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washing’s drying on the line, dog’s
curled up in a sun-patch; i’m rocking
to and fro,
letting the time pass.
It is time
To slow down
Stay mindful
Watch the birds
In the meadows
Admire the flowers
In the garden
Chat with friends
In the neighborhood
Have a cup
Of hot tea
Read an amazing book
Play some relaxing music
Sing your favorite song
Go for a walk
With your loved one
Say how much you treasure
Her or him
In your life

Cherish this present moment
There is more to life
Than making it go faster
Vishal Pant Apr 8
The silence surrounds
Laying on the green grass
Staring at the setting sun, it's a reddish round
A Twite's trill treads all around

A benign breeze breaks,
helping the wafting wherry
The perpetual pier
gathered a gleeful gaggle

The lulling lake
a serene sight
beauty bound
A dream domicile
Yazad Tafti Apr 2
i'm mount st helen and i'm about erupt and spew this magma all over your  sacred, unchallenged city
yosemite national park am i and this geyser is about unleash steam deep into your ****** pores
you'll get a steam cleaning better than most nurturing spa's give in their treatment
you're that piece of slightly scuffled down fabric and i'm a needle dying to put my thread through your ever so narrow orifices
i'm the whale and i've been submerged in water long enough to have my blow hole spray like an 18th century stone sculpted fountain
i'm a landmine waiting to be triggered and you just miraculously stepped on my area of the turf
i'm the colours of holi and you just walked through an empty corridor paralleled with balconies of festive celebrators in your brand spanking new WHITE nikes and plain white 'mother says don't get your new shirt ***** or you'll be handwashing this with a gallon of detergent' t-shirt

i'm at peace once again,,, but i'm - a - building it up just again

If heaven is a place
I pray it is
Right outside my door
Stepping outside
Under the shade of the trees
With spring sun shining
Through the petals
Of the most vivid flowers
The cool, crisp air
Refreshing and relaxing
The only place
I’ve ever truly been able to escape
What lies beyond my door
else Mar 3
Under the calm blue seas,
Untouched by storms,
Where the currents gently flow,
Drowned out by water walls,
Watch as all worries fall
Like stones-


Shut them out as they call
Our names.

We are slowly sinking into slumber,
Into life's dark depths...
Is this what they fear?

Oh, pity them.
Wish they were here.

But hush now,
Feel as the waves hug us,
Let them
Pull us down, slowly, gently...

Under curtains of lights
Where memories die,
As our back touch the seabed,
See the sea's corals
Merge into one colour...

Did anyone tell you
How beautiful death looks
From down here?
Nonononono. This isn't an AD for suicide, okay? Drowning is painful. NEVER try it.
Nicholas Feb 29
I’m singing my tune
cause it’s a great afternoon.
All these bad thoughts have me immune
so let’s blow up a balloon
and live like we’re in a cartoon.

There’s no time for a prune,
let’s have a big commune
at least the size of a platoon
and take ourselves to a nice saloon.
from there we’ll hit the lagoon
then maybe chill by the dune
where I just might swoon
from thinking this is too good to be true.
Mrs Timetable Feb 29
She made floaty
leaves blow
towards her
stretched out
pressed paw
to grab
under the screen
so the wind had
useful to do
at least that’s what it seemed like to me
Kyle Mouat Feb 12
Rain falls from up high
On to the leaves of trees;
Drizzling down to the earth,
Nature's shower for the ground;

The cold creates a fog and
Makes the environment damper;
The mixture of cool air floods the lungs,
Gifting a relaxing feeling as it
Courses through the body;

The sun is all but a faded memory,
As grey clouds darken the sky;
A light wind blows through the trees
As the rain becomes a mist;

There is beauty in the cold rainy days,
That few will ever experience;
A pleasure it is to sit alone,
And observe such art before me.
Stella Jan 27
How I wish life were like a zen garden
All my problems raked away
Everyday spent surrounded by pretty rocks
Simplicity is king

Nothing is disorganized, not a single facet of my life
Living life like the sand falling through my fingers
Easy and effortless
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