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Liquid lies

Silvery white Mercury

Insulated potent

Exposed, slow poison
Onomatopiyya Jan 20
Same place
Different faces
Same path
Different paces
Same promises
Different lips
Same heart
Different lovers
Katy Jan 14
We both have this need for attention - to be loved
Being alone absolutely terrifies us
Yet we're content being alone together

He understands rules and knows how he should behave and so do I
However, we both falter at times - we can be a bit too much for some

I have sat and wondered endlessly about these things trying to figure out how we could be nearly the same
With the answer in front of me the entire time

Our pasts have shaped us
Both of us were left behind by the people we loved the most
We trusted them and they tossed us aside
The trauma of being thrown away and withered down made us who we are
*Finley is my dog*
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
तिम्रो बिचार पढेको भए
म ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला
बुझेको भए
झन् ज्ञानी हुन्थिए होला

मेरो चकचक
तिमीले बुझेनौ
तिम्रो ज्ञान मैले बुझिन
धन्यवाद ।
शैली : मुक्तक
Anya Sep 2018
Some people like my poetry
when I realize that
it's like a little
to my system
it's literally my thoughts

Slightly filtered?

Extra line breaks
to gain the
I require?

But, it's still basically

my thoughts
And people seem to
actually find
i n t e r e s t i n g
this is surely
the case with
many poets
not all
I'm sure,
of the ones I read


It's really

How we are able
to appreciate
each other's

Aa Harvey Jun 2018
United states

You and I are not so different,
But still we are worlds apart.
You and I are living with each other beneath the same stars.
You and I are different people, living ordinary lives.
You and I live under similar banners;
They tell me mine is a union,
You tell me yours are the stars and stripes.

But what each of us has inside, is the will to change;
The will to try.
What we have together is everything;
The only thing we always need, is more time.

Life is a fleeting illusion of a perfect dream,
Inside a story book fantasy; we each have our own Queens.
Books written for children and adults; the rich and the poor.
We are all capable of many things together, you and I.
We have many common denominators and we all want more.
New York to London and back again;
We are only separated by the sea and the sky.

We are not so different you and I;
They tell me of a union; you tell me of stars and stripes.
So let me read you a poem on this cold dark night,
That will tell us that you and I are not so different.
We are united by television.
Songs and the internet connects us
And we each have stars in our eyes.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Alice Apr 2018
I find similarities,
between society and cigarettes;
filtered and poisonous,
deadly, but yet so hard to quit and leave,
nabi 나비 Mar 2018
i've never been one to have the desire to always live in a small town
to know the story of everyone
and to have the map of the town tattooed to my palm
i've always liked the idea of unknowing
to not always know what's two streets away
to not know everyone in the city
and i've always enjoyed the beauty of it all
in a small town you will run out of views and sights eventually
but in a city, they are infinite
when its constantly changing you can see everything newly
new lights, new faces, new buildings, new streets
change to some can be intimidating
but change to me is something of beauty
and to prefer that over similarity is not wrong of me

I've always had the urge to live somewhere bigger than me
something larger than life i suppose
and It's the night that has shown me this
Once the streetlights turned on and we roamed the streets
I fell in love
Small towns only hard stars and similar roads
The cities held more to me
Was it wrong to fall in love with streetlights?
if only i could insert a picture here. I took the coolest picture of the view from my hotel tonight.
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