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Aquila Aug 2021
When I met you, I was on magic mushrooms.
or maybe I wasn't.
but either way, the moment we made eye contact things began to swirl-
and the world became candy-colored.

things are grey now.
honestly idk what to do with myself anymore
Leone Lamp Apr 2021
The cap emerged from the leaf strewn path
Doffing duff and dew
The Gnome blinked his eyes as he stood cap to cap
He knew just what to do.

Its cap was as red as the one on his head
With speckles as white as the snow
Some say it’s toxic, will leave you dead
But that’s not what the Gnomes know.

The Gnome knows it’s good, be it cooked or raw
That it makes a most potent brew
The Gnome got on his knees as he started to saw,
Thinking of mushroom stew.
Traci Sims Oct 2020
**** it, did you just light your hookah?
I was hoping to have a cozy chat about the world of the Red Queen
Not the Mary Jane land you think to lead me into
where you live out your lust-filled dreams,
I was hoping for a little bit of tea
and gossip,
just as we used to when we were younger and unknown
I don't want to sit on the wet grass while you boast about your brain size
--Or other measurements--
the talk always ends up
with you under the mushroom,
giggling like a hyena,
and me just standing there,
tapping my slippered foot in disgust.
There is nothing ruder than a friend getting high while you're in the middle of a pleasant chat about nothing!
Maura Oct 2020
They come to claim the carcasses
whispering sweetly underground
tentacles returning energy back to the earth
******* and spitting
pumping their wisdom into the dirt

Swaying slowly craning their heads towards the sun
These humble creatures in clusters dot the wooded bog
their work mostly undetected to human eyes
speaking in ancient languages and casting spells
carefully tending the land,
keeping the peace

mushroom mediums
between the living and the dead
pulsing with fungal renewal
holding the power
of natures neural network  
a vast information of knowledge  
If only I could know what the mushrooms know
Rhys Hebbs Oct 2020
The curtain of Oz has been lifted!
The shadow pulls strings
perfectly supreme!
Free will is dead and so are the Gods!
Arise! Arise!
Raise cries for the paupers demise!
Liberty and livelihood are crucified!
Even the Age of Eden was forsaken
in the name of sacred inebriation!
To the streets! To the streets!
Do not cease the effigies for peace!
From the ground
to the mouth,
through the heart
to the brain
let us give birth to the soul of the Earth
let the age of lost wisdom reign again
A good friend of mine lost his job  because he self medicated with mushrooms to cure his suicidal tendencies after all else failed after years of practice. this is just small thoughts I had to write to vent, feel free to have civil discussion
Fern Apr 2020
Oh me, oh my!

A mushroom, so dandy!

It’s curling head, spry

Gold hues like candy

Soft as a dove

And medically handy

What’s not to love?

About a fungi so opulent?

Hope is made of:

Mushrooms so succulent

What a lovely sight

Isn’t fungi excellent?
i like mushrooms :)
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