as I cry
in shame
I had a presentation; Honestly, I just want to curl up in a ball and die;
Apr 22 · 280
Absquatulate; a haiku
Brumous Apr 22
I am hesitant
to pour less words on paper
left to drift away
this is my first time writing one; although right now---it's somewhat fun testing myself in trying something new; its not that good yet but, it is worth the try :D
Apr 21 · 253
Brumous Apr 21
It's funny how I always think of you,
as my sanctuary, someone I can run back to,
and tell that "I love you,"

But all there is a wonderful raconteur
that filled you with alluring words and beauty
All you are is a piece of art;
an illustration of imagination

I am head over heels for you
despite knowing how troublesome;
it is to me

In the end, all I can say--is that;
"She is my Wonderwall,"
I love her so much but...
she's far from real
Apr 21 · 355
Brumous Apr 21
What's the difference between man and woman?
When all there is---mistakes and clichéd mottos
We failed to fully respect each other,
and just disguised ourselves as gods

instead of being human
Yes, some live in a corrupt society.
Apr 20 · 239
Your mellifluous voice
Brumous Apr 20
was all I heard
by the time that you were
Apr 20 · 17
Brumous Apr 20
Sunset skies to find
you who is blown away by the wind
and I who tries to flow along with them
as a fallen leaf of a maple tree
Apr 20 · 197
Brumous Apr 20
Let's pleasure ourselves with physical games,
wear made-up names,
put on a facade

be someone
in a roleplay
Apr 18 · 766
Brumous Apr 18
Blue skies, city lights
in this broad planet
You can feel small,
and you'll never know why

Look at the mirror,
let out a pitiful sigh
Ask your reflection, "who am I?"
only to never hear a reply

You look away;
as silence pierces through your lungs,
you ask the person in front of you
if you were good

"no," they said.

You shall yearn for things you cannot attain,
envy to bring thyself more excruciating pain,
tell one the untruth just like you do to, I.

Face the mirror,
find yourself,
and meet me in due time.
Lost and stuck in a trance.

I still don't like the self that I see in the mirror every day.
Yet, pointing every part of myself out is the only way to keep me from dreaming too much along with its pain.

Being left to dream the impossible is the thing I despise,
for I cannot do what I want, and this leaves me inside a cage of lies.

Made by my own hands and mind.
Apr 17 · 281
Brumous Apr 17
My love can be oceans deep
vast yet beautiful;

As its waves gently drenching the sand,
all I can imagine is the warmth of your hand
No words can comprehend how much I love you

That is why even after crossing the seven seas
I might find myself drowning
if you got tired of me
We as humans, yearn, want, and need
Only to find ourselves; lonely and full of greed
Apr 15 · 1.3k
Brumous Apr 15
I want to grow up,
for I am incapable to go back
and relieve the feeling of my carefree self

that I once enjoyed
Apr 11 · 2.1k
Stone in water
Brumous Apr 11
I cannot speak, I cannot hear
I shall not feel, and I do not think;

For I am a stone,
that is better to be thrown away
I just don't know the problem; Maybe right now, I am too desperate to be liked by people and fill that void of my unknown desires

I hate it.
Brumous Apr 9
I dreamt of memories we had,
while gazing at the mundane downpour of the rain
as each splatter plummets to the ground;

I slowly realized that it wasn't "us" who had them
It's just me longing for you...

Waiting underneath the summer rain, trying to mend;
I, who was in vain

If our realities weren't such a pain,
maybe our love---no, my love for you
could blossom along with yours;

Instead of enduring the agony
of being unloved by this fictitious you
I can't help but love you,
but it is you who is untrue.
Apr 6 · 43
Brumous Apr 6
I noticed that all I talked about
is just myself being lost,
and not about an individual
who is found.

ye skies extended up and above

Clouds, forests, and roses
with its thorns peeking out
Mist of feelings swirling
like a roundabout;

Was I the one who chose to enter,
knowing that there is no way out?

Inside this maze, that leaves me to doubt
Apr 5 · 169
Water bed
Brumous Apr 5
The itsy ****** spider went up the water spout
down came the rain of dreams they'll never gain
Out came the sun along with the blinding pain

Now, the itsy bitsy spider went up, and feel it all again.
pretty dark, eh?

I got nothing to do
Apr 1 · 38
Rapacious Hunger
Brumous Apr 1
Let me crush those eyes that failed to see the beauty in them,
and hold your hand that held;
that warmth I always craved
The bitterness never leaves my taste,
even with my heart that you served on my plate.

"So, What should I do with the body?"

"Dispose of it, and make sure that it is never to be seen again."

(Yeah--- this was supposed to be about being envious but well being envious makes you hungry;

Gluttony, I suppose that in some way people have them.

We all have this starvation for the things we don't have or maybe we already do;

Although, satisfaction is yet far from its peak.)

Oh, I can't put this down the notes since I always get 502 bad getaway;
Mar 31 · 304
Child's mind
Brumous Mar 31
Knowing how vast the world is, makes me feel petrified
Yet, I am still in the mind box that I hide inside

I feel that if I take it off;

I'll see the fear and abomination
that always corrupted me on the outside.
So, I chose to stay within the walls of this box;
Instead of going through the fortress pain.

I knew that it has already destroyed me within.
Mar 25 · 307
Brumous Mar 25
All the roses wither, the flowers fall,
and I see vines over the wall.

The chair where a little girl once sat on;
was tied down by the roots, left to rot away.
Accompanied by bones, and memories of one who was in dismay.

A stranger strolls across the worn-out halls,
Rustle, rustle the leaves say.
Silence screams in his head, with each step forward.

The raindrops fall while tears
plummet to the floor;
Like your façade that affects all.

You came to me out of the blue, didn't you?
You came to me, yet left me so fast.
How could you?

How could you...
I had it as a draft :/
Mar 22 · 459
Brumous Mar 22
I hear the subtle sky call my name,
as my head stoops down in shame

My tears pour like rain
while I try to numb this
non-existent pain

I caught sight of things I wanted to be
yet standing still fills me with jealousy

Here comes ye ignorance
caused by unease and a halt of time

Even one's sentiment
ye words failed to define
sometimes, these words don't even say the things I want to share
Mar 18 · 278
Brumous Mar 18
The appetite of a people-pleaser cannot be appeased,

due to the want of satisfying everybody's needs
Mar 18 · 230
Brumous Mar 18
I want to be as happy people can be, and hide this lonely me

To take a quill,
And write a story,
Then find my real identity.
Mar 18 · 166
Brumous Mar 18
The wounds of breathing today,
Brews the anxiety of tomorrow.
Brumous Mar 10
The best pain of today
Is the hope you had yesterday,
Loosing to the regrets
of what is passed;

Now, pick up,
Pick up,
Pick up the shards

And wound yourself;
Wound yourself hard
2 in the morning, can't go back to sleep yet.
Mar 9 · 295
Brumous Mar 9
Waves crash as I look into the azure sea,
all this greatness is what I see;
and things I can never be

As I dwell in regret;
in this vast ocean
you thought that
you can never see the glimpse of light;

When you've hit rock bottom.
Every time that I look at the home section; all I feel is envy and the helpless pain of the void;  I try to fill always remains fruitless
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