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I was walking through the woods,
As I was passing a pine tree,
I noticed in the needles on ground,
The cap’s of a few mushrooms, just staring at me
Realizing, it was late in the season, i moved some needles,
My curiosity, made me take a peek to see,
From my Shroomology experiences, of the past,
I could verify that these were edible mushrooms indeed.
I pulled a few from the ground, they were fresh,
The blanket of needles providing warmth,
Protecting them from a freeze,
I was getting a little hungry, so I took a sample taste,
Remembering, home grown vegetables were good for me.
I was sitting on a hollow log, watching a beautiful sun set,
To the west, waving goodbye, to me,
Enjoying the colorful streaks, in the sky,
Then I felt the log move, under me,
I heard some leaves making noise at the end, of the log,
As I turned my head to investigate, I saw,
Two of the biggest racoon eyes, you may ever see,
I then realized, I was an unexpected, house guest,
So to show appreciation, I shared some of the mushrooms,
I had with me, he nibbled on a few, then ran away,
Not having nothing important to do, I turned around on the log,
To watch the sun rise in the East,
Then I felt something, holding the back of, my jacket,
It felt like a crazy beast, to my surprise, it was the racoon,
His eyes, even larger, as if something scared him, off his feet,
I calmed him down, then he sat on the log, we watched,
The rising sun over the trees, to the East, then he started,
Crawling back into the log, he winked, I said, thanks for the feast.

The original: Tom Maxwell c 12/15/23 A.D.
Don't you just love mother nature
Francie Lynch Apr 2020
Refrain from purchasing
Racoon at your local
Wet market.
In your belly,
It can spelly,
Megitta Ignacia May 2019
Last night,
I saw rows of men
Sat circling around you
Innocent and harmless victims
Lack of wisdom, blinded by fake persona
Exchanging ideas?
I guess not,
You keep feeding them lies
Brainwashed them
Way beyond anything I can comprehend
I don't have time to engange in repeated version
same game anyway

Used to call you my mentor.
But many little birds opened my eyes
You're only a poser
Pretends to be outwardly postive

I remember, one time you said
"Who are you? You're nothing compared to me. Don't you know who I am?"
Agony, messed me up
But I wiped my tear-stained cheeks
Oh boy, I knew it from the entire island

You are a…
Sneaky manipulator
Convincing predator
Self-interested individual
Drown in superiority dellusion
Sympathy collector
Thoughts saboteur
Sweet nothing

Wolf Racoon in sheep’s clothing
A wolf would be overly good
Smelly rotten soul
Well-oiled word
From a poisonous tounge

True self always revealed
Once you get closer to them
Others might not know & fell for your fake persona
I sit and wonder why he does it
Regardless of the reason
Clearly you aren’t ashamed

You're nothing but a
Disgushting racoon in sheep’s clothing.
120519 | 2 PM |A's kost sidakarya

semalam dia muncul dengan taringnya dn aku malas berinteraksi dengannya.

— The End —