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Josephine Wild Dec 2023
The dolphins display
splashing pepper spray.

Marred marine
toxic plastics
flow through
the Gulf Stream
and blood streams
of Fish, Bird, and Man.

None safe in water.

None safe
on land.
Just came up with on a whim while looking at sketches of dolphins that I drew a while back.
Brumous Nov 2021
I've dreamt of floating near the coral reef,
with fishes swarming around me
Although concerns swallow it,
I'm afraid to dive deeper.
Should I breathe?

Raven Feels Jun 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, for the first time in forever I speak directly for no reason:)

guess what sad
literally don't know who I am

somebody is always touching you even the air
guess how many lives you touched not me
and you'll reach the middle of nowhere

want my body buried dug in the ocean deep a marine funeral
guess why the death is thinking about me
corpses floating around some fish some greens too numeral

maybe the sun today the last time sets flush
guess where I'm headed would be the end of me
make the best out of it is a matter that won't make me blush

                                                         ­                                  -------ravenfeels
Daivik Dec 2020
When I lived by the ocean
I used to see
The mighty blue sea
Which in turn saw me
With its ever azure eyes

Its tides used to rise
With the coming of night
And descend slowly
With the advent of light

I was always welcomed by
It's snow white crest
Which washed itself by the bay
I used to watch with wonder
The birds by its quay

The sound of the waves
Was like the song of the sea
Which brought with itself
Ships, salts, sand
And faraway land's numerous stories

The swash and backwash
Were like ballet of nature
Performed by the sea
Which I used to see
As the sea saw me
With Its ever azure eyes
As its tides used to rise
Sometimes low sometimes high
Zack Ripley May 2019
Today I stand beside you to honor those we love.
The ones who made it home, the ones still fighting, and the ones called to guide us from above.
Today, when they sing the national anthem, don't be surprised if you see me cry. It represents everything that makes me proud to be semper fi.
Today, it doesn't matter where you come from.
If you're here, you're American at the core.
Today, we celebrate everything we're fighting for.
Today, we'll visit our parents, daughters and sons
And tell them their war is over
"You can finally rest in peace. It's okay. Lay down your guns."
Whether you're a soldier, seal or marine, thank you for shielding us from all the things you see that should never be seen.
Chloe Nov 2018
So you wanna serve your country, huh?

Well to me, it seems like nobody’s fighting on the front.

Their all waiting for their grand opportunity.

Click. Click. Boom!

He went out with honors, y’all!

So you better believe it was all worth fighting for.

Now you’re telling me, you’re going into the Marines.

The few, the proud.

But doesn’t that mean I’m going to lose you, too?

Of course you’ll be working to make our country safer, but I’ll working behind the counter of a fast food restaurant.

You’ll be making life changing movements, but me, I’ll still be behind the books in the university.

So tell me, is it all the risk?

To lose you, and still come home a hero?

Because if you die, you’ll never play the basketball game you promised my kid brother.

You’ll never swish him in a pair of purple crocs.

You’ll never get to see me graduate.

But I will be serving my country, just not quite like you.

I’ll be saving lives, just not like you.

It’s pretty selfish of me, I admit.

But I don’t want to lose you, because I already lost myself.

You’re my first hello and my last goodbye.

Goodbye soldier, fight well for us all.
Midshipman Macky Jun 2018
To all my co-seafarers out there
We're a kind of man that is rare
Sailing port to port is never easy
It makes our mind look messy

Grieve to achieve more and more
We sail to make our own lore
It's hard to have a safe sail you know,
Just to make my times flow and glow

For our family's on our homelands
Too far but cannot cut our bonds
Even if we are far from our loveones
A day with them will be our lance

As we sail through depths of sea
Only the future in your eyes, I see
Partly inloved without a body,
Of me waiting to be full heartedly

It's sad to say how people judge us
Disregarding it but it has a mass
We don't talk for us to believe
Is these words is what you give?

They say we're fool and full
Fool to trust our "I Love You"
And full of girls that we've made "I do"
But they know nothing but judgements

It feels good when you're way back home
Stealing kisses and hugs that comes
Years or months? Sad but there's also weeks
But its fine even a peke on your chicks

It's hard when we need to leave again
Let we connect with a paper and a pen
Our eyes won't lie to "I miss you"
All I wanted is to be with you

As of now we're heading east
To sail to other lands for a fiest
Not to make love to other girls
I'll finish my job and buy you rose
Some seaferers were judge but the nature of their job in movies, well not all seafarers are not as bad as they seems
Chester Michaels Sep 2017

Piercing through that troubled gaze
The fields of war fill the vacant stare
Search for peace through the combat haze
Desperate for darkness back “over there”

Pondering fear of a lifetime ago
The desert’s pain fills the empty boots
Still at war, for peace they go
Down in hallowed ground, 21 gun salutes

Pour one more strong for the 22 a day
The men of war can take some more
Saint Peter’s gates open to light the way
Defenders of peace only brave this door

Place your battle outside on the floor
To the warriors’ home in vallhalla’s hall
Soldiers only, long after their war
Day after day, salute 22 More

Chester Michaels
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