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Donna 6h
Lovely summer trees
Filled with robins and magpies
And sweet sparrows too
So me and dean go dog waking most evenings now over our local park and wow so much beauty to see ***
Donna 2d
My husband came home
and said let’s go for a walk
We saw trees grass and a lovely blue sky

It’s always so lovely to get out into nature and unwind ** me and my husband went for a lovely long walk :-))
Lyndsey 2d
Flint cracks and flame errupts.
Crisp green turns to charred black.
Each inhale pulls clouded plumes into my lungs.
The taste rolls along my tongue.
In fragrant wisps my anxiety melts away.
Burning bad days from my mind. Releasing tension in my muscles,
like a lover caressing the pain away. Glazed and glossy eyes
see the silver lining through the haze.
Lights are glazing, full of a glow.
Shining upon the cold winters snow.
Leaving a mark, in the floor cold as ice.
I'm hoping this winter, it will be nice.
Seeing this world with a shiny new haze.
Looking at it through the new world's gaze.
I see the beauty and all of the light, maybe it won't keep me up tonight.
I feel empowered today <3
I see your eyes and I see your smile.
I see the things that last for a while.
Hoping that someday, life will a new.
Bring me your love, and I will hold you.
I'd be your king and you'd be my queen.
Facing this world, even when it isn't so keen.
Dreaming of flight, like the wings of the plane.
Landing in your arms, that I wish to stay.
I love you all <3
Zywa May 2
Let off steam: enjoy

lying in bed to be ill –

without being ill.
"The introduction - Faxing to Ger" ("De kennismaking – Faxen aan Ger", 2017, Nicolien Mizee)

Collection "Actively Passive"
Donna Apr 22
My dogs have flopped down
on my feet now I can’t move
Ah well time to rest
Help I can’t move my dogs have seriously fell asleep on my feet if I move I will wake them
up  lol bless , there way cute n heavy!  ***
Donna Apr 7
I love evening times
Snuggled on seatee with Dean
And of course our dogs

Dean is my husband x we have had a busy weekend with family visiting  and it’s  been so lovely but now we just unwinding watching tv with our three dogs  x
Donna Apr 1
Eating Doritos
and reading lovely poems
Life is pretty good

Always so lovely to log onto hp and read the most loveist poems catch up soon x ,  Goodnight :)
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