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been so conditioned to the
abuse that I set my mental timer to cry
b4 we must wipe away
my tears & fears
30 seconds
I was there when he broke your heart,
Like a savage,tore it into tiny parts,
A bit here, a bit there,
Scattered into shards everywhere.
I saw you  bleeding with sorrow,
As if there was no tomorrow.
I am sorry I could not help you heal your wounds,
For I  had not come around,
I  too, was bleeding,
In pain writhing,
He had left me too,
In pieces I am still unable to sew.
dmperez Jun 2016
Imminent grainy current
constrained in flight
a pile of past moments

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John D Feb 2018
Tick Tock
The clock inside me,
runs me ever so tightly
I hear the wheels in my mind
tossing and turning
I want these empty feelings to stop
but I know fate is inevitable

Tick Tock
The days of my life,
are set in a timer
The living air I breath
are soon to cease
The thoughts I feel
will soon lose meaning
A poem that I’ve written years ago, hopefully it is still well today (:
Ravanna Dee Jan 2017
After all, hourglasses are only filled so much.
Be happy.
Move on.
It's 2017 now! New year, new people, new decisions. Don't waste it fixating on something you can't control. Life is on a timer. Just keep going, somethings are bound to get better. ;)
Gideon May 2015
My heart is life bomb
With a count down timer
And it beats faster now
Reminding me my time is near

I wish that life wasn't so short
It had a lot of bad days yes
But with some good memories too

I see no paradise above
I don't think I'm on fire either
I only see the world
With no fairies in them

As my timer approaches zero
On this life bomb with no reset
I just lie back and wait
Waiting till I self destruct

— The End —