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Kyle Mouat Feb 17
A belly full of tasteful food,
With a tankard filled with good drink,
As well as the smell of sweet tobacco
Is calming to the mind of any man;

A fire with a kind flame,
A book filled with adventure,
As friends tell cheerful tales
Can fill his life with enjoyment;

The cool wind upon his back,
The fresh air entering the lungs,
As the rain falls from up high
Offers a relaxed feeling for most;

The sound of calm streams
As well as the mighty rivers,
And the sight of the forests
Is enough to bring a man's soul peace;

The green leaves that are on the trees
That grow to tremendous heights,
With roots deep within the skin of earth
Brings much amazement and wonder;

When the sun has fully sunk
A sky full of stars is revealed
With a moon that shines bright
Brings tears to the eyes;

Home is where the heart is
And mine is within the mountains,
For having experienced their beauty
I pity any man who's never seen them.
Maria Mitea Dec 2020
First voice:

It is about time to go to work!
You have to go to work 😾 !!!

- I don’t want to go to work
🙉 What I do now? !

Second voice:

Kick your, ... Maria
You can do it, ...!
Coman, ... one last day,

Maria’s voice:

I am tired 😴.
I really need rest!!!!!! 🤗❤️
Can anyone come up with the great idea and make a working week of 4 days?
Moments like these,
When you're at peace,
No one else to see,
and our hearts are finally free,
When I lay on my bed listening to my cats purr, while petting his fur...

Moments like these,
When i hear the tune of a sweet melody ringing in my ears,
No one else to hear,
and i feel calm for once...

Moments like these,
When i lay in a dark room filled with silence,
No one else to see,
and a sound of a soft rain pellet crashing against the window.

Moments like these,
I cherish the time you see,
and when i feel good to be alone,
it's because i'm finally at peace.
Moments like these make me happy.
Yanique Zimmer Nov 2020
Would you slip into my skin and spend the night?
And after that, slow dance in front of a bigoted populace that seeks uniformity in the minds of us happy few?
Would you mind if I carried you away from our performance and showed you a special kind of spirituality?
The kind that guides and intensifies beauty but is considered evil and immoral to those who never seem to understand us. Those who comfort to and rot in subjective complexity, cognitive normality and traditional toxicity, manifested by history and old, yet matured minds.
My lord, would you mind if I showed you a world you might hate less? Long enough for me to create you a world that you will love more.
For you see, I owe you nothing but love and happiness. For you have shown me nothing less of that.
Yanique Zimmer Nov 2020
I say to you, my dear.
The sky seems darker, when you turn away.
Grains of sand seem to be less tempting to count, when you turn away.
The light in my eyes die out, when you turn away.
The smoke from a pleasant, yet random gentleman's cigarette and the bottle filled with blood red wine belonging to a wise, yet mysterious lady calls to me, when you turn away.
The objectiveness of morality seems pointless, when you turn away.
The soft words of your soul seem lost in translation. Your plea for peace sounds absurd. My selfishness seems rational. Your cries for me to change are lost in void. The meaning of your love becomes a forgotten proverb - when you turn away.
For your attention gives meaning and your beauty is an inspiring art; the magnum opus I shan't live without.
Donna Nov 2020
Friday night..few beers
for my Bailey’s
for me..unwinding

Doesn’t  hurt to have a a little alcohol
at times to unwind ***
Samantha Dies Nov 2020
Can you hear a falling leaf?
As it twirls and dances in the wind
On its slow descent.
Turning, moving, swaying.
Does it sound like tinkling music?

The water that awaited the end of its crescendo
pushes out in perfect spherical ripples.
Underneath the bright orange leaf
That sings the end of its journey
Destination reached.
Sweet relief.

And now it floats
along the slowly moving river.
Can you hear the water moving?
It’s as clear as the ethereal beings
That haunt us through our lives.
Smooth rocks and pebbles underneath
Paint a canvas of perfect calmness.
Greys and browns and whites.

Branches from the trees that used
To hold that darling leaf lean over.
As if trying to touch fingertips to the river
To test the water’s temperature
So as not to make their child uncomfortable.

And as you look toward the distance
You can just barely make out
That sweet, wonderful leaf…
With its tinkling music…
Fall over the waterfall.

Can you hear the leaf now?
Rox90 Oct 2020
When the moon raises slowly in the sky
I drive pass the crowded streets

I look at the grass and feel the wind passing by
That cold yet soft breeze

Car lights spread across so fast and hazy
As I listen to the slow song on repeat

My heart flutters seeing the moon daisies
While my thoughts dig in so deep

I love this moment, when the world is slow
I just close my eyes and go with the flow
Ethereal echoes
Emerald seas
Nacarat skies
Misty breeze

Mellifluous is her melody
Majestic every scene
Serenity of Serena
Allure of Ausrine

I tilt my head in ecstasy
My thoughts begin to cease
Sand beneath my hands
Cold, calming waters,
Languidly caress my feet

And like a child running around
And like a child who knows no bound
At the end, is enervated
I lay utterly still,
In her embrace,
Yet satiated

Satiated by her healing warmth
Satiated by her meliorating touch
Satiated so much,
I wonder,
If my heart could hold so much of love.
Donna Aug 2020
Relaxing by a
pond taking life easy , I
admire willow trees

Loving willow trees xxxx
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