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Nobody’s right, if everybody is wrong,
As people get warm under the collar,
Singing the continuous global warming song.
Planet Earth, hot lava inside, which builds,
Up steam over time, which needs to escape,
Every day, more asphalt, concrete, buildings,
Covering vents on the surface, creating internal binds.
More world - wide population, each person close to 100 degrees,
Then the sun, that burning out star in the sky,
the orange ball we see, as we circle it 24 hours a day,
These reasons, are never mentioned, in any way.
Rivers, waterways, rising, from melting ice burgs, far away,
Our planet, many voids, from coal mines, pumping of oil,
Sand, rock… always something being removed, some way,
Direct that rising water, into those empty spaces,
Which would help, cool off that inner fire, during our stay.
Fires in California, A flood on the East cost build a maze of,
PVC pipe, every time a utility, installed in ground, put pipe,
Along the side, eventually connecting, open valve in flooded areas,
Free water moved to the fire, connect to fire hydrants, farms for spraying,
Places we do not need to pay to treat water, to use
Saving money for towns, we need to take advantage, of situations,
Stop blaming the people giving them the run around.
The Original: Tom Maxwell© 3/13/2022 AD
Flo Jul 2021
Dear politician,
Thanks for stopping by
And for all the cameras
You brought along
This is where my house once stood
Before it was put afloat
And washed away
By what was once a mere creek

I see you came prepared!
An umbrella, a rain jacket
And some rubber boots as well!
Your whole attire
Truly you’re one of us!

So come on board!
We’ll ship down the main road
Look at the destruction together
While you make an earnest face
So everyone will see
How truly devastated you are

You assure immediate help
Promise to tackle climate change too!
Action is what is required?
We’ve stood still for too long?
It must be...
A sudden change of mind I see!
After all your warnings:
Avoid rash decisions!
Remember there is no need to panic!
What do you mean?
Let’s change the subject?

Oh my!
What lovely rain boots you have!
I hope you did not forget
To bring a change of clothes
There is not much time. You’ll be late!
Be on your way!
To the fossil fuel committee meeting
You see,
Your lobbyist is already waiting
A cynical poem about politicians behaviour after the recent flooding in Germany
Kayla Chappell Apr 2021

My old friend

Oh my, oh my

Where have you been

You creep back into me

Ever so sneakily.

How i wish, we can make amends

After all this time spent

My old friend,

You cut me open

Then stitch me closed.

My tears flow and flow

Scars open

Bleeding out into the unknown.


Just like that

You shut me off.


Now I am numb

To the bone.

My old friend,

It is either all or nothing with you.

Well I am sick

Of having to come up with reasons

Of why I am not feeling well.

I’m through with you.

Out, Out,

Gone be.

You are not me.

I will not be defined by the lies you shout and whisper to me.

My old friend, you will not take me with you

I have worked too hard,

Towards light,

To stay on my own path.

My mind has blossomed and my heart has been watered

You will not **** me dry.

Leave me, Leave me

Let me be.

Nic Mac Sep 2019
There’s an ocean, collected on the other side of the world.
Away from those that taught her destruction.

Learning from the land what it feels like to sink.
What else can she do but weep?
and slowly flood as we sleep...
Luna Wrenn Mar 2019
you forgot to take it
to the curb
you forgot to empty it
your mind had been full
overflowing with the memories of us
it sat there for awhile
you wanted to keep them but
they began to
rot to their cores
and the smell lingered
you started to bag it all up
one by one you put pieces of us
in a jet black
plastic bag
with a twist tie
and walked us to the curb
Anna Jan 2019
It starts small.
A thought.

Then it grows.
It turns into actions.
Not to others but to yourself.

The lines start small,
Almost to faint to notice.

Then , they grow.
They begin to deepen,
In hopes of drowning out the pain.
The pain of everyday life.

They hurt,
But not as much as your heart does.

It starts small,
As a thought.
But as it grows,
As it struggles to keep up with your flooding emotions.
It begins to strangle you.
The thoughts begin to hurt.
They scream;
Hear us
Hear us
, but what if We don’t want to hear them.

The thoughts that start those lines.
The thoughts that starve us.
The thoughts that deprive us of living a fufilled life.

Hear us.
See us.
They scream.
For anyone feeling the same way I am here
In my estranged daze,
I now fall from the floor,
The utter sadness flows in like a summer's rain.

It is okay, poor one,
My child, it will soon be over.
And soon you will grow.

So be kind,
You cannot drown in tears of joy.

~Robert van Lingen
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