stunning coral reefs
beneath the tidal oceans
a paradise place
colors blending beautifully
the world of marine finery

Sobriquet Feb 10

At dawn on my twenty fifth birthday
416 pilot whales beached themselves,
in the shallow tides at Farewell Spit.

I woke to rain on the wooden roof
of my new flat
and confused myself in unfamiliar blankets and
the words of your message,
written heartfelt and wobbly
in the early hours before morning,

caught in the marine ebb and flow,  
that stranded us too.

Rebecca Lynn Jan 16

There's something about the word Laughter
I always seem to have a smile when I hear that word
It kinda reminds me of Happily Ever After
The kind of ending that I will never get. But I can pretend, right?

I've read Cinderella as a child
I've dreamed that one day I would find Prince Charming
It was just an imagntion that ran wild
I found no Prince Charming, but a Marine.

At the age of sixteen
I completely fell in love
I didn't mind that he is a marine
I thought it was kinda cool that he was.

But the word laughter
I hear it and think of him
But, yet, all the pain he left after
My heart has never healed from that,
and it probably never again.

He left  lot of pain and sorrow,
but when I think of him I just laugh
because he's the one that messed up...

He's gone and I'm still here,
he's the joke
and I just forgot to laugh

What's **Laughter** to you?

Pull me under
with you into the sea
hold me close as we sink,
and don't let go of me.
You're still my octopus.

I hope you know you're the one that I'll love always, there's nothing that could take away these feelings. The ones I've held inside my heart for you, for so long, and still am holding.
Rebecca Lynn Nov 2016

Our memories
they come back to haunt me
and the good lord, he choose me
to show me how strong I can be
he sent a marine my way
to show how strong I can be today
and it's a good thing

I wrote this back when I dated a Marine, in the Military, years ago. I was wrong. It was never "meant to be". I was a young girl who didn't know any better about forever.

the air was thick and heavy
the sun was heating up the sky
And somewhere in the jungle
more men were gonna die

The streets were full of people
Feral dogs were running free
The haze was thick and murky
The sun you couldn't see

It's a Saigon Sunday Morning
Ten more men were going home
To  a flag tri-corner folded
And a marker of white stone

The men were all assembled
To load them up with care
It was a Saigon Sunday Morning
with ten men no longer there

The jungle was a minefield
The trees were blocking out the light
It was booby trapped like crazy
And it seemed like it was night

A patrol went hunting "Charlie"
But, they were found out first
It only took twelve seconds
And it turned out for the worst

The city never noticed
The 'copters flying overhead
Whether bringing in supplies
Or taking out the dead

It was a Saigon Sunday Morning
It never changed one little bit
The air was always heavy
And the alleys smelled like shit

Back home the news delivered
The families destroyed
They were waiting for their loved ones
A short time were deployed

Ribbons tied around the Oak Tree
to support those coming back
On a Saigon Sunday Morning
With twenty bullets in their back

A transport with the bodies
Drops fifty more to play the game
It's a vicious, endless, circle
The procedure's all the same

It's a Saigon Sunday Morning
Ten more men were going home
To a flag tri-corner folded
And a marker of white stone

My feet are flat, my eyes are bad

It hurts for me to run

"you've checked out fine" the doctor said

"You're in the Army, son!"

It makes no sense

They can't be right

I've even brought a note

"Stop staring son, and shut your mouth"

"'before I cut your throat"!

"But, Captain....sir"

"I'm all 4F"

"There's no way you'll want me"

"Put your arm down, boy, stop salutin'"

"I'm a Sargeant, don't you see?"

"I'm an NCO, a working man"

"Not a pencil pushing geek"

"I own your life, you're mine now boy"

"You long haired, hippy freak"

"I've got ten weeks, to shape you up"

"I'll teach you how to fight"

"Now grab your gear and follow close"

"And don't lose my tail lights"

"Welcome to the forces folks,"

"Now repeat after me"

"I joined up of my own free will"

"I'm here voluntarily"

"Select your bunk and grab some sleep"

"Your new life starts at dawn

"Forget about the world you know"

"Now, all of that is gone."

I hit the bunk and closed my eyes

And was just falling asleep

When in the room I heard a noise

"Wake up, you  long haired creeps!"

I jumped on up, as did we all

Saluting was our mission

"Drop your arms you"

and assume the position"

"Push-ups lads, that's how you'll grow

"to respect just why you're here"

"Right now, though I don't smell courage boys"

"Right now, I just smell fear"

It took us almost half the day

To do ten that were right

If this alone would do me in

I'd be dead before tonight.

Gavin Barnard Mar 2016

Hey Army,
I see you've got push-ups
Included in your pt test,
And I just want to let you know
That I do 200 pushups everyday
Just as a morning workout.

Not saying that I'm better than you guys,
I do thank you for your service,
But you could be stronger.

The Army PT test includes pushups in two minutes, which in those two minutes, the person will do as many pushups as they can. 71 is the max score, and when I try it I usually get 100 in the first minute.
Blue Angel Mar 2016

The judge's think of military brat as always rich, get what they want, and never get in trouble. In fact, that is all wrong, at least for me. I'm a marine corps family, so I can say that. I've been to 9 different schools and I've moved around 6 times. Yeah its fun, but you become strong, leaving behind the one's you love and at first it hurts but then you get used to it. Like numbness settling in and you forget what it feels like to have hurt. I guess that's why most people feel offended when I don't talk to them. Cant help it, I was born into a military family. Besides, Marine's are the best people.

what its like to live as a military brat

Whenever I'm in pain
I just whisper
"I'm a Marine I'm a Marine I'm a Marine"
Because Marines are the strongest
The first to fight
The few, the proud
I can't wait until I claim the title
And live up to my name
But before that, I believe
I am a Marine
And the pain always lessens

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