What I Feel Sep 7

I watch the raindrops dance again,
out here in gentle quietness.
They wash away my salty tears
and offer me forgiveness.
I dance with them barefoot among
the falling leaves of Autumn's kiss,
each raindrop leaving trails upon
my skin, so tracing rays of bliss.
They patter on the gasping ground,
their healing sings a soothing rush.
As evening falls, their lullaby
brings soft a tender hush.

Donna Jones Jul 17

Sitting in garden
Having an afternoon break
Pigeon coos in tree

It's a lovely summers day today x

A leaf blew downtown
Amongst hands pages flew
Floating about a clean breeze

Donna Jones Jul 4

It's the simple things
in life that truly matter
like riding a bike

Senryu :)
Donna Jones Jun 17

I watch sky darken
As I relax in garden
Big trees look like hills

Night sky x
Donna Jones Jun 17

Chilling under sun
Relaxing with family
Summer is awesome

What a beautiful sunny day it is today :)
JC Godfrey Jun 6

Bat within the morning,
basking upon the dawn,
frolicking within the dull red,
as the heavens begin to yawn.
Bat within the skies,
enjoying the lulling breeze,
flitting through the autumn forest,
wandering 'round the trees.
Bat within it's home,
eaten many flies,
hibernate throughout the day,
then take to the skies.

This is a simple piece of literature that follows the delightful routine of a bat traversing the morning lands, heading home.
Wolftrax May 8

I thought she was it, for sure the one
She took my heart, from the very start
I was just hanging out, having some fun
Had a feeling I needed to play this smart
Looked at her, as I gave a polite smile
I'll never forget her in the Blackhawks shirt

I asked the bartender to send her a shot
Why not? it was worth a try, at this point
I'll be honest my friends, she was so hot
We started talking and finally left the joint
Being out of town, I asked her about DFW
She showed me around, I enjoyed the view

That day was something else, my friend
If I could, I'd definitely go back there again
Corona on ice, relaxing in the sand
That girl by my side and her dog Benjamin
It would get me away from the blues I'm in
Knowing she'd be there for me everyday

Then I wake up, and realize it was a dream
None of it was real, not one damn thing
So it's back to my daily boring routine
I have some Corona, that's a good thing
Gotta love those dreams, such jokers
Guess I'll have a beer and play video poker

Sometimes, we have these beautiful dreams, they feel so real, and you get so caught up in them. Until you wake up, and realize that they are nothing more than just that... a dream. I had a dream I was on vacation down in Dallas-Fort Worth, and met this beautiful lady. Yeah, you get the idea. lol
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