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Brumous Oct 3
I get these silly hiccups,
and it bothers me
but I'm far too sluggish,
so I let them be
a beat at a time.
Colm Sep 2019
You bade me come
Like blades of grass and shields of rye

Like wind in mountain meadows past
Like sun and moon and sky

Your hand outstretched a breath from mine
Midst mire known to sink

I reached
And took you in with a sight so deep

You bade me come alive
This one started with a sound, which lead to a sight, which lead to a question, and ultimately brought me here. THAT is how this came to be.
B D Caissie Sep 2019
I hate that I'm hyper-aware
Of my social hiccups despair

Equivalent scent of morose
A comical footnote to most

My firing neurons worst care
Is the circle of life is a square

sweet ridicule Mar 2015
I drink coffee every morning
spicy black coffee thick whole cream no sugar
cramps often fill my stomach  after
the concoction is swallowed but
it feels good
when my heart picks up and goes faster
jumping and throbbing a little precocious (for so early)

socorro socorro I am buzzing

you are hiccups
not going away
Pini de Roma 4th movement cannot numb me
like you do

I am thin and small (very small)
---anyone can hurt me but not really
tickle my feet and I'll kick harder than
if you cut my heart in half-ness

best friend soulmate unforgettable
your clothes smell like me (not you)
now --less intoxicating i sleep better--
but I love them terribly much because
you taught me to love myself so
best friend soulmate unforgettable
they still smell like you
through me
in me

i wish for her infinity
and our infinity
Asunder Jan 2015
Some people are like hiccups
First, they're annoying.
You try to push them away
then you get used to having them around
and suddenly they disappear.
Then it feels strange;
like an important part of you
is gone.
Gloria Nov 2014

Dang it. They're back.
Right when you least expect them.

Let me hold my breath.
One Mississippi, Two Mississi-

You think someone could be missing me?

It can't be you.
I just gave up on the concept of us.
How would you know I gave up?
Did your soul sense my pain?

They're gone.
You are my cure for hiccups,
and more.
In my culture, you get the hiccups when someone misses you. If you are able to guess correctly, you hiccups are supposed to stop.
Braulio Romero Sep 2014
Faster than a cloud
The hiccup was loud as any sound
I wish it never came out
Hoping it would go as far as the sky

Just this morning as I arrived home
There were many stars and the moon was eager to show me how
It formed in the sky in the middle like a target
Posing for the world waiting to be rediscovered

The bats and crickets were safe asleep
I keep humming to the birds that haven’t chirped around
Didn’t know it was easier than in dreams she had

— The End —